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    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    1. Name/Name you go by on the boards 2. New to the board? Long-timer? Somewhere in between-Share how long you have been a part of a WebMD Diet Club 3. Tell us about your lifestyle plan and biggest snags in sticking to your plan 4. Favorite way to get physical
    stillhungry responded:
    1. Toni 2. I'm somewhere in between a new and long-timer, I think i've been on the board for maybe 4 months now, not really sure. 3. My lifestyle plan started when I realized I had some borrowed time before having a baby. I want to learn to eat more veggies, beans and fruit. I try to stick to 1050-1200 calories a day. I have made working out (running, ST, spin) a part of my daily routine. I now work out 5-7 days a week. The biggest snags in sticking to my plan is my sweet tooth, especially during PMS. I'm learning to not deprive myself but to count every calorie I put in my mouth! 4. My favorite way to get physical is spin class.... its fun and the instructor that teaches the class I go to blares heavy metal and other great music, that really pumps me up! I also love to run, although it can get boring sometimes, I feel it is the best overall workout and the best way to burn calories.
    dacspace responded:
    1. Dac 2. I'm somewhere in between... probably been on here at least 6 months 3. Well when I'm on track I try to stick to 1500 calories or less a day. I also try to workout 5+ days a week. Lately I haven't been doing either :chagrin: This week is my first week back on the wagon and 100% gung-ho about my efforts! I think my biggest motivation right now is the way I feel... it's NOT good! My biggest hurdle is myself! I tend to talk myself into bad choices or when I blow it I give up for the day. It's been a vicious cycle that I hope I can eventually break! 4. My favorite way to get physical is group power class. I love the instructors and I love knowing that what I am doing is making me stronger! It also seems to be moving the fat around even if it's not falling off LOL! I'm just now getting into jogging and it's been good so far. I just can't go too far without switching back to walking yet... I'll get there though!
    lalaithlaire responded:
    1. Karen 2. I guess I've been here a couple months now. Not quite sure, haha. 3. My plan started when I got sick and couldn't eat for a few days, and once I did start eating again it was much, much smaller portions. So, basically my lifestyle is just small portions. I calorie count as well, to keep myself in line. I've been obsessed with and addicted to food for years now, so this release from food was a big deal for me. Part of my lifestyle is just not letting food get that hold over me again. It used to be I'd fall asleep thinking about the meals for the next day. I'd wake up and immediately start thinking about breakfast. As soon as I was done with breakfast, I'd start thinking about lunch - etc. Food was always, always on my mind. It may sound ironic, but my lifestyle now is actually to not worry about food and not think about it too much ;-) 4. My favorite way to get physical is definitely dance. That's always been my favorite form of exercise. I also love playing racquetball with my husband and speed walking while listening to my iPod. - Karen SW: 167 CW: 144 GW: 125
    glitterylinette responded:
    1. My name on boards is glitterylinette 2. Def new I enrolled I believe last week 3. I started doing the No Carb diet and it really has worked for me. I have had a few set backs with planning my wedding and all (this Saturday) I am considering staying on the Low carb but not doing the whole 4 days with just meat and egg again. I am eventually going do Calorie counting once I am at 150 or 160 Pounds My weakness right now is ME. I know that I need to do certain things, and I allow other plans to mess up my exercise or eating habits. I am definitely stepping it up, I am NOT going to allow anything else to come between my health which will then affect my marriage once I am married. So no more excuses I am stepping into a realm of just pure results. For work-outs I do the Slim and 6 videos, and if I am not in the mood for that, I have a Gym in my Apt and I will be there for about an hour. That's all.
    kghoerth responded:
    1. Katie 2. I'm still pretty new to the board. I started using WebMD September 1st, and shortly thereafter started using these boards to stay motivated. It's worked ;-) 3. My lifestyle plan has gotten a lot stricter this week in hopes that I can make my Thanksgiving challenge goal. Previously I was doing 1600 calories a day, workout 5 days a week and walk at least 2 miles in addition. I've cut my calorie count down to 1200, and to be honest it has been very difficult. I was never really hungry with the 1600 calories, but now with the 1200 I'm battling just feeling so hungry all the time. 4. My favorite way to get physical is to just walk. I've made my walks a social thing here at the office, and its something that we look forward to everyday. I walk with another counselor at least twice a day, and its when we get to catch up on gossip and such. A lot of times I can get a big group of counselors to walk, and we're getting a reputation here at the university. I had a student tell me that whenever he needs help , he'll look for us on the walking trail. :-D It's a lot of fun.
    Hollywood424 responded:
    1. Hollywood/Holly 2: I started this board in 2004 after the birth of my first child. I've been on hiatus from the boards at times. I've been back about 5 weeks. 3: My lifestyle plan is everything in moderation. I try to make healthier choices in the foods I do eat, but I don't exclude anything. I try to keep to a 1500-1600 calories per day. My biggest snag right now is that DH is overweight and doesn't want to do anything about it. Also Halloween candy has been a snag. I try to limit myself to one piece per day. 4. I haven't really incorporated exercise into my lifestyle change just yet. I wanted to get the change in eating down pat first. I hope to add excercise by the end of the year. Will need to check the thrift shop for used exercise equipment.
