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    Weight and emotional buddy
    Daniii posted:
    Hi, Im not so new least not new on the dieting area..Im a girl, 5´4 and currently weighing 150 pounds...

    I have been on a diet since 3 weeks now! Im super happy! Each day I feel more confident...I started with 160 pounds (worst weight of my life 190 pounds), now Im at 150...My first goal is going for 130 pounds, later on Ill see...

    Weight has been a constant struggle throughtout my life...Although I have never been obese on the Doctors point of view, always been overweight...But I think that it affects me as much as it does for a person that weighs 250-300 pounds..As I could see through some blogs, they have such normal lives, relationships, everything! In my case I think its definetely more a matter of self steem than any other thing...

    I am just so tired of trying and trying, accomplishing certain loss, but then gain it back! I think I have hit rock bottom, seeing that my life has not changed, that somehow I continue to be the same shy person I was 15 years ago when I first started gaining weight!

    I have postponed so many things because somewhere in my mind I feel that either I dont deserve them or just that Im not willing to take the risk and be dissapointed....

    As I told you in the beginning, Im very encouraged this time! But the thing is that sometimes I would just like to see the results right away! Haha...kind of frustating! So I need to remind myself that it took so long for me to be this it will take possibly quite as long to have a comfortable and healthy weight...Perhaps some people feel comfortable with 140 other with 115...It all comes down to your amount of body fat, muscle and all of that...But at the end it is all about selflove and perception...

    More than anything what I am looking for is someone that could be a weighting loss buddy as well as an emotional buddy...I am not willing to share my problems with my family or friends because I am so ashamed of what my life is right now...So if anyone is interested please answer this!
    An_241270 responded:
    Dani, I posted awhile ago and I might be in your same boat. I weight 186 pounds right now, but I never used to be overweight. More of a last 4 years development. And it's really stressful. I've been going to the gym and/or workout classes for the past 3 weeks, but I've only lost 2.5 since I've started. It's not like I can't run, or don't know how to work out... it's just that it takes my body awhile to lose weight.

    I have also started eating healthier and counting my calories. Which is super annoying, but hopefully a fool proof way to lose weight. I do well most of the times, but then there are some days where I just can't stand it and have to eat a little more over my intake.

    I feel pretty emotionally drained. I am a very strong person, but I kind of let this eat away at me. I would be willing to empathize with you, or push you to work harder, or whatever you want, really, if you help push me back. Let me know
    Daniii replied to An_241270's response:
    Hello Giana! Nice meeting you!

    Okay, i will have to explain that this weekend has been a little bit difficult for me...yesterday was my 3rd week on my diet...
    Im completely an emotional eater, and although all these weeks I have behaved super, yesterday night I ate a lot! I love carbs, so that was basically what I did , hahaha....I was feeling kind of lonely, and just realized that the guy I liked from work is married.. Not that anything happened, but for some reason I thought that I would have a chance with him, hahaha...Anyway, I wasnt feeling great! So today I felt so guilty that I only ate 2 slices of bread on all day (no more carbs!)...

    Ok, Im not sure how much you are eating, but since I had made a lot of diets throughout my life, saw a couple of nutricionists, I moreless know about them...So if you have any doubts, I will happily help you (plus Im actually a GP haha)...

    From the tools on WebMd I can eat 1,200 cals per day, and thats what Im eating and just started seeing some results..
    The perfect combination for me is a good diet and cardio exercise...In theory weight lifting is also great, because then you produce muscle (you want everything tight after you lose all the weight) and that muscle burns more calories than fat....

    I will write you down what I eat in a regular day:

    Before work: 1 small banana

    Breakfast at work: Fruit (like 1 cup of anything or a bit more)
    1 slice of whole wheat bread Cottage cheese

    Lunch: 1 can of tuna (water, not oil) cooked with garlic and tomatoe, delicious! with a 6 inch baguette or 6 crackers....
    Some vegetables (steamed, boiled or in a soup)

    Before dinner: Any fruit or some low cal cheese

    Dinner: 1 big apple with greek yogurt and 6 almonds...

    And so thats my day,...what do you think?
    An_241270 replied to Daniii's response:
    I think that's really great. I understand the emotional eating. I think I'm a pretty emotionally stable person but sometimes I just get a little out of it. If I'm upset my weakness is gummy bears.. which is ridiculous because I'm 22 yrs old, and shouldn't be eating food that child eats... but it's kind of my thing when I get upset. Thanks for letting me know what you ate.. I ate REALLY bad today. I mean not a lot of calories but bad food. I woke up and skipped breakfast.. which I normally don't do. Then I got hungry while at class and ate some twizzlers. I later had some sno peas and for dinner I am planning on making chicken with grilled veggies. I am normally much more regular than that though.

    I get what you mean about feeling guilty, because I do the same thing (as you can see). I think the thing that I need to remember is to not let it spill into the next day. Because if I punish myself too harshly, I will burn myself out... and that's the last thing I want to do. PS sorry about the guy being married.. all of the good ones are taken, right? ha.

    I am impressed with myself because I have worked out almost everyday. I talked to my mother, who is also a GP (small world), and she told me that I should be writing down what I eat and that I need to workout a lot, but to take a break now and then. So, I took a break yesterday.. and now today I end up feeling really terrible for taking a break. It's this terrible cycle. I went to the dr. today for an annual checkup and the scale said that I lost 2 additional lbs, which makes for 4.5 total.

    I really liked your idea for lunch. For eating in general I try to eat a TON of veggies. I want to make sure I'm getting protein and carbs too, but if I'm hungry I'll snack on veggies and fruits which helps fill me up.

    Hope that helps. This should help me be more accountable for my own actions.. Giana
    Daniii replied to An_241270's response:
    Hi, I didnt know you were young! Im 26 yo, so much around the same age...

    Hey, Im reading a book I saw recomended at a great weight loss blog, it is an explanation for how food attracts us so much, im just starting it, but if you would like me to, I can send the pdf file to your mail...Just post it around here...

    I think it will make me see that the reason for an inanimated object such as food has such a great control over me!

    I having been behaving very well this week, but today I decided that it has to stop, that I have not made such a great effort and then just throw everything away...I have a lot of pressure in my mind regarding the months that it will take for me to lose the weight...But then I thought, dont worry about tomorrow, just about today...SO TODAY, at least TODAY, Im doing my diet perfectly!

    Daniii replied to Daniii's response:
    hehe I meant I have NOT behaved well this week!
    gknovo replied to Daniii's response:
    my e-mail is and you can send me the pdf file. It would be great to read. I ate really poorly all weekend... because of Thanksgiving (which shouldn't be an excuse). So today I weight myself and I gained back 1lb. I just don't see how that is possible considering I work out really well everyday. I can also tell that I'm starting to tighten up.. so I'm going to account my 1 lb increase to muscle and eating poorly. I just want so badly to lose it all.

    Yesterday at Jazzercise I noticed that the steps were easier for me to do. I mean I was still sweating and panting, but it wasn't quite as hard as it normally is.

    Keep up the good work on your diet! I'm going to do well this week, I can just feel it! Giana

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