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    remember good food is okay!
    anna141 posted:
    instead of ignoring cravings, just eat a yummy, healthy snack! starving yourself solves nothing.
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    chuckwho69 responded:
    Every once and a while when I eat when I try to swallow my food, my food seem to stop and I have to keep drinking some type of liquid to get my food to go down into my stomach, not every meal just every once and a while.
    Lisa0202 replied to chuckwho69's response:
    Hi Chuck,
    Several male relatives have what you are describing. My husband has it as well. He was diagnosed with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). He also had to have hisesophagus expanded surgically. He takes generic prilosec, which he gets at Costco. He hasn't had a problem for several years now.Good luck to you!

    PetuniaPea replied to chuckwho69's response:
    It might be GERD...or it might be because your jaw is tight. Do you clench your teeth? Sleep on your stomach? Grind your teeth at night? Are you stressed out? I have problems with my neck and jaw (pain and tightness), and sometimes chewing can be tough--sometimes I bite my cheek or tongue, more often than other people!

    Check out books from your local library on relieving jaw tightness...I just checked one out last month...I have it right's called "The TMJ Healing Plan" by Cynthia Peterson, PT It helped a lot! Good luck to you, too!
    PetuniaPea responded:
    Agree! Don't starve! Remember, it may seem counterintuitive, but you have to EAT to lose weight!!! Healthy snacks include fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, yogurt, etc!
    vbenoit responded:
    Right! Stick to natural foods: protein, fruits, veggies, beans, and water, then you won't have to worry about gaining weight or being unhealthily. You can eat 100 calories in healthy food that can fill you up or a 100 calories in bad food that will just make you want more. It makes more sense to eat the 100 calories in healthy food. Everyone is worried about what diet is good or what to eat, when God put what we needed on this earth for us.

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