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    Reduce 10 KGs in 21 days | Perfect Diet Plan
    sarypakistani posted:
    In this restless and stressful life everyone is worried about their weight. Many of us are working round the clock and not getting much time to rest and exercise. So we thought about it and discussed this matter with professional nutritionist and managed to get excellent diet plan for only 21 days.

    Find the Diet Plan at : Perfect Diet Plan to Reduce Weight
    brunosbud responded:
    The average overweight adult in America consumes excessive amounts of sugar and carbs (in other words, they don't cook and consume whole, fresh foods). This results in chronic inflammation and water retention due to inflammation of the liver. Losing the first 10KG is simple & easy. Just get off the sugar and carb wagontrain and the retained water quickly exits the body. In other words, if you're overweight, you're lugging around an abnormal amount of H2O. Remember: Just one gallon of water at sea level weighs 8.4 lbs, alone. Are you losing much "fat" when your body is shedding water due to a diet change? No! Of course not!

    So, yeah..."excellent" diet plan in 21 days.

    Losing weight is about allowing your body to repair itself. It's about shedding all excess water once inflammation subsides. It's about consuming lots of fiber and water, too, to help the body recover from years of stupid eating habits (and convincing yourself you can get away with it).

    Losing weight is about getting healthy by eating right and, of course, exercise. It's about "rehabilitation". Don't be stupid. Every and all diets work provided it contains lots of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and cutting back on red meat, amap. If you want to pay some company for that information, be my guest. Just remember, no company or doctor in the world can heal your body without your full and complete cooperation. Tell me, how many people are on-board with such a scenario? Precisely...ZERO.
    nutrik responded:
    Sometimes we misunderstand the real meaning of "diet" for it to be healthy or help you lose some weight does not mean you have starve or follow it just to lose some unwanted pounds. It means you can make some really good changes in your lifestyle for more than 21 days (I guess the say for only 21 days cause thats how much it takes making a habit).
    A good and sustainable diet in the long therm will make you lose around 2 pounds per week. If it makes you lose more at the of the 21 days when you return to your normal habits if you don't makes a change in your lifestyle you will gain some weight too.
    The cons of miracle diets is that sometimes the may lead to lack of micronutrients, less energy, slow your metabolism, make you feel anxious and cranky. can be a very helpful app there you can find may tools to make sure you are giving your body exactly what it needs to stay healthy. You can track your calories, foods, nutrients, water and exercise and you can also get help from nutrition experts to reach your goals.

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