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    September Goals and Roll Call
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Happy September! This is the place to introduce yourself and share your goals for the month. Name (or what you would like us to call you on the board * Share a hobby that you enjoy. * How long have you been working on your program? * Starting/current/ending numbers, if you are comfortable with sharing those * Goals for this month-Be sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and time-specific * What do you look forward to this month?
    stillhungry responded:
    Hello, I can't believe its September already ay yi yi.... Toni I don't have many hobbies honestly beside decorating and working on my home. I am studying towards my Masters in Criminal Justice, so school is my hobby right now. I have been working on my 'lifestyle change' since March of this year. SW: 170/CW: 155 (today)/GW: 130s Goal for the month is to continue running at least every other day if not daily, anywhere from 2-4 miles. Continue with Strength Training on my own and with my trainer (abs, legs, upperbody). Work on sticking to 1200-1300 calories daily for food intake. My goal is to get out of the 150s this month. I'm not looking forward to it but I have my 'supposedly' last surgery this month to remove all fibroid tumors from my inner and outer uterus... I'm looking forward to this being my possible last surgery and hoping they get them all out so I can move on with my life (no more Dr's, no more tests, no more procedures, no more symptoms) I just want to work on starting a family the beginning of next year and I hope with this surgery I learn to still watch my eating and pick up with the exercise as soon as I am healed up (which could be 1-3 weeks). Its ok, I won't look at it as a setback. My ultimate goal is to be in the 130s by the end of the year so I can be at my lightest before getting pregnant! I want a future pregnancy to be as manageable and healthy as possible. :smile:
    Ceelee44 responded:
    September already!?! Fall? yuck!!!! A hobby of mine- I really don't have a hobby... I need to get one this fall-I'm thinking of trying to get into some kind of work out routine like boxing or somthing for a hobby. I've been working on a program for too long :frown: 165/153/130 Goals. I want to loose at least 5-8 pounds this month..which is totally do able if i buckle down. I was to be able to start running again and make sure that I keep up with my working out. I look forward to vacation!~!!!!!!!!!!!!
    06deluxerider responded:
    Name: Debbie Hobby: Airbrush Tattooing or riding my harley Been working on changing my eating habits since April of this year Numbers: SW: 217 CW: 192 GW: 160 Goals: To exercise more and get my weight into the 180s I look forward to going to the lake this weekend and going fishing with my husband Debbie
    dacspace responded:
    Dac Well I love to scrapbook but I don't have time anymore :frown: I start school again on Thursday for my Masters in Business Law so like Toni school is my hobby LOL! Um way, way too long! :angry: I haven't been consistent until the end of June and even since then I have slipped up quite a bit. I hate numbers but so far I've lost 8 lbs My goals for this month include continuing my workout schedule of 4-6 days a week. I need to put a plan into action for my exercise so I don't find excuses since school will be another addition to my already full plate. I will continue with trainer appointments as I can afford them. I would also like to commit to 2 classes a week at the gym. Since I can't do full blown jogging, I am going to continue with the interval training and elliptical workouts. Maybe one day ortho doc will say yes to jogging full time :sheepish: I am definitely looking forward to my Vegas trip this weekend with my S.O. We are going to see Def Leppard in concert and just have a great time seeing the sights. I haven't been in years! :goofy:
    Calebsmom67 responded:
    Laura aka: Caleb's mom My favorite hobby is reading, or playing with my son. I started my program (and this message board) around mid-July, so about 9 weeks - I started at my heaviest point in my life, except for the day I had my son. Starting: 205 Current: 185 Ending: 160-ish Goals: Get my winter league volleyball team going, but for myself, limit the junk food and add more fruits and veggies. Also, work in more excersize. I have been doing a lot of work on my diet, and honestly, I have not put enough effort into the exercise. This month, I look forward to going down another pants size, and doing some SHOPPING!!! :cool:
    stillhungry responded:
    OMG Dac, you go to the best shows! I love the old school hair bands, i'm jealous, you will have so much fun :smile:
    lalaithlaire responded:
    Karen Vocalizing, reading, watching cheesy horror movies with my husband A little over a month SW: 167 CW: 152 GW: 125 My goal is to get down to 145. 146 is the lowest weight I've been at as an adult, and last time I was trying to lose weight I just couldn't get past 146. I'm really excited about beating this number! I'm looking forward to the weather cooling off a little. I'm from TX, and while I love how good and hot our summers get, it's always nice when that cool fall breeze starts toning things down a little. I'm also looking forward to hopefully getting a job!
    dacspace responded:
    Ooh girl I am ADDICTED to 80's hair bands! :pbpt: My absolute fav is Def Leppard!! This will be time #5 to see them since high school LOL! I will have pix on FB to check out when we get back!
