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    In desperate need for a change!
    Daniii posted:
    Hi there, if someone is reading this. Im 25 years old, and currently, not very happy with my life. Im 5´3 and weight 158 lbs.
    Ive been overweight since 6th grade. Throughout the years I have done a lot of diets, lost weight and then gained it back. For months I eat a LOT, then others I diet.
    I know my weight problem has a psychological issue. I had a great life until I went to middle school. Like many others, I was bullied, seriously bullied. On high school, only ocassionally. And THAT made a great impact on me. I never been in a serious loving relationship. :(

    I had the fortune of losing 25 lbs in the last year. But again, im gaining weight. I dont want that. I deserve to have a better life. I have never been comfortable being overweight. For me is a real issue!

    Having said that, is anybody interested in making this losing weight a friendly challenge? Im starting TODAY, the objective, 25 pounds! I obviously intend to do this in a completely healthy way. I dont believe in quick diets. Just the simple quality/quantity style. And cardio!

    So who´s up for this CHALLENGE?
    Daniii responded:
    BTW, Im going to report every weeek my progress, I feel that maybe if somebody else is doing the same thing, it will make things a lot easier.
    InNeedOfMotivation88 responded:
    im def up for the 22 yrs old 5'3" but i weigh 208!!!! scary huh? you thought u had it bad i want to loose at least 58 lbs within the next year... but 25 is a good start! i am an emotional eater, i am a single mother with a full time 3rd shift job, the stress of that alone is what has caused me to gain these 50 some odd pounds over the last 3 years... so im ready for the friendly challenge...since we both already stated our weights lets make our weigh in day be tuesdays...unless u have a better suggestion...
    Daniii replied to InNeedOfMotivation88's response:
    So Tuesday it will be.

    Im doing a 1,200 cal per day diet, and trying to go to the gym 4-5 days a week, doing cardio for 50 min.

    We both have our weight bagagge, but I am sure that you can achieve anything you want, if you really want to. So it is just that, how hard you want it. What are you willing to sacrifice. What you will win...

    Im also an emotional eater, if im glad i eat, if im sad i eat, stressed: the worse of them all! My price for achievements, a hard day at work, etc.

    I am going to divide my goal in two parts. My plan is to lose the first 15 pounds in 8 weeks, for my vacations.

    How about you?
    J_Mari replied to Daniii's response:
    Do you think I could join you two? I also started a new routine today: 1,200 calories/day exercise 3-5x/week.

    I'm 24, and my weight is also making me unhappy. I'm 5'5 and 192 lbs.

    It would really be awesome to join you all and we can all push each other to meet our goals. I think I need a little support, especially in the beginning.

    Just let me know!
    Daniii replied to J_Mari's response:

    Sure!!! more people, more commitment!

    Bring it on!!
    InNeedOfMotivation88 replied to J_Mari's response:
    absolutely! ther more the merrier...we will weigh in every tuesday, and keep each other motivated and offer tips and tricks to push each other!

    im excited, hopefully online friends and support will be more successful because everytime i start a loosing weight adventure with someone im close too we do good for a few days then quit when our schedules get hectic!

    i am also starting a low cal, low fat, no pop and limited sweets lifestyle change! cant wait to start seeing results!!!
    InNeedOfMotivation88 replied to Daniii's response:
    love the bring it on at the end! jus had to let ya know! lol
    InNeedOfMotivation88 replied to Daniii's response:
    Sounds good, im looking forward to the challenge! im trying to loose 15 pounds by the end of april which is about 5 1/2 to 6 weeks... LETS DO THIS! lol
    3point14 replied to Daniii's response:
    Not to barge in, but Hi :) At this time last year I weighed 168. This morning when I weighed myself I was 148. I've lost weight slowly, I still struggle, and I'm still not where I want to be, still want to lose about 13 more lbs.

    I wouldn't classify myself as an emotional eater, but I'm sure that was a component of it. What I started doing when I was feeling a strong feeling and debating eating, I would paint my nails, or do my hair, or pluck my eyebrows, or something else superficial. It gave me something to focus on, and I viewed it as pampering myself, doing things that along with weight loss would make me feel better about me. It kept me many, many times from overindulging.

    Hope that helps!
    InNeedOfMotivation88 replied to 3point14's response:
    thanks great ideas! i love painting my toes and could def use some plucking on my see how creative get with nail polish by the time this is over just to avoid
    luvinlyyfe responded:
    Hey ladies!! I really would like to get in on this challenge as well. I think this will be amazing to do it with others who have the same goal as I do.
    To give you a little history on me...I am 5'7" and 192lbs right now. I was 200 lbs about 2 months ago, but some dieting and excercise helped me take off a few lbs and I have kept it off, thank God!! Right now I range from 190lb on a good day to 195 lbs on a bad day.
    My biggest struggle is staying consistent. Some weeks I work out 4-5 days. Other weeks, I may only get in one day of excercise, if that. My diet is getting better, but something I always struggle with. I'm not an emotional eater, but I have horrible eating habits. I either eat way too much or I don't eat anything at all. So terrrible for my metabolism i know.
    Anyways, so right now I do 30 minutes of moderate toning. I like using videos. Right now, my favorite is Biggest Loser Power Sculpt. It was like only $11, which is great for someone like me who can't afford a gym membership. I love the Biggest Loser series because they have different intensity levels. So you can progress at your own level. You guys should take a look at their dvds, they are pretty good, Much better than I expected. Then I follow toning with about 20-30 mins cardio, I hope to increase my cardio time soon.
    What does everybody here do for exercise?
    So I guess I will weigh in with you guys tomorrow!
    Daniii replied to luvinlyyfe's response:
    Hi everyone, just reporting:

    Current weight: 154 lb
    I lost 4 lbs! Im so happy!!

    This has given me the motivatifon to continue losing more weight!
    I stopped eating junk food (Im a complete addict), and the challenge for this week is to be very strict even on the weekend.....

    How about all of you???
    InNeedOfMotivation88 replied to Daniii's response:
    hey hey hey!!!

    my tuesday report! (sorry so late)
    starting weight: 208
    current weight: 204!!!

    i also lost 4 lbs! go us!!!! keep up the good work ladies! I too am a junk food addict and sometimes i still indulge, but i have cut way back on the amount i indulge on (for example: smaller portions, less cookies, etc..) And i know what u mean about it giving you the motivation to loose more, you shoulda seen my face when i saw the 4lbs gone! lol! cant wait to see what next weeks results are!

    my goal for the next week is to fit in more exercise any way possible!
    InNeedOfMotivation88 replied to luvinlyyfe's response:
    welcome! can't wait to see our results in the end!!! We are weighing in every tuesday (or at least trying to) and any tips for motivation are greatly appreciated!

    Good luck!

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