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    HCG injections...
    Pharmchick posted:
    I went for my weigh in yesterday at the doctors office. They now are not only giving B-12 shots, but for $15 extra dollars you can get a HCG injection. The paper they gave me touted that it is supposed to increase fat loss and help with the loss of inches. The kicker is that if you decide to start this form of therapy, you have to get one once a week. It is a SQ shot in your stomach area. The nurse said that if they are comfortable that you can give yourself the shot that they will sell you a month supply at a time. I wanted to research this some before deciding. Has anyone else heard about this or is already doing this???

    Peg40630 responded:
    HCG - isn't this Human Growth hormone? And banned in professional sports?

    No. Why would you do that to yourself? As far as B-12 shots - you can get B-12 without getting a shot from your doctor. Sorry - this just will never be an option for me to lose weight.

    The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume. It's that simple.
    Pharmchick responded:
    HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is used to increase fertility in women trying to become pregnant. It is a hormone that is secreted by the placenta during pregnancy.

    There have only been about a dozen medical studies examining its use in weight loss. These studies combined its use with a low calorie (didn't say low fat) diet and exercise. It is used in doses much lower than they use for fertility. ie Weight loss 35 units (weekly), Fertility 140X the weight loss dose (daily).

    I honestly am not considering using this. I only have about 12 lbs to go to my goal weight and am proud that I am doing it on my own so to speak. It is just something that they said is emerging as a new form of therapy and I was curious to see what everyone thought and to see if anyone has actually tried it. I really wouldn't want to go every week to have it done either.

    I have to admit, that I do like my B-12 shot. I know that it hasn't been proven to help with weight loss or metabolism, but it helps so much with my mood.
    2kimlogical responded:
    Hey Pharm,

    Yes, I've been doing the HCG shots with B-12. Did it for 4 weeks, got down to 111 from a 7 month long plateau of 117. It did take off the belly fat that would not budge even though I ate clean & did long hard exercise routines. I am age 50. I wish I could get my own HCG & do the injections! The nurse gave the injections in my buttocks-no discomfort. I've heard of HGH(human growth hormone) injections going in the stomache area, but not HCG. It can probably go just about anywhere. Your nurse or Pharmacist can show you how to inject yourself. Seeing that it is only you using the needle, re-use until it seems too dull. Dispose of properly, then use a new one. Just a conservative idea. Wipe everything with alcohol before & after use---the top of the bottle, the needle tip & your injection site. Come to think of it, I remember a long while back someone posted they got their HCG over the internet. Don't know that i would trust that idea! Good Luck & Good Health.....Kim
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I have heard about it. It seems as if it is really just a way for people to make money though.

    Here is an older review of HCG injections and the Weight Loss Cure that goes over the last time this was popular.
    somebodieswife responded:
    Hi Louise. Thank you for the link regarding the HCG injections. I curios to know why so many medical sources are saying the the injections do not assist with weight loss but there are numerous testimonies that say they have lost weight with the injections.
    somebodieswife responded:
    Pharmchick. I'm curios and I hope you don't mind me asking. How much are you paying for these injections? Because if this injection is as good as everyone is saying I will safely assume it is not cheap.
    KimandJeffC responded:
    My wife just started the HCG diet/program this past sunday (1/4/09) and has already lost 6.5 lbs the first 6 days. We started a blog to document her progress and comments as she goes through with this. The blog is at

