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    Trying to lose 30 pounds by march
    BriJohnson11 posted:
    Im 22 years old, has hypothyroidism and im determined to lose weight. Growing up i've have always been really skinny 128 pounds before my oldest son and 145 after him, then when i got pregnant again thats when i found out about my hypothyroid disorder and have went from 145 to 195. Im 5'7 and now i want to lose 30 pounds and dont know where to start since i never had to before because i was skinny. Somebody please help me and let me know any good things i could do.
    shire_elf responded:
    First off, is your hypothyroidism being treated, the first thing you need to do if you haven't done it already is to get on medication to replace the missing hormones. These hormones help to regulate your metabolism. It might take a while for you and your doctor to find the right dosage.
    BriJohnson11 replied to shire_elf's response:
    No i haven't had anything done yet, i found out about a year ago and they have just been running test after test so now i should be put on medication and or surgery soon cause its so enlarged.
    shire_elf replied to BriJohnson11's response:
    I'm sorry to here that, hypothyroidism can really cause a lot of problems in the body, it can effect every system. I know that most people with untreated hypothyroidism feel very fatigued, which adds to the weight gain that goes with it.
    BriJohnson11 replied to shire_elf's response:
    yes im very very fatigued, gained 15 lbs in 2 weeks thats why im at 195, but i did lose two pounds over the weekend by using metabolife and changing my diet so hopefully when i start my medication i see a massive difference
    BriJohnson11 replied to Advocare101's response:
    what are you guys doing that has helped lose the weight?
    RoseLynn02 responded:
    I don't really want to recommend anything because I don't know what kind of dieting is safe for you considering your condition. I know hypothyroidism can severally affect your weight. If I were you (which obviously I'm not, but if I were) I would focus on getting the hypothyroidism under control 1st & then worry about the weight loss. Besides, considering you do have a medical condition that you are trying to get under control, I would talk to your dr. 1st before starting any diet/exercise/weight loss program...just to find out what is safe for you to do. Any time you're dealing with a medical condition you really should consult your dr before altering anything else you're going through or you could end up in the hospital with other issues. If you talk to your dr & let us know if you have any restrictions or recommendations from him/her then I would feel more comfortable in giving you tips that have helped me, but until then I wouldn't want to risk your health further by giving you tips that could inevitably hurt you. You know?...I'm glad you're working on getting your hypothyroidism under control. Good luck with that & please keep us updated.
    BriJohnson11 replied to RoseLynn02's response:
    ok thats understandable and thank you, i will keep everyone updated
    justmejust replied to BriJohnson11's response:
    Hi BriJohnson11, Roselynn02 invited me on my post to say hello. I also have hypothyroidism. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. If you have a fairly standard hypothyroid diagnosis you will find that it is not a serious disease. It will not shorten your life or affect the quality of your life once your treatment is under control.

    All we need is to build up the thyroid hormone in our bodies, and continue taking the tiny pill every morning an hour before breakfast. Sure, that's a little bit inconvenient. But consider it compared to other more serious diseases that destroy the quality of your life and shorten it.

    Before diagnosis was the worst time for me with the complete fatigue and weight gain, among other troublesome symptoms. After treatment my work has been to lose the weight through nutrition and regular exercise, both of which have taken awhile but now I am healthier every day once again.

    No other special dietary or exercise needs are required.

    How are you feeling today? Oh, your large thyroid size will decrease with treatment. It's enlarged because it is trying to make hormone but can't.
    BriJohnson11 replied to justmejust's response:
    sorry im just now responding, going through some stuff right now, but im very fatigued, have an appointment thursday at 2p cst so hopefully i get my prescription for my medication
    RoseLynn02 replied to BriJohnson11's response:
    Let us know how it goes. & thank you justmejust, I think the two of you going through similar things may make it easier for you guys to help one another. I just don't know much about hypothyroidism. I really hope that your fatigue goes away soon BriJohnson11, hopefully once you get on your script & get everything under control that will help it. Good Luck & keep us updated.
    BriJohnson11 replied to RoseLynn02's response:
    RoseLynn02 replied to RoseLynn02's response:
    Your welcome hun. Just remember to let us know how you're doing from time to time ok?
    BriJohnson11 responded:

    Hello everybody, sorry it's been so long but i finally got on my medication to control my hypothyroidism its only day 3 but i feel so much more energy, everyone even my doctor keeps telling me i should start to drop weight since i've always been skinny (no more then 130) im so excited and thanks for all the support !!!!!

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