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    Newbie - needs support
    Sk8trmom posted:
    I think I posted this in the wrong community previously so I've posted it again here.

    I am a 41 year old mother of one and recently retired. All of my life I have constantly struggled with my weight. My husband accepts me for who I am but I think that also enables me to continue gaining the weight. I am 5'5" and weigh 200 lbs. This is what I weighed when I was pregnant 17 years ago. My goal weight is 150 lbs. I am an emotional eater and definitely crave carbs. Since I've retired last March I have gained even more weight. I have the time now to exercise and eat healthy but I also have the time to snack more. Sometimes I just need someone to talk to. I've been to a nutritionist so I know what I'm supposed to do. I've tried exercising but everything time I try something new my body hurts.

    If anyone would like to struggle through this journey with me or give me some tips to succeed I would really appreciate it.
    RoseLynn02 responded:
    Hello I responded to you other post, same as this one but in another community, anyway I just wanted to check in on you & see how your progressing. Did you ever speak to your husband by chance? I do hope he has been supporting you more in this. No more DWTS, so no more Buttered popcorn? Let us know how thing are going ok?
    redeemed4life responded:
    Hi Sk8trmom,
    How ironic it is that you and I are both the same height and weight and we are both in our 40's! I'm 45. Let's do this together and hold each other accountable. I am newly divorced and while married my husband was the same way as yours. He loved me the way I was and you are right,,,, it does enable us to continue our unhealthy eating habits. I tend to love chocolate! I skip meals because I don't have time to eat and then when I get hungry, I am starved.
    xoxo525 replied to redeemed4life's response:
    Hi~~ I am new here..I'm 31 and am trying to lose 25 pounds ~~ I want to feel beautiful on my wedding day in May!! However, I feel disgusting and my fiance ( like your husbands) loves me the way I am. I also have 2 daughters ~~ so when I diet, I diet alone, and it's very difficult. As dumb as it sounds, I've been putting off wedding dress shopping because I feel so gross! Any suggestions??
    beccastokes replied to xoxo525's response:
    to xoxo525:

    We have very similar situations. I'm 31 and have 25 lbs till goal weight. I'm 5'3 and started at 176, goal is 125. Today I dropped into the 140's (party inside!!). My fiance is very thin and can eat like a horse (and often does, LOL) so the two years we've been living together helped me pack on the pounds. I finally decided about two months ago that it was OK to not eat what my fiance and my 10 yr old daughter eat for dinner. This sounds silly but was such a major turnaround for me. I grew up in a chaotic and mostly dysfunctional family so I held firmly to the believe that "families eat together" as if that was some magic bullet for everyone's utter happiness. The problem is, I'm unhappy getting fatter! I decided the easiest thing to do was control what I ate at the two meals not shared with my family and that would leave a little "wiggle" room at night to eat with them. I still found that I would overeat just because it was there. The last two weeks I dropped my carbs pretty low and have found amazing results... even though I'm doing it alone. I fix myself something similar to what they're having which really doesn't take that much longer; and besides, isn't a few extra minutes a night prepping dinner worth the extra YEARS living a healthy lifestyle will add to your life? I celebrated dropping to 149 all the way to work this morning, because if I said that out loud at home I'd hear "oh honey stop now, you look great you don't need to lose any more". But I'm on my journey to my best body and I'm the driver. You can do this. I believe in you. May is still so long from now and if you have to have your wedding dress tailored three times before your big day, AWESOME. What has worked for me is making mini goals. I didn't say to myself "I want [need> to lose 50 lbs" I said "I want to lose 5 lbs" and then I didn't give myself a time frame to do that. I've just been doing that over and over and I feel like I'm progressing and happier to work out now that I'm looking better... at least in public.
    Tomato05 replied to beccastokes's response:
    Congratulations on your progress; especially during this time of festivities. It's great that you have taken concrete steps to change your eating pattern. Keep going!

    It must be a little tempting though to cook for the other 2 family members and not eating the food they can eat?
    morganpierce replied to xoxo525's response:
    I can relate to you in that it's hard to diet alone... I lost 80 pounds over about 2 years ( I am a big eater, tend to eat big portions, and didn't exercise at first, so it took me a whole) but have gained almost 20 back once I moved in with my boyfriend and then had a medical procedure done...

    Anyway, one thing that helped me was making 2 or 3 big entrees every sunday and then freezing them in tupperware containers so that I could just put one in the microwave for lunch and dinner during the week. I don't even have kids and I mismanage my I can understand that might be hard for you.

    Also, I was involved in a wedding during my initial weight loss phase too.... i just ordered my bride's maid dress at my current weight and then had it taken in. You don't want to stress yourself out by waiting til the last minute to order your dress! And dresses are easy to take in then let out! Good luck.
    motivated71603 replied to xoxo525's response:
    Just go buy the shoes for now.

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