    Foreverinyoureyes2 responded:
    Name (or what you would like us to call you on the board Becca Share a hobby that you enjoy. Lately I have been doing some creative writing in my spare time. How long have you been working on your program? I started my lifestyle change in April of 07. Although its been a work in progress, I have maintained most of the good habits that I developed back then. Starting/current/ending numbers, if you are comfortable with sharing those Highest weight/ 163.75 / Current weight/ 146ish? / Goal Weight/ 135 for now Goals for this month-Be sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and time-specific I need to adhere to my plan of 1200-1300 calories per day, with moderate exercise in order to achieve my goal of 10 lbs lost by October 8th What do you look forward to this month? I love fall! I feel enthusiatic about everything!
    Katie0516 responded:
    Hi, I'm Katie :smile: My fave hobby is knitting. I've been working on this for about 3 years now. I've definitely had some ups and downs and I've learned that maintaining is just as difficult as losing. Started at 180, currently 153. I don't have a specific goal weight, but I'm aiming for somewhere between 130 and 140. I'm going to go by how I look and feel rather than a specific number. My goals for this month are to get under 150 and at least maintain it, and to go to they gym 4-5 times per week. This month I'm looking forward to cooler weather! Also, two weddings to go to that should be a lot of fun. :smile:
    makmin4u responded:
    This is makmin4u, > My hobby: reading. > How long I have been working on lifestyle Change program: 10 months > Numbers: Started with: 268 lbs (10 months back) Hit 254 in Jan '09 then hit with Knee Injury (because of weak muscles) - 3 months of stress and off gym. Current: 266.4 lbs Height: 6'2" Other Info: 26 yrs/Male/Single/Sedentary Job/ Goals for September: > My goal is to reduce body size by 1 inch/week. > Don't have weight goal setup as I am lifting weights. > Hit gym 5 times/week and burn 400 calories/session. > My calorie intake right now is 1500 - 2000, with weekend exception of 2500. Goal is to reduce it to 1000 calories/day during the weight loss period. > Develop the mindset to understand that food is like fuel for the body and any extra fuel is stored as fat. > Learning meditation to counter stress and to replace my friend (food) under stress, boredom to books. >Maintain a Diet journal at >Read Health related magazines This month looking forward - waiting for my girl friend to join me in Chicago. -Regards Makmin4u
    caseface86 responded:
    Okay, I'm finally going to "introduce" myself after randomly posting here for a while: My biggest hobbies are reading and writing I've been sort of trying to lose weight for a year, but really working hard for the last 6-7 months or so. 230/191/165 This month, I'd like to get into the 180's and take my long runs from 5 to 6 miles. I look forward to wearing my favorite old jeans (I'm so close!)
    2Ruth responded:
    Ruth I like to read, sew, do crossword puzzles, word and number games. I lost almost 20 lbs in 2008 but have gained it back. 188/187/144, my numbers when I started and my numbers today! Goals for September include, 7-8 hours of sleep each night, keeping a food journal, and some sort of exercise effort 5 of 7 days. I can be in the low 180s by October 1! I look forward to visiting with my Mom in AZ at the end of the month. Ruth 188/187/144
    TryingInATX responded:
    Hi! I'm Mollie Hobbies... I like to knit although I haven't in forever, I like to read but all I've been reading lately have been Dr. Seuss books (whom I've discovered I love even more as an adult!), and relaxing with the family. I've been at this on and off since November '03. 185/181.5/170. 170 is just for now. That was my pre-preg weight. My overall goal is 140ish. My goal for the month is to continue to be patient with myself. I've been doing great eating wise this week so far, so I hope I can keep it up. Exercise has taken a backseat a little this week due to my son not wanting to nap. By the time DH gets home from work I'm too exhausted to do anything. As long as we get this nap problem under control, exercise just falls into place. Pilates duriong Nap #1 and cardio during Nap #2. So I guess the goal is Pilates 5x a week, cardio 3x, and just to continue eating well. I look forward to my new niece or nephew being born TODAY!!! My sister is having a repeat c-section and did not find out the sex. I'm also looking forward to hopefully cooler weather. Austin has seen it's hottest temps in a long time and I'm pretty sick of it.

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