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    icantlooseweightHELP posted:
    I cant believe im only young and cant loose weight My boyfriend is always going on about how heavy i am an how big im getting Ive never actually dieted before to be honest i wouldnt really know what food to eat and what not to eat!! What i need is a diet plan which ive tryed to get one of those an its just sooo hard to get it because you have to go through all of these steps before you can recieve your diet plan and i just dont get what they saying!! Sooo pleeeaaasse could someone help me
    backingame70 responded:

    Losing weight for good DOES NOT happen over night. It took me three years to lose 30 lbs. How did i do it... went to different weight loss sites, put in my weight height etc.... it said i had to live on 1200 calories a day. I went to 1100, exersize... start with walking. do sit ups i was doing 120 a day, split it 50% in am 50% in pm. watch what you eat. READ the lables.

    I don't beleive in paying somebody to give me a menu of what i don't like to eat. It is common sense. lean meat, fruit veggies, exersize three times a week.

    count your caloires and fat grams (20 a day)...

    you can do it, but it wont be done next week. Set small goals. ie 30 days from now you want to lose 3 pounds, so when you actually loose 5 you feel better and work harder.

    Do you get what i mean>
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome! How old are you? How tall are you? How much do you weigh? You can eat the same things you eat now and cut your calories. You can make gradual changes to your diet toward healthier foods. The key is you need to want to do it for you--not for a boyfriend.

    Here is a printable guide to healthier groceries that will help you make better choices at the store.

    From our article on Startng a Weight Loss Plan that Works : We?ve found that although all sorts of diets help people lose weight, the people who keep it off tend to eat a high fiber, moderately low-fat diet.

    But most importantly, you should eat foods that you?re going to be able to eat your whole life. You have to be realistic. If you love ice cream and go on a diet that makes you give it up, that diet is probably not going to work for you.
    megan_ash1981 responded:
    I agree with the other posters. Loosing weight takes time and patience. I have weeks where I do everything right and the scale doesn't move at all. You just got to keep at it! Losing weight is all about changing the bad habits you have, and chosing a healthier life style. I agree with Louise, that it has to be for you! You can't lose weight for someone else, it has to be something you want to do. I recommend educating yourself about basic nutrition facts (there are a lot of great articles on this website to help you), figure out how many calories you should cut, and begin an exercise program. To lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories than you burn. It helps me to keep a food diary. Check out I love it because you can track your food, activities, weight and your progress over time. Read labels, exercise, weigh food, and you will see results.
    Duckblind responded:
    Stop eating from fast food joints. Stop eating the bad carbs such as pasta, enriched flour (breads) potatoes and corn. Dont eat fruits as they have too much sugar that turns to fat. Start eating lean meats with green veggies, salads with REGULAR dressings. No pop or sugary drinks. Be sure to always eat breakfast first thing in the morning to start your metabolism.
    OliviaandLukesmom responded:
    First of all PLEASE lose weight for yourself and not for your boyfriend. You will never lose weight and keep it off unless you are motivated to do it yourself.

    Can you tell us how old you are, height and weight?

    Losing weight is about changing your eating habits. If you cut out the bad carbs (refined sugar, white bread, pasta) and replace it with whole grains. Eat fruits and veggies. Lean proteins. Drink at least 64 oz of water a day. It is all about counting calories and portion control.

    I lost a lot of weight doing weight watchers. It is a point system and you canbasically eat whatever you want and still lose weight as long as you stay within your allowed points.

    Or you can just eat a small breakfast, lunch and dinner and a small snack in between and lose weight too.

    Do you have a trader Joe's near you? They have a lot of really good nutritious foods.

    I am hesitant though thsat you will successfully lose weight because it seems to me you are doing it only for your BF, and not you.
    Tomato05 responded:
    You can start by eating less and moving more.

    Also, eat more healthy - you probably have an idea of what is healthy and what not. Focus your food intake on fruit and vegetables (raw or lightly steamed), low-fat dairy, lean protein (lean meat,poultry, eggs), legumes, wholegrain products and healthy oil(olive, avocado),nuts.All in small portions of course.
    doom777 responded:
    First things first, this guy sounds like bad news. If he is making you feel bad about your weight I would look deeply at what type of person he is and if he is good for you.

    Secondly, you should work on your overall health for yourself and not him. Instead of looking at quick diets and too good to be true plans I would check out sites like this for articles on how to live a healthy lifestyle. There is no quick fix, the best solution is a life of physical activity and healthy eating. It will take time and effort, but is worth it. I would read as much as you can. As you find more and more good information at places like this, you'll learn why fad diets don't work in the long term and what kinds of things may even hurt you.

