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    51 pounds to lose, new here
    justmejust posted:
    Hi! My name is Laura.

    I'm new to this board but I spend a lot of time on the 50-100 Lbs Community and lost 28 pounds so far. I have 51 more pounds to go to get to healthy goal weight.

    I am planning to lose my next 25. Then keep going from there. I hope to find kindred spirits here.

    I started a year ago by going from a couch potato to walking 5 minutes a day. I started yesterday walking briskly 4 miles each day, which is quite an increase from my original daily 1 mile slow, then 2 mile moderate walk.

    I ate terrible for about 10 years (suffered from untreated severe hypothyroidism), otherwise was healthy in childhood and early adulthood. When I ate poorly I simply ate too many calories and many of them were empty calories.

    But last year I made a change. I started with an added serving of bagged spinach daily, then gradually added, another vegetable, then a couple fruits, then rolled oats, then brown rice, lean protein in salmon or beans, etc. all along the way tweaking my daily calorie amount.

    Before my recent increase in walking I had started a few weeks earlier to reduce my daily unhealthy calories. Took me a long time to do these things gradually and steadily to get where I am today.

    My overall motivation is to be healthy and at healthy weight.

    How is everyone else doing here today?
    sstaceye69 responded:
    Hey Laura! I am brand new to this board also. I have gained over 30lbs in the last 2 years and it's really starting to depress me. Like you, My eating habits are terrible. I love junk food and all starches. Thanks for sharing what you have been doing. I just started back walking 3 days ago and i am determined to get this weight off so i can feel better about myself. I would love to hear about anymore diet tips or advice you may have.

    Thanks & Good Luck Everyone,
    justmejust replied to sstaceye69's response:
    Hi Stacey, it can be up and down at times, but in the long view we can each do this. Keep sharing your up and down days. Lets get this going.
    RoseLynn02 responded:
    Hello & welcome! Congrats on the amazing weight loss! That's fabulous! There is another new-comer here with hypothyroidism(currently untreated, but she says the drs are working on it), perhaps you could give her some advice. Her post is "trying to loose 30lbs by march". I just figured she is in a similar predicament & asked for tips, but I don't know enough about hypothyroidism to feel comfortable giving her tips.

    Anyway, I'm fairly new here too. I haven't decided how much I want to loose...either 20 or 30 more lbs I think. I'm 155lbs now & I have lost 8lbs so far(next weigh in is tomorrow, so we shall see then). I have been off my diet/exercise routine this last week(fell behind & then got ill), so I'm not looking forward to it. I was walking when the weather was nicer, but with 2 little ones I can't really go out now, so I'm working out at home(videos). & of course it's a challenge getting 2 toddlers to eat healthy(work in progress), but I have been doing well thus far( almost 1month now). For me it is post-pregnancy weight that I just haven't worked off yet(youngest is turning 1yr). I would love to be back in a size 8 again, never could get smaller than that...wide hips.

    Anyhow, I loved reading your story & about your progress. I hope I can only do as well. This site has really helped keep me motivated & I made a buddy on here that I talk to almost everyday(via this post). I thought you may like one too. Anyway keep us posted...I'll check back.
    justmejust replied to RoseLynn02's response:
    Thanks for the warm welcome RoseLynn02, I went ahead and posted to the "trying to loose 30lbs by March" post. I hope she sees my post and finds it helpful.

    Hypothyroid persons do not follow a special diet or exercise. With daily replacement thyroid medicine the quality of life should be that of an average person.

    Losing weight is definitely a challenge in general, as with the average population! My current goal is to lose 7 pounds by March. That way I will see 189 on the scale, and finally be below 190lbs again.
    RoseLynn02 replied to justmejust's response:
    That's a great goal. I know if you stay positive & stick to doing what you're doing that you will achieve it.

    Thanks for checking her post out. She talked about not being on meds to control it & being really fatigued, so I just figured it was best that she gets that taken care of 1st. I just don't see how it would be beneficial rather than harmful under those conditions. Plus I figured you guys might be able to connect seeing as how you have something in common other than dieting. Make sense? & I really wanted someone who knew what they were talking about to help her since I didn't knew enough...but thank you for informing me more on it. Always good to learn something new!

    Well I weighed in yesterday & I lost another lb. That's a 9lb loss in total! Down to 154 now. If i keep that up each month I will be down to my target weight by mid February! Last week I strayed from my diet & workout though & that didn't help, but I'm back on track now.

    Anyway, keep us updated on your progress. I'll check back later. I'm on here most days since my closest relative is over an hr away & I just moved to the mid-west & haven't made friends yet & my husband is an OTR driver (over the road). So, this is my support group. Oh & my daughters of course! They work out with's so cute considering my oldest is 3 & my youngest is about to be 1.
    justmejust replied to RoseLynn02's response:
    Hi RoseLynn02, you've been so kind. I am also in the midwest. I hope you like your new city.

    I haven't heard another response from the fatigued hypothyroid poster. I do hope she is getting the medical care and hormone replacement. Without the replacement, I would not be alive today, nor would any other average hypothyroid person.

    Without our thyroid hormone our body cells would not work, we would go into coma and die. Does not happen anymore because of the medicine hormone replacement.

