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    Cami11e posted:
    Hi everyone. I am new to the 25 - 50 lbs. diet club. I am 49 years old and have 30 lbs. to lose. My current weight is 165 lbs. I exercise regularly with spin classes and weights, although I could add more weight training.

    I have been busy with a new house for 4 months and put my exercise and good eathing habits on the back burner. During this period of time, I managed to gain 20 lbs. and went to 175 lbs. I returned to the gym about a month ago and lost 10 of the 20 lbs I had gained. Before buying my new house, I still had 20 lbs to lose, so you can see my issue.

    My problem is not with exercise, but with eating. Someone once told me that eating is 60% of the equation to losing weight, whereas exercise is 40%. I need to keep that in mind.

    I know what I should be doing, so I need some accountability. I figured that I could get that here and share my experiences with others doing the same.

    Tomato05 responded:
    Good luck, Cami, It's good to hear you exercise regularly.

    I actually think diet plays a bigger role in the weight loss equation than 60%. In fact, I think since the early civilisations lots of people have lost weight even without any exercise.

    Exercise is essential though for health and wellbeing reasons, plus it gives you a nice shape. It burns calories, of course, but it is almost impossible to calculate exactly how many, unless you do it in a lab (too many factors play a role). It is therefore a guessing game.

    My approach is rather that one should eat below maintenance level (sensibly, though, say 500 cal below maintenance), and exercise as much as is reasonable possible.

    Anyway, that's all very technical. To simplify it, if you eat regular smallish meals and one or two small, controlled (and pre-planned) snacks, and exercise in moderation on most days, you should lose weight. If you don't, your body is telling you that you are eating enough to maintain the weight and you need to cut back. If you lose too fast (more than 2lb a week), you could increase your calories by 50 or 100 (in the form of healthy food of course, like veg or fruit or lean protein).
    marknanrog responded:
    I encourage you to use the tools provided here to help with eating. I keep track of what I eat and that has helped me see that what I used to think of as moderate eating still put me way over the amount of calories my body needs. I'm much more conscious of my choices now and have been loosing weight at the recommended rate.
    Sumbuny replied to marknanrog's response:
    I agree with you--the food and fitness planner has helped me more than I realized. I always knew that when I journaled my food I did better, but the "hassle" of writing it down always stopped me after a week. This tool has kept me going on week 2--it has so much info! One week my salt went up, and I couldn't figure out why, until I clicked on each entry and saw that one thing I ate out of the norm (it was at a celebration). Once I realized it was a "once in a while" thing, I realized that it was OK to do--"once in a while"! Otherwize I would have simply beat myself up.

    The tools also show me that everyday activies COUNT! Not that they should be the be all end all, but that being mindful of being active is a mindset. Now, during commercials, I tend to get up more and do things around the house in short spurts, instead of simply sit and watch the whole program. I don't mind (as much) if I can't get the parking spot closest to the door, etc. I log everything in--you would be surprised at how much you burn during everyday activity! Sure, I addthis to my workouts at the gym, but if walk/jog around the block each day allows me an extra treat at the end of the week....


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