    Katie0516 responded:
    1. Katie 2. Long timer...I've been here for 3 years! :eek: 3. Previously my plan was counting calories, and now I'm doing the Zone. It involves a lot of planning! And math. :eek: I have high blood pressure so I'm also watching my sodium intake. 4. Kickboxing! After a hard day at work nothing beats kicking the crap out of a heavy bag. :cool:
    Shayded responded:
    I posted yesterday, but it times out on me, sad day! 1. Elizabeth/Shayded 2. Newish, was on the board a few years ago, got lead astray and now I am back. so I was here in 2007, and now it's been about 3-4 weeks since october! 3. I want to reduce calories to lose combined with an ever increasing work out plan. I only anticipate losing anywhere from 1-2 lb a week with 1-3 times a week weighing in to keep on track and motivated. Once the bulk of the weight is gone and I am at my goal, then I want to up my caloric content to a point that is maintaining, and focus my work outs on shaping and metabolism. Unfortunately my biggest snags are drinking my calories in alcohol. I enjoy a good beer now and again. I like to have a glass of wine in the evening. When I go dancing, i'll have a couple of cocktails. Also, I have a hard time getting motivated to do my work outs. 4. Dancing, hiking, walks, yoga, jogs, SHOPPING!!
    Ducquettaatwork responded:
    1. Name/Name you go by on the boards Dianne is my name, Ducque or Ducquetta is my nickname and on the Boards I'm ducquettaatwork 2. New to the board? Long-timer? Somewhere in between-Share how long you have been a part of a WebMD Diet Club I first was on this board in late 2004, early 2005. Came back for awhile in 2007-8, and just rejoined today. 3. Tell us about your lifestyle plan and biggest snags in sticking to your plan I"m a big believer in baby steps, working on 1-2 goals a week. Goal for this week is to weigh myself and log in, and start to track calories. Motivation is my biggest snag, I find dieting mojo elusive and hard to create. I'm also a candyaholic and Halloween is a really hard time for me. Another snag is drinking my calories, wonder where DD learned that behavior? (DD is WebMD for Dear Daughter, my initials for Duqueling Darling and you know her as Shayde. My doeting mottos in past have been 1) Progress not PErfection and Persistence will Prevail and 2) JeDI or Just Do IT! (Remember those Liz and Holly?) 4. Favorite way to get physical Er um Sex? I used to love to walk and hike byut a back injury has really limited that. Will be starting again when pain is managed. Have appt with specialist on Monday.
    memyselfandi19 responded:
    leah/memyselfandi somewhere in between. was here a few years ago. left and just came back. now, i have been very healthy. i dont have a car and do a lot of walking. i try to exercise regularly and eat under 1200 cal a day. [ this has only been for the last 6 weeks> my biggest snags are being physically handicapped in some ways from chronic pain [ back issues, RSD> ; PCOS , which makes losing weight really hard; sticking to a diet under stress; social pressure to eat; it used to be basketball befre the accident. now it hurts just to walk a mile (which i push myself for) but i cant run anymore so i swim or do pilaties/ tonining/ spinning/ etc.
    snowpup46 responded:
    1. Snow 2. Been here since Sept. 2009, that's when I found WebMD Diet Club. 3. My life style plan is to try to stay within 50% carbs, 25% protein & 25% fats. 1200-1400 calories/day with low sodium. I am also trying to control my own cholesterol without medication now, so I no not eat any red meat or anything white. (although I would eat a steak if someone brought me one). I almost always eat the good carbs and eat the good fat-an oz of trail mix/day. I try to eat 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed/day - that is a snag for me though. I eat aleast 3 fruits/day and 2-4 veg/day. The biggest snag in my plan is that I love pizza - so I have 2 slices (1/8 of 14" pie per slice) on Fridays and once every couple of weeks I have an oz of M&M w/Peanuts. The pizza and M&M's are included in my plan - but I always want more, but don't take them. One of my biggest snags is getting over a 1000 cal. half the time, I feel like I am force feeding myself to get to 1000 so when ever I get over 1000 I feel I reached a victory. 4. My favorite way to get physical used to be step arobics but due to me having to keep my heart rate below 133 - I have not tried step yet. Other than that all the other exercises feel like work to me. Snow
    kwapie1947 responded:
    Name is Patsy New to board, it has been years since I have checked out Webmd. There has been a lot of changes. I did not know about WebMD Diet Club. Lifestyle plan is Medifast. I have been on Medifast off and on for 6 months. I have taken off 35 pounds and have 35 more to go. It is the only thing that seems to work for me. My doctor wants me on Weight Watchers but don't know about all that points stuff, I think it is a good diet but I don't want to spend a lot of time to count. With Medifast I just eat five medifast meals a day and one lean and green. I was thinking about doing Weight Watchers after I hit my goal, (momentum plan), not sure if I spelled that right. I have a hard time sticking to anything. Every time my husband and I go out to eat I want to go off my plan. I am type 2 diabetic and can't take my meds when I'm doing Medifast cause my blood sugar stays to low. If I go on Weight Watchers I have to take my Byetta and Metformin to do the diet. I'm a little confused on what to do. Doctor wants me on Weight Watches. I guess the thing is if I stay on Medifast I can't go off plan because when I do then it really messes up blood sugar, if I do Weight Watchers and take meds then if I go off plan then does not mess with blood sugar. Really thinking about going back to Weight Watchers and meds cause I'm not prefect and I will go off plan sometimes. Favorite way to get physical is walking and weights.
    nicolefitz21 responded:
    1. Nicole 2. New to the board-just found this 3. Just recently decided to make some changes--snags include currently taking depression medication which makes me not hungry at all. Which unfortunately I will literally not eat anything all day long, but, it does make me so thirsty, so I at least drink water all the time. Im such a picky eater too, so that doesnt really help. I actually found this board trying to find ideas for foods/ideas to try and eat during the day. 4. I have all kinds of ambition to want to work out, go for walks with my kids etc. But being a single mom, running late every day for work, coming home from work, running kids to football/basketball practice, getting dinner/homework done then bed, I find it difficult to get a work out or a walk or any cardio in. I guess this could be in my "snag" answer to!!
    Katie0516 responded:
    Welcome Nicole! Do you drop the kids off at practice or do you stay with them? You could get a walk in while they are practicing. :smile:

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