    RoseLynn02 replied to justmejust's response:
    Sounds horrifying. I don't have anything that could kill me...that I know of....I have arthritis & that makes it hard to get through basic things sometimes let alone working out, but I manage.

    I like the city I live in now. It's a lot different from where I'm from (Las Vegas,NV), but it's nice. I'm happier here that's for sure. I have some trouble making friends though. They are very clicky here & if you're not already in their groups they're not to quick to let you in & to top it off no one seems to want to risk being friends with the girl from Vegas or let their kids be around the girl from Vegas & so my kids suffer sometimes because of it. THey don't even get to know me before they start to judge, but that's ok. I can cope. My kids will have a better chance at a good education & a better life here than they would from Vegas, not to mention a longer life considering how it is there now. But thank you...

    You have been kind too. I like coming to this site. It's been very helpful to me & I have been staying on track in part because of it. Just did my weigh in on Tuesday & I lost another lb. Down to 154lbs now. 9 lb weight loss in total since I started. I strayed from my diet & work out last week though, so I probably would have done better had I stayed on track, but something is better than nothing & I'm back on track now.

    How are you doing?
    blue6433 replied to RoseLynn02's response:
    Hello all,
    I am new to this "blog" stuff, but very familiar with worrying about my weight. As a younger woman, I could maintain my weight much easier than after "surgical" menopause (total hysterectomy w/oopherectomy 5 years ago). I am 5'5" and weigh in at 230...NEED to lose some weight!! I would be fantastic if I could lose 50 lbs.

    I would like to find someone that I could blog with say 2 to 3 times per week and compare our progress and give each other ideas.

    Let me know if any one of you would be interested...????

    Thanks and good luck to you!
    RoseLynn02 replied to blue6433's response:
    I'm on here most days & would be happy to blog with you, but if you want something like that you need to make your own post. Congrats on making the 1st step to loosing weight. I'm glad you made that decision. Good Luck.
    btwinkles607 responded:
    I love to hear that! Your weight loss motivates me!! thanks for sharing your journey.

    I was listening to Charles Swindoll's audio book where he explains that he never heard of a habit that just laid down and died just because you didn't want to do it anymore.

    After all, every day that you get up practicing this habit, you've been getting better at it. In the same way, developing good eating habits take time. And every day, as you explained above, that you practice good eating habits, you do get better at it.

    After hearing that, I said "WOW" THAT is the answer. I am on my third day of doing the switcheroo on my brain and switching something healthy for something unhealthy and it feels great. My goal is to lose fifty pounds but more importantly this time, my goal is more to eat healthy every day- not to lose weight (although that will occur) but to be healthy.
    autumnsusu responded:
    Laura- your honesty has been comforting- I;m starting soon where you did last year- from getting off the couch to walking, and I will probbly only be able to do 5 mins- it helps to know someone else has been successful starting at zero! thanks!
    grgram replied to btwinkles607's response:
    I want to respond to what you said about habits. I lost 106 lbs. in 02 and 03 (it took 15 months). I remember that it took me over a year to break the habit of turning every errand or trip to the store or drugstore or whatever into an opportunity to get something to eat. I was in the habit of picking up something to eat each and every time I was out in the car. I finally realized one day that those thoughts were finally out of my head, Another bad habit I had was continuing to eat all through the evening after dinner. Back in 02 when I started eating right and losing weight, I vowed to never eat a single thing after dinner, not even a grape and it finally took hold and isn't a problem anymore. Bad habits die hard but when we stop practicing them they eventually die. THE HABITS THAT LIVE ARE THE ONES WE FEED!!! I never eat anything after dinner and I absolutely will not allow myself to turn a trip in the car into an eating frenzy. Good luck on your switcheroo. Keep at it and it will happen.
    btwinkles607 replied to grgram's response:
    I find your post very encouraging- thank you so much for your response- that is actually a battle that I'm fighting now- not eating after dinner. daytime- i have under control now. but it seems like when i get home at night, I get around my children and as I give them something, I tend to take twice as much for myself. Well I will try making a vow and see if that clicks but it has been very hard so far. out of the past few months since my post I may have succeeded maybe five nights of not being naughty in the evening. Your response has encouraged me to give an another go at it. I have 50 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight and so far it's been a struggle. I have not gone up but i'm not going down either. My doctor is and has been nudging me to exercise. But I'm a big believer of You are what you eat so I work at my eating a lot more than I do at exercising. Hopefully I get all the oars rowing at the same time soon.
    airius replied to btwinkles607's response:
    Exrecise is important. It gives that extra boost to your dieting and it will balance out your mess ups with eating(we all mess up occasionally, so don't worry too much about it). You do well with your night eating most nights of the week so that is great. I have a 8 and 4 year old and getting them to eat healthier is a pain sometimes. Only thing I can suggest for that is to just keep plodding on with them. If they start off eating healthy, they are more likely to retain it. You might also consider a reward system for yourself. One where if you accomplish one thing, you get to have a small portion of what you consider "restricted" on your diet. Something like if you lose one pound this week, you can have a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger. It's all about moderation and not torture. LOL!

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