    Hey, you said you were young, what better time to get started. You aren't alone either, plenty of places like this have people who will give you support. The internet can be great for this.
    stillhungry responded:
    I agree with Doom. Lose weight for yourself, never change for anyone else. Start by counting calories to see how many you actually eat in a day, you'd be amazed.... i know i was. From there start cutting those calories even if just 100 a day at a time that's one cookie or snack that you don't need, get down to 1200 a day progressively week to week, then just make sure you start moving. Start by walking once a day even if for 10 mins, then work your way up to 30 mins a day, then start adding in strength training and abdominals - get a personal trainer if possible. Its going to take time, you just have to tell yourself that - its something i've had to remind myself because i'm very impatient but once you're at ease with it taking time you'll start seeing small changes in the way your clothes fit etc and before you know it you're down 10lbs then 15lbs so on and so forth, but just try to adapt a healthy lifestyle in general don't consider it a diet. I try to make low calories and exercise a part of my every day routine, sometimes those calories might be pizza or ice cream, but they count and i work around them at other meals, its just the way it has to be to lose weight and keep it off. Hope this helps, and i hope you really think about how this guy makes you feel as a person, he should be supportive if anything.
    Luckybear1905 responded:
    First of all some of us may need to lose weight. But rule number one is never have people in your life who put you down. Your boyfriend talking about you being fat is not supportive at all. In fact in the end it makes you gain more weight because you may be an emotional eater. A real man, will love you for you. And if he is so concerned about your weight we wont say anything but rather do things with you, like walks, fun activites, or even cooking you healthy meals. He would motivate you. How young are you? I am young as well. If you would like to have a weight loss buddy to chat with, send me a message. You need supportive people in your life. Not those who say how fat your getting. What a bummer but I do have those people in my life. Just not a man who does that.
    Marsha4959 responded:
    First of all, I wouldn't let myself be intimidated by what ANYONE else thinks or says about my weight. It is YOU who should be the only one that is so critical about your weight. Health should be your concern for your weight, and how you feel. The weight doesn't come on us fast or overnight, then it won't come off and stay off fast overnight either. I am trying to loose weight after Menopause and I have lost over 23 pounds in varily over a year. I have a very supporting Hubby though. My 1st Hubby USED to tell me at 130 and 5'5", that I was fat. NO! I wasn't. & I was only age 21 at the time. He liked what he first met with or we wouldn't have had a child together. Or he wouldn't have been with me or married to me. You see what I am getting at? Make changes cause YOU want/need too, not someone else's thoughts. I am currently on the weight loss journey due to health conditions and I want/need to get/stay healthy to take care of my Mother age 87, now. What helps me is: drinking 8 glasses of water per day, fruits and veggies, and smaller portions at meal times, spread out over more than 3 meals a day. I stopped so much sugar intake. & I stopped eating late at night/before bed. I exersize more than I used too, cause I am a SAHM. Always have been. I get out & ride my bike with Hubby. I park further from the store intrances and make myself walk more. Come join us at: they are awesome to help there. I am Marsha48 when you join, look me up. GBU Keeping you in my prayers.
    kathleenkempke responded:
    Web MD is a great resource. It is not a "diet" it is a life style change. At one point you may have been more active and now that you are getting older (not old) you may not make the time for activity. I really hate to say it, but nothing works like healthy eating and regular exercise. I never thought I would be the one to say I miss exercise when I don't do it, but I do! I have been exercising for an hour, five days a week for 8 months, have changed the way I eat and think about food, and have lost 45 pounds and have gone down from a size 14 to a size 8. I have about 20 pounds more to loose and it is going very slow but I look and feel so much better the incentive is there. Hang in there, make the changes and ask your boyfriend to support you instead of ragging at you!
    susiebytheriver responded:
    I am currently losing weight and I found this method by accident (needed my gallbaldder out and didn't like food for awhile). I don't count anything, I just don't eat potatoes or bread. It is working extremely well.

    More importantly to me, though, is that your boyfriend puts you down because of your weight. Once he is a husband, he will only get worse...much worse.

    Lose that weight for YOU and find a guy who loves you no matter what! You are worth better. Now try dropping those spuds and bread (by doing this, you drop lots of butter, mayo, meat, etc. without even trying! ) Good luck, Honey.
    jennjenn71 replied to susiebytheriver's response:
    weight watchers is a great way to learn how to use portion control and get started on healthier eating. the meetings will hold you accountable and offer support from others having the same struggles. you are not alone! get rid of the jerk it's the quickest and easiest weight loss method, lol! good luck and never give up, your worth it!!!!!

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