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    Can't lose weight, and making 110% effort
    Christine87 posted:
    I've been trying to lose weight for 6 mos... May 8th I started getting REALLY serious about it since I managed to gain back the 10lbs I lost, so I got a membership at a new gym, and cleaned out my diet.
    Specifically, I kept myself to: No soda, sugar less than 24g / day,
    less than 1000 cals/day, and 2 hours of cardio a few times a week. I was hooked to 1 Redbull a day, so I switched to the sugar free version.

    I expected some great results, afterall none of my friends go to the gym, and they pretty much eat/drink what they want. To my surprise, I didn't lose anything.

    So two weeks ago my dad got me a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help. They tested my metabolic rate, told me it was 1135 cals/day. They tested my heart rate during exertion and told me my fat burning zones. I workout with the trainer doing weights and resistance exercises 2 hrs/ week, plus about 2 hours on my own between sessions, and I am doing cardio at least 1 hour a day all within my fat burning zone.

    I'm having trouble eating 1200 calories, I usually hit 800-1000 every day. My HR monitor's calorie count (which was calibrated to my metabolic rate, age, height, and weight) says I burn about 800-1100 calories every workout day.

    So, Why.... if I'm burning 800 calories in exercise, and in theory 1137 calories just existing, am I Gaining weight? Sure, muscle...but when I started this process I weighed 126 lbs, and today I weighed in at 131, and my trainer scolded me. But I've been eating only the foods they said I could, I've counted my calories, and I've even added extra activities to my day besides my religious cardio like sitting in the sauna, cleaning, and taking the dog for long walks... I'm getting really depressed that I just can't make any progress. If anyone has any suggestions, please share!
    guerrak2 responded:
    Are your hormones balanced? What is your age? I believe the intake of toxins in our environment traps toxins in our fat cells and makes it very hard to lose weight. Sounds like you are doing everything right! So why aren't you losing weight? Look at your environmental toxin exposure and have your hormone levels checked. Just sayin"... Good luck!
    APBoston33 responded:
    Do you take yoga classes, at least 2-3 times a week, or 30 minute high intense interval training for cardio? Also, if you have a high level of stress in your environment this could impact your body's ability to lose weight because your body goes through a chemical change when its in a high stress environment. In my situation, absorbing fewer calories was not my issue but my external environment that was preventing my weight loss.

    Also, not eating the target calorie amount of 1,200 and over working-out can cause your body to go into protection/survival mode because your body is feeling stress. So, eating the target calorie amount of 1,200 and doing yoga 2 to 3 times a week can help you lose the additional weight. Good Luck
    sumedha1962 responded:
    hit the gym everyday.
    you need to eat small portions anything you eat.
    you cannot eat lot of vegetables or chicken because it is healthy.

    qty is very important. Once you finish your meal , you feel not full.
    no food after 8.00 pm only water.
    good luck
    Christine87 replied to APBoston33's response:
    Thanks guerrak2, APBoston33 & sumedha1962!

    I've had a few updates since my post. I did another body analysis at the gym and we discovered that the now 6 lbs I've gained since starting is muscle, and I've lost the same amount in fat. So I guess my body is working with me after all. Another side note though, is that today marked the end of the first week (of 2 total) of the D-Tox diet plan I started with the nutritionist...I was expected to lose 10-12lbs during these two weeks, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

    I find it very very odd that I've managed to gain 6 lbs of muscle on this plan...I'm doing moderate cardio 5 days a week for at least an hour every session, but I'm keeping the intensity down within my heart rate zone for maximum fat burn. I'm also doing moderate weights twice a week for an hour each session. I'm not very sore after the weights, so I didn't think I'd be building, and we've been aiming for toning and strengthening anyway. I figured burning so many calories from my previous activity level and diet would Surely result in weight loss! I guess I have a very stubborn body. =(
    Roquie replied to Christine87's response:
    Chriistine87, it is not always about the weight. It is all about the perspective.

    Don't get hung up on bringing the the number on the scale down. That is only one type of measurement. The body works as a system so there are multiple ways to measure success. If you want to measure your progress, do so by looking at how your clothes fit, if you have more energy, has your endurance increased, how many inches you may have lost around your waist.

    If you are aiming for toning and strengthening you are still building more muscle, it is just not "big" muscles. More muscle is good because it helps you burn the fat.
    RebeccaWilliams replied to Roquie's response:
    Hit the gym daily. Follow a low calorie diet. See a dietitian or ask for a diet chart to your trainer. Drink lots of water. Try to have dinner Before 8.00 PM if possible. Don't go for surgeries; follow other weight loss programs .
    riama responded:
    hit the gym as your daily habit, less carbo and stick to drink just water..............
    hollifieldme responded:
    Maybe you have hit the weight your body wants to be at. I don't know how tall you are, but 131 sounds like a healthy weight. I'm not a medical doctor by any means, but I would think eating that few calories with that much exercise is not healthy. Either way, I think it is really unprofessional for your trainer to "scold" you when you are trying so hard. I think it would be more beneficial for a trainer to encourage you and understand you rather than make you feel inadequate. However, that is just my opinion.
    ArenGirl replied to Christine87's response:
    Several doctors have recently said that keeping your heart rate in the so called fat burning zone doesn't actually help you lose weight. Just as doing crunches won't make your stomach flat but will help you define your muscles, the fat burning zone will help you convert fat to muscle but not drop the weight. As others have said, make sure you're hitting that calorie total - anything below 1200 and your body starts to think it's starving and tries to put on fat to prevent it.

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