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    2011 Roll Call?
    NuaShirmach posted:
    Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to this board (and boards in general) and am trying to see what kind of community we've got here! I notice that in the past there were roll calls with lots of participation, but it seems like the latest was a full year ago and recent posts don't seem to have many replies. Am I missing the party somewhere?

    At the risk of being presumptuous as a rookie, I'd like to start a 2011 roll call. From what I see in past posts, people share Name, Region, Starting Weight/Current Weight/Goal Weight, and some other bit of information that seems to be at the moderator's discretion. I would like to know hardest challenges/best tips from people.

    Here's mine...

    Name: Elizabeth

    Region: Southern California

    Numbers: sw 182 / cw 182 / gw 130

    Hardest Challenge: Time and motivation. And I HATE to journal.

    Best Tip: Protein... I try never to be hungry, but eat small, protein-rich snacks throughout the day. A spoonful of peanut butter is a great tide-me-over!
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hello and Welcome Elizabeth!

    Thanks for getting the party started!

    Name: Elizabeth

    Region: Florida

    Numbers: SW(Oct '10) 170/ CW 152/ GW 130

    Hardest Challenge: Finding time to exercise and late night munchies.

    Best Tip: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail. As long as I plan a week of meals and snacks and shop accordingly I stay on track.
    Figiren responded:
    Hi all, I just joined.
    Name: Renee
    Region: Midwest
    Numbers: sw 179 / cw 179 / gw 125
    Hardest Challenge: Easily discouraged and late night eating.
    Best Tip: Have healthy snacks on hand at all times.
    jhilton1 replied to Figiren's response:
    Name: Joni
    Region: Kansas
    Numbers: SW 171 / CW 160 / GW 150
    Hardest Challenge: Sweets! I just crave them like crazy!
    Best Tip: workout right after work, dont go home or it takes a whole lot of motivation to get back out of the house!
    Writingmom85283 responded:
    This is my first day here so I am just getting started.

    Name: Shelly

    Region: Phoenix, AZ Area

    Numbers: sw 162 / cw 162 / gw 120

    Hardest Challenge: have had a back issue/leg pain for 4 years which led to sedentary life style which caused me to gain 40 lbs. I had surgery mid-May and was just given some PT and permission to walk more. I'm ready to LOSE. But I have to be careful - my double fusion is still "fusing."
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff replied to Writingmom85283's response:
    Hi and Welcome Shelly,

    Good to hear you have been given the OK to walk more! Do you have a plan to walk daily?

    Looking forward to losing with you!

    Keep us posted,
    zandergirl replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Hi, I just found this discussion grourp and not sure how it works.
    Name Lee
    I have 50 lbs to lose, I started last month and weighed 191. and today I weigh 181lbs.
    I started walking 12 floors in my building the 1st of Jan, and I have been doing that a month ago. I waked that 3x a day. It was getting to easy , so I added going up the stairs. 6 floors up and than walking the floors
    Tootgirl responded:
    Hi Elizabeth!

    Name: Treva (pronounced Tree-vuh)

    Region: Central Florida

    Numbers: sw 188/ last weight 179/ cw ?/ gw 135

    Hardest Challenge: The exact same as yours! (imagine that!)

    Best Tip: Watch your portion size!

    I think this is an excellent way for me to keep on point. Thanks!
    AllyK1969 replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Hi everyone!
    Name: Alyona (Ally)
    Region: Brooklyn, NY
    Numbers: SW 316 / CW 134 / GW 125
    Hardest Challenge: No support, lack of motivation... and therefore I get easily discouraged.
    Best tip: Do never buy prepared food. Cook yourself! Stop looking for excuses and just hit that damn gym!!! :)
    ChristyPeffly responded:
    Name: Christy

    Region: North Carolina

    Numbers: sw 161 / cw 161 / gw 135

    Hardest Challenge: Counting calories.

    Best Tip: Work out early in the morning for about an hour, get a nice shower and you won't believe how much energy you'll have for the day. When I end up working out at night #1) it usually won't happen and #2) I'm too wired to sleep until a few hours later!
    Christy {29 lbs to go!}
    Nano39 responded:
    I just joined.
    Name: Nano
    Region: Southern CA
    Weight January 2010 177, now 164
    Challenge: Two dinners. I eat when I pick up my kids from my Mothers 4pm (ethnic food I grew up with & love) then I eat with my husband & kids 8pm work lunches at restaurants
    Best Tip: substitue 8pm dinner with warm milk & honey...keeps me full, warms me up & puts me to sleep
    xtina04 responded:
    I'm to this board so I figure start off the right way.

    Name: Christina

    Region: Dallas, TX

    Numbers: sw 154 / cw 154 / gw 115

    Hardest Challenge: Balancing work, family, and having the motivation to actually move and incorporate my baby with my workout. I also tend to get discouraged very easily as well.

    Best Tip: You are what you eat. Moderation is key. It is ok to splurge, but keep in mind portion and the type of food that is being consumed.
    eternal9 responded:
    Hello Elizabeth,

    My name is Victoria

    reside in Ohio

    I started at 200 pds..started this about 3 weeks ago lost 11 pds..I'm at 180 I want to reach goal of 150.

    Hardest challenge: Trying to "like" or make the foods I should eat more appealing to me. I don't journal I just get on here at the end of the day and log my food that I have been eating all day. It's really working for me. I like the peanut butter suggestion..I'm going to try that. I currently just tried these rice cakes and they are so good.

    Well good luck and positive love and energy that we all reach our goal!! me to remember the lessons and not the mistakes
    InNeedOfMotivation88 replied to eternal9's response:
    Hi Im Stefani,

    Region: MI

    #'s: SW:208 CW:202 GW:150

    Hardest Challenge: Im an emotional eater! Anytime I get stressed or upset I crave sweets!!!!

    Best Tip: Don't get discouraged! Even if you are not seeing the change you hoped for, the scale WILL budge, just give it time and your best efforts!!
    hannaheartless09 replied to InNeedOfMotivation88's response:

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