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    Work Related Issues
    brightidea posted:
    Wow... What is today? I think I've lost serious track of time with working these 12 hour days. I know it can't be Wednesday. No. It's Friday. :{

    Back to work in 9 hours.

    Even though I've been working so much lately (which I'm not complaining about, by the by) I don't have any sound reason as to why I've fallen off track (meaning 5 lbs gained in 5 days?!). I've been eating TERRIBLY this week when it could have been prevented. I was just eating and not thinking about myself and my goals. I was just thinking about getting by and so ate some things out of stress, which is just wrong.

    I work at an Italian restaurant. It's busy. I'm on my feet 11.5 hours at a time there. I think that might be illegal, but that's another problem. I go to the restroom twice (which takes up about 5 minutes?), so I have 25 to eat if I'm lucky. I'm thinking that I should invest in some ready to eat/drink meal replacements for days like these because if I don't I have to drink mountain dew and pasta fagioli out of a Styrofoam cup (not at the same time, ha) instead of getting real nutrition.

    I am allergic to about a million things, so buying something too commercial is usually a problem (since everything seems to be manufactured on equipment that processes nuts). I've got my eyes on a few products. I'm going to read lots of reviews before diving into anything.

    I was just curious as to what obstacles ya'll face in your work day... and what you do to overcome them.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Ok, first, don't weigh more than once a week. Second, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate and geez, that is a job that creates havoc with meal plans.

    My work day...I work at home. Working at home means a lot of good things. I don't have to worry about having to go "out with the girls" for lunch. I don't have coworkers lunch time or someone asking me what I want to order from the greasy Chinese place. No cake days.

    On the other hand, it is far too easy to get stressed and get up and grab a nibble or a soda, while I think about a response to an email or procrastinate on a spreadsheet. (the secret life of this WebMD mod--I often ended up spending more time with the spreadsheet). It is too easy to cook a big supper or on other days work such long days that I don't have time to cook supper--so order in.
    brightidea replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Ugh! The once a week thing is incredibly hard for me. The scale calls my name even if I hide it, lol. I think I weigh myself about 3 times a week. I know. I must stop!

    Yes, it can be chaotic on my eating, but I want to fix it. I made a plan for myself that works on my two 8 hour days (sort of). I eat quite a big breakfast every morning that gets me through about 5 hours or so, then I eat a 'snack' of steamed veggies and then a reasonable dinner when I get home... but for the 4 days I work doubles that's not working. :/ I found a meal replacement that's gotten really rave reviews for its nutrients and allergy-friendliness. Should arrive at the beginning of next week so we can see how it goes.

    And Louise, I commend you. I really think that working from home is hard. I would probably never get any work done because I'm pathetically easily distracted at home. I'm also terrible at thinking what to say in emails so that would probably take up 80% of my time! And spreadsheets...! Do you have anything like lean cuisines that you can eat? Do the places you order from have healthy options?

    Last week it was the head chef's birthday so the owners got him a cake... I wasn't even tempted to eat that because I hate things that look artificial and taste like plastic. That's the same reason I hate little debbie and all that.... but bring in some fresh donuts and I'm in trouble, lol. It's good that that doesn't happen often!
    rosecam replied to brightidea's response:
    brightidea - this is a good idea for a post. My challenges are different. I work in an office at a desk most of the day, but I also work long days (about 12 hours). I usually don't have breakfast before I leave home but I eat oatmeal at my desk. I keep a tub of it with a measuring scoop in one of my desk drawers. :)

    For lunch - sometimes I make my lunch, but usually I don't have time. Luckily there are a couple of healthy food options nearby - a salad place and a couple sandwich places. I'm always drawn to the greasy but yummy Asian food places though, and the burrito places with very calorie-dense food.

    Finally, I always want snacks. I keep some snacks at my desk because of the long hours, and because sometimes I don't have time to go get food. But I have to be careful not to eat those out of habit or boredom. I've started bringing a couple pieces of easy-to-eat fruit with me to work every day to help deal with the snacking urge.

    So those are my challenges and how I'm dealing with them so far. It takes focus though! I like the meal-replacement idea. I need to find some healthier food to keep at my desk for those "don't have time to go get food" days. I can only eat so much oatmeal! :)
    brightidea replied to rosecam's response:
    Haha... The best oatmeal I've had is Kashi Go Lean Creamy Vanilla... That stuff is magic! I just add a tsp of sugarless coffee creamer to it! It really kills my sweet tooth. But you're right... you can only have so much oatmeal.

    Aren't long hours the worst?! And it is hard to just say no to bad food when you have so much to do and you just want to indulge and find refuge in something other than work! Food isn't the answer for that, though. It really doesn't give you a refuge and makes you feel guilty. It's a no win idea.

    What fruit do you like? Bananas and apples are easy... so are grapes, but I'm allergic to them. I'm thinking about turning to pears. I don't know of any other hand-held fruits that aren't too juicy...

    And I think I'm just going to not eat after work. I usually get home at 8 or 10, which is really too late to be eating anyway! I'll just stick with my caffeine-free teas!
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff replied to brightidea's response:
    Hi brightidea!

    I actually used to work at an italian restaurant years ago and totally understand the temptations as well as the frustration of the f&b world! I used to have to stop myself from OVER "tasting the specials". Ugh! Of course, the specials were always delicious pastas with heavy sauce.

    Fortunately, they did have great salads, vegetables and fish. Are you able to find things like this when you are forced to eat at work on a crazy double?

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