    Feel free to ask anything or comment, and I'll be happy to fwd any questions to her. Incidentally, her OB/Gyn, whom we love and respect and is one of the best in Phoenix, approved this process for her. And the woman at the clinic supervising her used to work for him. I was actually opposed to her doing this until he gave her the thumbs up.
    TSurran responded:
    I am actually hoping for some advice as well. I have researched HCG to death. All in all it appears to be very very safe, low cost, and low invasive-ness, in comparison to other options out there. Yes, I have cut calories, expend more calories then I take in, exercise routinly but have hit a plateau so I am more then considering it and in fact, have an appt at the doc to get my first vial ( have already dont labs) but the problem is, I think, had I went from the lab to the doc I would have already been on shots, but because I have a few weeks prior to my appt, I am getting scared. I am so nervous about giving the injection to myself. We live up on the mountain so I dont even have the option of paying a physcian a daily fee. Has anyone tried the spring loaded syringe with the HCG? Did anyone have the same 'shot anxiety' as I do. I wouldnt be considering this had I not (like I said) researched this option to death - positive and neg - and truth be told, I just cant find the negative that outweighs the positive. Please please, can anyone tell me that they had shot phobia, needle mania, etc but still did this - how did you over come the fear. Any advice would be great. Thank you email me PS, WE LIVE IN A REMOTE REMOTE AREA DN THE ORAL DOES NOT SEEM TO BE AVAILABLE WITHIN SEVEN HOURS MAKING FOLLOW UP APPTS COSTLY AND NEAR IMPOSSIBLE
    GAinJAX responded:
    I have been on the HCG diet for 7 weeks, am on my last week of Phase I. Then the doc sais i go off the HCG for 3 weeks and double my calorie intake...she said I will still lose weight. After 3 weeks I go back on the HCG for 8 more weeks and so on until I reach my desirede weight. In 7 weeks I have lost 36 lbs, and my body is actually transforming,,,,I feel great too. I recommend it, its just very expensive.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    That is wonderful as far as results. Do you get help once you get to the maintainence phase as well?
    Trailbunny responded:

    I have done the weight loss protocol a couple times. The first 2 times through on place and I was very misguided. NOW I am at a place that has not only given me great success, but a lower price. I was shown WHERE to purchase the hCg online, myself (totally legal & SAFE, High Quality) Once I purchased it, they mixed it for me, but I will be doing that myself on the next go around. I was also able to acquire my other supplies on my own. This has helped to keep costs down significantly. I purchased the hCg workbook via Amazon./com as well as the diet cook book. I now go to see the Doc, for my acupuncture only. Of course, nothing is going to be dirt cheap, but remember you get what you pay for and it it's cheap then 99% of the time it's NOT good for you
    Trailbunny responded:
    Oops.. forgot a couple things I wanted to add.

    Why I chose hCg:

  • I had lost 60 lbs using South Beach with a slight waiver of 10 lbs over the pas 6 years.
  • I have Poly cystic ovarian syndrome which reeks havoc on the entire system, especially the metabolic system, as it is run by hormones and mine run all over the place.
  • With eating right & no matter what exercise and how much, I would never lose any more than a pound or maybe two over months of trying. This included 40 mile bike rides, 5-10 mile hikes, running 2-4 miles - at least 5-6 days a week.

    NOW I know exactly how many calories I take in, in a day and how many calories I expend with exercise. I eat probably 90% organic....eating out, I have to be careful. I continue with acupuncture at least 2 times a month and take a great Chinese herb supplement.

    This is NOT a diet for life, but a way of life!! Now when I get blood draws, I KNOW everything is going to be right where it should be!
    brittani13 responded:
    Hello, I'm 23 and I have been diagnosed with endometriosis. My doctor put me on progesterone and it has caused me to gain a bunch of weight in my legs and stomach. I?m very active I get training 3 times a week and swim laps for an hour a day, and I?m still gaining weight(fat) sure I?m building muscle but I can?t see it through the gain in weight. My question is would the HCG help me? and how do you get the shots. Thank you!!
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    HCG basically just doesn't work. There is no proof that it helps with weight loss.

    Here is an article on HCG Diets that can help you learn more. A notable quote is "Scientific studies have demonstrated that hCG injections do not cause weight loss, and regulatory actions by the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have curbed their use in the United States," says Quack owner and director Stephen Barrett, MD.

    Are you journaling everything you eat? Do you know the calorie count you need to lose weight?

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