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    Starting the Journey again
    toxgirl11 posted:
    Hi, I am 24 year old female, toxicology master's student who is trying to make her way in to Physician Assistant school. On my way there I am trying to become a more healthy individual. My side job while being a student is coaching gymnastics (I am an ex- gymnast and figure skater).

    I am small framed and my height is 5'1''. Last semester I was able to drop from 148 lbs to 130-132 lbs. I am a sort of healthy individual but I still have about 15 pounds to lose. I actually do not think this will be to difficult if I could get my eating under control, because I tend to go through periods of binging. Last semester I was so excited because I thought I had gotten a hold of my binging and my weight drop was a result of that. However this semester I my binging has started to emerged again, not as bad as before but still present.

    My exercising is at a good and healthy level, last Sunday I ran/ walked my first half marathon, in 2 hours and 27 minutes. My goal is to run without stopping another one in September.
    I think because I am exercising quit a bit, I am forgetting that exercise does not equal eat anything and everything I want.

    I hope to reach my goal before the start of fall semester in August. I will write in every Saturday about my progress. However, if I think I need to I will start to do a daily write in. Currently I am really busy and do not know if I have time for that.
    revmeup responded:
    Don't be so hard on yourself. Once you are through with school you can concentrate on that extra 15 pounds. If you can maintain some type of exercise routine to relieve stress and keep you from gaining any extra weight, you are doing darn good. I think the binging comes from stress, and that will probably quit once your schooling is done. Good Luck!
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome. Have you identified the triggers for your episodes of binging? What brings that on?
    barbara4u responded:
    Had to write. I have a 27 yr old dau.. She is 5'2". When she is active she tends to binge, and as a result has not eaten the regular meals and snacks' and PORTION control.

    I know it is very difficult being sooo busy. Maybe journaling your food/meals would help.

    I almost forgot to say that when she is less active she does the binging, also. She gets away with it and does not gain when active, but when her activity slows down, she gains. And, she has not created a healthy eating plan.

    I wish you luck and success.


    ps You came to the right place to get support.
    toxgirl11 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I have some what (maybe mostly) have identified them. I know I bing when I want to procrastinate, I am stressed, angry, frustrated. Pretty much negative emotions (sometimes when I am bored also). I have associated a lot of emotions with eating for so long, it is easy to fall back into that habit and then stop it again. It becomes a whole cycle of frustration and binging.
    20_togo replied to toxgirl11's response:
    i am a very active female with similar problems, toxgirl11 and am also trying to get over binging. my body often wants healthy foods like peanut butter, just in big amounts. hope we can both make some progress
    dagus33 replied to 20_togo's response:
    Hi everyone!

    I am in a similar boat with toxgirl11, 20_togo, and probably many others as well. I did WW from summer 2006-summer 2007 and lost 50 pounds. I have gained/lost 10 lbs over the past three years, but now I am officially 20 lbs over my "goal weight" from WW. I've been trying to lose weight, but just can't quite control my eating.

    I am a healthy eater- I LOVE fruits, veggies, whole grains, dairy, etc. I know what is good for me and try to stick to that. However, I binge eat and have little self control. Last week we had staff appreciation week at my school with treats EVERY DAY and I just could not stay away :( I grazed over the treats everytime I stopped into the teacher's lounge. Going out for drinks and desserts wreaks havoc on my body too.

    Long story short- I'm ready to lose weight for real! I am very active and love to work out... but then I love to eat so much after. So I hope to break this overeating cycle, get control of my eating/portion control, and get my body back!!

    Let's all make some progress together, okay? :) Thanks for the support already!
    20_togo replied to dagus33's response:
    hi dagus33, that sounds like how i eat, too! did ww help you with binging when you did it? when i have tried to get nutrition advice, etc they just suggest doing something else instead, but I think if I could just stop and do something else i wouldn't have this problem!
    dagus33 replied to 20_togo's response:
    Thanks for your response, 20_togo. I'm not sure how much WW helped me with my binge eating because of my weekly points allowance. Those extra 35 points per week do leave room for happy times :)

    I think my problem with binge eating is that I associate it with my emotions. I can celebrate a job or a friend's promotion by eating dessert out or getting drinks. It doesn't help that I'm single and love to mingle with everyone!

    I agree with you though- if I could just STOP at the moment and do something else, I wouldn't have this problem. I wouldn't have to constantly lose the weight I gained from overeating. If only it were that simple.

    I'm tracking my food intake now, trying to be as diligent as I can. Also, I'm focused on exercising everyday. So far it's going alright- I can't give up yet!

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