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    Anon_167316 posted:
    I keep starting and stopping with my diet. I don't really have anyone that lives that close to me to work with me on this, save my husband. He is skinny as a rail so he really doesn't understand what I am going through.
    He says he is supportive, but he is more critical than supportive. I am currently on the Jenny Craig system (1200 calories a week), but the menu is such small portions I end up eating extra meals or something I am not supposed to eat, also the meals are expensive. I think I may take a break from that and opt for a diet on my own again. Last year at this time I was down to about 174! I just get so depressed that i defeats me before I get very far. Anyone out there have any advice?
    Tomato05 responded:
    For me the Jenny Craig diet won't work either.

    Maybe just make your own meals, based mainly on veg and lean meats, healthy fats, fruit and skim dairy in moderation, some legumes and a little wholegrains.

    If you eat a lot of veg, you can at least make the portions bigger, as they are not calorie-dense, so you will feel less deprived.

    If your husband is not supportive, just ignore his comments and continue to practise eating healthy, calorie-restricted meals and snacks. If you keep writing here, we can offer you the support you need.
    awayigo responded:
    Hang in there. I am a male so I have heard it's easier, but I know anyone can do if I can. I am down 21 pounds in 7 weeks, not only is my weight but my BMI, BF and blood pressure is down as well. I drink a RightSize smoothie for breakfast every day (200) calories & 9 grams of protein and that normally holds me to lunch 6 hours later. If it doesn't I normally have two boiled eggs or 6 slices of deli ham as a snack. Nature Vally's Protein bars (Peanut Butter & Dark chocolate) is a good snack too 190 cal and 10 grams of protein whole grain and fiber rich.

    Lunch is normally Tuna with some crackers or ham sandwich with no mayo or a salad with grilled chicken. Just giving you some ideas that have worked for me, other than the smoothies, that's the only thing that I bought to see if it works. Fruits, veggies are normally afternoon snacks and when I get home, I normally eat a regular supper what ever my wife cooks. I just make sure I eat one serving and not seconds.

    I strive to walk 3 miles in 1 hour on the treadmill and try to do that 4 times a week. If you have a smart phone, try the app "MyFittnessPal" it is something that I started with 7 weeks ago, it tracks my calorie intake, excersize and water intake. Shows your progress. I find it motivating seeing 1 pound gone, make me want to try for two. I am currently on 1530 calories a day but understand my walking gives me about 400 calories to off my daily quota so I normally have another healthy snack trying to keep my net calories at or below my daily goal.
    Tomato05 replied to awayigo's response:
    Awayigo,it sounds as if you are on a very sensible program, and I'm sure you will see more weight disappear. How much more do you want to lose? Do you miss any of your old favourite foods that you are not eating now?

    I'm not a smoothie person (like to chew my food), but I do have a protein shake (half portion usually) after my gym session. I prefer eating calories rather than drinking them.
    lolita739 responded:
    I have never tried Jenny Craig but I have seen a co-worker's meals. They are too high in carbs and preservatives for me. I have ordered meals. Just their lunch and dinners which are protein and vegs. I find them cost effective since I don't cook and live alone. Of course, my problem has been that in the evening I may have an invitation out and I never pick a health-conscious meal or I go crazy on the weekends.

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