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    Rainbows /Journal 09/25 - 10/01
    Rgulen posted:
    Well my car temperature gauge still displays triple digits; but I am mentally thinking Autumn thoughts. Tracking was better this week; yea! This week I plan to continue my focus on tracking and taking accountability for the quality of my choices.

    Join me in posting whatever you want accountability on for the week. Ideas are: -Food journals -Water intake -Exercise -Freggie intake/Rainbow -Calories/points/carbs/fat grams/protein grams -Challenge goals


    Rgulen responded:

    Breakfast: biked to neighborhood diner. They were only doing burst style; scrabbled eggs with veggies; bacon slice 2 slices of sausage; sausage gravy on biscuit; apple crisp. It sounds like a lot of food. Portions were small.

    Lunch: large salads side oh herring filet

    Dinner: variety of vegetable small plates at friends house.

    Marci320 replied to Rgulen's response:
    I've been sick with this stupid cold that won't go away, so I haven't been keeping track of what I ate. I know I had Chinese food on Sunday and too many Pop Chips and too many chocolate rice cakes but other than that I don't remember Sunday.


    Breakfast: 2 slices of wheat toast w/LF margarine and 1/2 glass FF milk

    Lunch: Low sodium tomato soup, carrots, 2 slices of bread and LF cheddar cheese

    Dinner: Was cooking and eating. Not sure what all I ate. A little lasagna, some rice w/LF margarine and Parmesan cheese and a couple of spoonfuls of LF potato soup.

    Snacks: Yogurt, 2 SF puddings

    Exercise: None
    Rgulen replied to Rgulen's response:

    Breakfast: rolled oats cooked in almond milk, banana, walnuts, ground flax, local honey, breakfast spices.

    Lunch: turkey chili from "my fit foods". My new rule is that if I need go traipse out due to cravings; I am only allowed to go this healthy spot.

    Dinner: I basically ended up on snacking on trail mix before and after exercise class.

    I went to Jazzercise class.

    Rgulen replied to Marci320's response:
    Sorry that you are not feeling well Marci!

    Take care of you.

    Rgulen replied to Rgulen's response:

    Breakfast: egg poached on collard greens/artichoke hearts/ shallots/ garlic. Curry powder and crushed red pepper

    Lunch: vegetable korma from Farmers' Market with quinoa.

    Dinner: snacked on stuff from fridge while cooking with the Hubby.

    Went to Jazzercise

    Marci320 responded:
    Thanks, Rg! I really am my own worst enemy when I am sick because I just act like I'm not sick and carry on as usual. I've got issues. LOL


    Breakfast: Oatmeal w/soy milk, slivered almonds, flax seeds, and a splash of LF Hazelnut creamer; coffee w/SF creamer

    Lunch: Salad w/corn, beets, scallions, croutons, and LF Caesar dressing; carrots

    Dinner: LF potato soup w/LF cheddar cheese; and I can't remember what else I ate. Wow.

    Snacks: SF pudding, lots of tea w/honey, 2% Fage Greek Yogurt w/Honey

    Exercise: 3 hours of rehearsing and recording a song for Christmas CD. It was pretty brutal.
    Rgulen replied to Marci320's response:

    Breakfast: saut├ęd shallots, garlic and artichoke hearts. Stirred in collard green ribbons, pineapple juice, curry powder, crushed red pepper. Added in quinoa. Poached egg on greens.

    Lunch: pate, saag paneer, feta cheese

    Dinner: green beans, tomato , etc salad. Stewed lamb. Yogurt

    Jazzercise Pure Muscle Preview

    irisheyes213 replied to Rgulen's response:
    Wednesday Rainbow: orange, green, red, yellow
    5 Freggie servings
    Water: 64oz
    Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of. ~Christy Borgeld
    Rgulen replied to irisheyes213's response:
    Hi Deb,

    Lots of color variety in your rainbow. Missed you.


    Feeling any better?


    I had to go into office today and Hubby was out the door early as well.

    Breakfast: potato egg breakfast taco and fresh oj from Whole Foods.

    Lunch: salad, corn bread & fruit cup grabbed at Whole Foods while grabbing breakfast.

    Jazzercise class

    Dinner: snacked on leftovers in fridge as I had NO energy left for cooking.

    irisheyes213 replied to Rgulen's response:
    Hi Rg!
    Work has been crazy and to be honest, I'm pretty tired of the moment that I wake up the computer is on and then it is on until I go to bed most of the time but yet I am still behind. Hoping to get caught up once and for all over the weekend and actually getting to do something fun which that hasn't happened since before my surgery. Anyhow, enough whining.

    Thursday Rainbow: Purple, green, orange, yellow, white, red
    (rainbow chard, oj, banana, apple, onion, garlic, potato, celery, carrots)
    Water: 72oz
    Vitamins: check
    Never giving up and pushing forward will unlock all the potential we are capable of. ~Christy Borgeld
    Rgulen replied to irisheyes213's response:
    Downtime is important! I hope you get some soon.


    Breakfast: scrambled eggs on corn tortillas with fresh tomatoes and savory goat cheese.

    Lunch: threw together leftover green bean stew with some beef.

    Dinner: fresh greens, homemade guacamole.

    Friday is Jazzercise rest day.


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