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    Lose a few lbs
    shebring posted:
    hello everyone New here. Want to lose a few lbs, and need some support to do it. Hope I will have some success here
    TroubledGeek responded:
    Hi Shebring!
    How many pounds are you looking to loose? What's your goal, if you don't mind me asking. Have you started on the progress?

    Good luck and welcome!
    shebring replied to TroubledGeek's response:
    Hi there TroubledGeek,

    Thank you for the welcome. As of yesterday, I weighed 127 lbs. I am 5`4, and would like to weigh about 5 lbs less (which may sound like nothing but I really have an addiction to the sweet stuff). When I am craving something sweet, I have been known to just buy myself a whole cake and I need to stop doing that. Its not healthy in every sense. I feel if I frequent this site, it may assist me with keeping on track and becoming a healthier me. What is your story ? Nice to meet you !
    shebring replied to TroubledGeek's response:
    My apologies, I did read your story. So how have you been progressing ? Do you find it helpful checking in on the site ?
    TroubledGeek replied to shebring's response:
    When you're craving sweet stuff, try strawberries and grapes. Or get a candy bar instead of a cake. Your weight and wallet will feel happier.

    I do find it useful to check and stay motivated by reading constantly about new things or articles about weight loss. This week, I've slowed my progress down because I am sick with a sinus and ear infection. Instead of a solid 30 minutes walking, I'm doing only about 20 minutes. I won't stop completely (not even rain keeps me in) but I won't push too hard if I'm sick.

    Have you started on anything like tricks, work outs, or anything like that?
    shebring replied to TroubledGeek's response:
    Hello again,

    Well, I have found a yummy replacement for muffins and choc bars etc. They are: Thinsations Yogurt covered pretzels. Delicious, omg theyre sooo yummy. I allow myself one pkg to take to work each work day. That is my treat. They come in the snack pack (100 calorie) bags. One box has 6 snack pk bags. They really hit the spot for me !! If you have sweet tooth, these are definitely worth a try.

    I think this is great, keeping in touch with someone like this. Checking in every once in a while, its just keeps you that much more focussed.
    Tomato05 replied to TroubledGeek's response:
    Hope you will feel better soon; good for you for continuing with your walk.
    Tomato05 replied to shebring's response:
    Good approach to find replacements with fewer calories. I tried replacing candy with sugar-free candy, but they upset my stomach, so I am now trying to limit the candy to a certain number.
    Sudiemay replied to Tomato05's response:
    Tomato05, Please be glad your body will not let you take the sugar free things. That stuff is poison!! I have used it for several years and believe me, now I suffer for it. I have fibromyalgia & Sjogren's Syndrome & Arthritis and all 3 cause pain in joints, muscle area. The fake sugar just adds to the pains. I was a "hard headed" person because I did not believe what I read about the fake stuff. The body likes real sugar, real butter and no white veges while trying to loose weight. I have lost 40 lbs since Christmas. [yea!> But I still have a ways to go because of all the medicines I take. You see I gained several pounds while trying different meds, but now I have them set. I started out following the South Beach Diet and a Diabetic Diet because my husband is a Diabetic. We started comparing the two and found them to be similar. We eat veges. fruit, lean meats - beef only 1 time a week, oatmeal w/brown sugar & cinnamon, eggs. bacon, etc... Just no white vegetables, no white bread {we eat grain bread -not often}, there is so much food out there. Just look around and try some new things. Drink lots of water. That is drink lots of water. Drink tea, [we have it unsweet>. I know that you can too!! Good Luck & let me know your progress!
    Sudiemay replied to Sudiemay's response:
    Oh by the way, I'm Sudiemay, I'm new to webmd. I am enjoying all that I read.
    Tomato05 replied to Sudiemay's response:
    Hi Sudiemay - congratulations on your weight loss, that is fantastic. It is good that you have found a diet that works for you.

    I also believe in a fairly low-carb diet, lots of veg and lean protein, with dairy, fruit and legumes in moderation, and limited starchy carbs. No official diet though, just sensible eating.

    I have been using sweetener in my tea and coffee since my late teens (it was all my parents ever used in our house); I am now 48 and still using it - luckily I am healthy though. I don't really use other artificially sweetended products apart from the Weight Watchers Jello.
    RhondaGraymond responded:
    You don't have much to lose. You can do so by following a low- carb (only eat non-starchy vegetables), high-protein diet. For easy weight loss solutions to your sweet tooth, consider this- low-fat yogurt, oat bran waffles, cinnamon porridge"026the website is FULL of healthy, low-fat recipes you can try.

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    remember good food is okay!
    instead of ignoring cravings, just eat a yummy, healthy snack! starving yourself solves nothing. More
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