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    Looking for some advice/motivation
    SkylerF posted:
    I am a 21 year old college student home for the summer. I am new to the site and could use some advice/motivation. When I started my diet at the begining of the summer I weighed 238lbs after picking up much un-needed weight from college. I have lost 5 pounds and currently weigh 233. It has been about 6 weeks since I started, I have been using a high protein diet, and usually do 45 min of cardio and 45 min of weight training. I was wondering if I could get some advice for why my weight loss has been so slow moving. I am trying to stay positive and keep my weight moving down.

    TroubledGeek responded:
    First, I'd like to give you my congratulations on loosing 5 pounds already! That's wonderful!

    As far as why it's been slow going? Don't get discouraged. Everyone's body works differently. From what I've been reading around on WebMD, the body will loose, typically, quickly for a short period of time as water weight changes, but overall, proper weight loss can be a slow moving thing. Just keep your head up.

    Have you spoken with your doctor about a possible plan on how to loose weight at a certain pace healthfully?

    SkylerF replied to TroubledGeek's response:

    I have not yet spoken to a doctor about a weight loss plan, is that something that you would reccomend? Also I have been using the food/fitness log on WebMD, and I was suprised to know that it says I should be eating 3400 calories a day. I feel like I should be eating less than that to lose weight, thoughts on that?
    TroubledGeek replied to SkylerF's response:
    Generally, the rule of thumb is to speak with a doctor before starting weight loss programs. They may have more information that can be found through general searchs on WebMD, I imagine.

    The calories per day that comes up, I've come to notice, on the Food/Fitness log is generally mathed out by your choices on how you'd like to change your eating or fitness. Also, keep in mind that it is just a generalized amount. As long as you are getting enough calories to fuel yourself, all your nutrition, and burning more calories than you have eaten, you should be okay with weightloss. Of course, this is also assuming you are doing things properly.

    Doctors, personal trainers (when found and not money hungry) and the like generally are great people to really help work out a good plan, both food and fitness, that could not only work but keep you healthy.

    TroubledGeek replied to TroubledGeek's response:
    Well, dang. Out of habit I used my real name....Hi, I'm Kati.
    1nt3rnalc0mbu5t1on responded:

    Losing a pound a week is a great way to start, so congrats! I dont know if you are eatting anywhere close to that 3400 calories a day, but that seems like a lot. Like Kati said, you may want to speak with your Dr. about a weightloss program. If you think about it a lot of body builders are consuming that many calories.

    I am trying to add a few pounds to bulk up at bit, im 5'8'' and i weigh around 165, id like to get to 170-175. That calculator said i needed to eat almost 3000 cals a day. So apart from my full time job, id need another just to consume that many calories. Im willing to bet if you went down to 2500 or even 2200 cals you'd get enough nutrition(sounds like your eatting healthy).

    You can even keep a food diary of what you eatting so you know how many calories, protein, fat, carbs, etc that your consuming. Often times you may think your eatting enough but when you look at it your off by several hundred calories.

    Losing a pound a week is a good pace and before you know it you'll be at your goal weight and just maintaining all that hard work!


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