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    Need some encouragement
    Luckykarin posted:
    Hi! I am 42 years old and weigh 318. I need some help starting my new fitness program. i am currently not doing any type of exercise (besides working) and could use some tips on where to start. Thanks!!
    Rgulen responded:
    Hi Lucky Karin,

    Welcome to our board. I started out at your current weight and started out by walking. I started walking the block, then walking the block twice, eventually I worked up to a pace where I could do 3 miles in 45 - 60 minutes. It is better to do something, daily then to really go for it one day and then miss the next or two. I always listen to the pace that my body says it can give me at that time. As you can see from the time range; some days I am working on all cylinders and other days I am not breaking any speed records.

    I read that you need to walk at least 10 minutes to get benefits. The same article said that 3 10-minute walks are almost as beneficial as 1 30-minute walk.

    Good Luck on your journey.

    Marci320 replied to Rgulen's response:
    Hi Karin, and welcome!

    I started at at 323 pounds and back then I couldn't do much exercise. I am also 10 years older than you so you are probably in better shape to begin with than I was. But I agree with Rg that you just have to get moving at whatever pace and however long you can, and then gradually you will see that you can do more and more each day.

    Good luck to you, and let us know how you are doing.

    Byroney_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Welcome, LuckyKarin!

    Here are some articles on making Exercise Fun that may be helpful. It includes walking, like Rg and Marci mentioned.

    I weighed a bit more than you and have lost 35 lbs in the last 1 1/2 years. The every-day-exercise has been the key for me. My doctor gave me the okay to walk, and I've been doing that every day without fail for 14 months now. I'm also between you and Marci at 49 years old.

    Just remember to talk to your doctor before getting started. He or she may have recommendations or restrictions to be aware of.

    Let us know how you're doing,

    Pounds off since December 2009= 35lbs. At this rate, it will be years until I reach goal, so I hope you don't mind having me around for a spell.
    irisheyes213 replied to Byroney_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Everyone else gave you some great tips but there is a book I found at my local library called Get Fit while you sit by Charlene Torkelson. You may find it helpful to ease your self into some exercises as well as starting a walking program. You can do this!

    Welcome to the board!!
    Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of. ~Christy Borgeld
    Gibby1o1 replied to Rgulen's response:
    Hi All,

    Luckykarin, do what's enjoyable to you. If it hurts for too long afterwards, or is too difficult to begin with, you will NOT stick with it. So whatever you do, don't over do it, take it easy. Set a realistic goal. You're not an athlete (yet), but you can do it. Believe me, and the others who replied to you, its difficult at first, but man it feels great when you start seeing and feeling results. If you miss a night, don't try do "extra" the next night, just stick with your plan, I promise, it will work, and its slow, that's what you have to remember, it takes a looooong time. You're doing this for you and your family, no one else, so whats the rush?

    A little background:
    My wife and I both started in the same boat you're in. We both needed to lose over 100 pounds each. In Feb of 2010, I came home from a doctors appt in tears, I almost threw up on the scale. I am ex military, and after I got out, I remarried to my job, gained 120 pounds over 10 years, and the wife decided to join me. I was so out of shape I had no idea where to start. We had a dog so we both decided to start right then and there. I downloaded Google Earth, plotted out a half mile course (basically around the block once), took the dog and toughed it out, for 20 minutes. It hurt, I was out of breath and sweating like a pig. We were both so ashamed of ourselves after that tiny little walk, that that was all we needed to stay motivated.
    Each week we added a quarter mile to our nightly walk (we had to change routes to meet this, but it was another motivator as well, we met all the neighbors, and really learned our area), until we were eventually doing 3 miles in about 40 minutes. We now have a mini-gym in the bedroom, work out nightly, and have lost significant weight. We didn't do anything crazy, we didn't GO on a diet, we changed our diet, we didn't try to kid ourselves, if we wanted pizza we ate a slice, with a huge glass of water. We stayed active and we are mostly successful (I have lost 85, and she has lost close to 50 and still going). Don't cheat on exercise, if we can't be honest with ourselves, who are we going to lie to next?
    Morgan626 responded:
    Just wanted you to know I am 4 years older and I feel your pain. ( I weight 246, just lost 4lbs:) But hang in there you are not alone. When I started walking it seemed overwhelming. I started by just walking to my mailbox and getting my mail was the reward. I loved seeing a Belk's sales paper. I live on a little hill, so I would read the paper then hike by up. Okay it wasn't really a hike but it sure did feel like it.
    Cheering you on!!!
    Lewc62 responded:
    I'm 20 years older than you are, but it's doable. I started 3 years ago at 434 lb. I've lost 90 so far with another 154 to go. I started walking like the other folks here. That works well. I just added a class at my local gym in water exercise. It's great so far. They concentrate on both aerobic and strength training.

    It may sound strange since I'm still obese at 344 but I've seen enough success that I'm encouraged and am having fun.
    slimjazzy responded:
    Walking is always a good start, good luck!

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