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    desoto318 posted:
    I am into the program less than a week and I am constantly thinking about food and hungry. Never used to think so much about it, that is probably why I need to lose so much. Any suggestions?
    jis4judy responded:
    Hi Are you sure it is hunger and not craves for something you cut out ...? I had some really intense craves in the first few weeks ...
    Hugs Judy:)
    remember the gold isn't in the prize it is in the journey

    sw247 crrent weight maintaining 149ish
    jennie_white responded:
    don't leave yourself in hunger. you better have something in your mouth, and make your brain thing that you're eating something. but you can't just eat any food. try to eat some fruits or vegetable such as cherry tomatoes, raspberry, carrots, etc or some nuts. Some of dark chocolate wouldn't hurt your diet. see more tips at "Jennie's Diet-How"
    desoto318 replied to jis4judy's response:
    Thank you. I crave carbs like chips, crackers etc. Wish there was something to replace those that don't have lots of sodium and carbs.
    desoto318 replied to jennie_white's response:
    Thank you for taking the time to answer. Will try this.
    jis4judy replied to desoto318's response:
    Hi do you have an air popper for popcorn that is considered a whole grain and can help with the carb craves. air popped popcorn is what I used for my snacks ,,
    in place of chips etc .
    Hugs Judy:)
    remember the gold isn't in the prize it is in the journey

    sw247 crrent weight maintaining 149ish
    totallywiggedout responded:
    Hi desoto,
    If your cravings are carb-centric then like Judy said, try air popped popcorn. You can sprinkle any number of things like , grated parmesean cheese, chili powder, Mrs Dash(choose a flavor with these) , or like I do I spray with PAM butter flavored cooking spray as it falls out of the popper, and then sprinkle with Morton Lite salt and a pkt of stevia (this makes a sort of kettle corn flavor for me).
    Also, you could slice up a sweet potatoe thinly and place rounds on a PAM sprayed cookie sheet, spray tops then sprinkly lightly with lite salt, Bake at 425 deg for 5-6 min then turn over and bake till browned on both sides. These are good low cal/low fat snax or as a side dish for something like oven crisped chicken breast tenders.
    Ganman55 responded:
    Yes the first few weeks will be challenging as you change your eating behaviour. That's really what this is all about in my opinion.

    Try to read a lot of the great articles and tips found here on WebMD. Also, from my experience, those cravings to eat came on when I was idle (can be described as grazing behaviour). I found just doing something for a couple of minutes would help those feelings pass. Get up sweep the floor, clean something, arrange your books.

    Don't despair, after a couple of weeks you'll notice a change.

    I joke with my friends that this journey is like being "born again". But really, you have wake up everyday and reminder yourself of your goal ("pray"). Educate yourself with the words of the wise (WebMD will become your bible). Spread the word of the diet. Tell people you are dieting and tell them your goal.. this helps hold you accountable. You'll feel so proud when after 2 wks and then 2 months, people tell you "you look like you lost some weight! You'll then be able to share your knowledge with others and encourage them.

    Good luck!!!!
    desoto318 replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Thank you, I will try this.
    desoto318 replied to Ganman55's response:
    Thank you. It is hard to continually think about everything I might eat and how it will affect my goals. I appreciate you taking time to help.
    Sumbuny replied to desoto318's response:
    I am the same way--I tend to crave crunch in my food (when my trainer suggested protein drinks as a way to increase that element, I actually laughed at him *g*) I bite my nails, I grind my teeth at night, you get the idea.

    I keep sugar-free gum and hard candy on me when I absolutely feel the urge to give in--it keeps my mouth engaged. I also chedule something to eat every 3-4 hours or so, something with texture as well as taste, something with *crunch* to take care of that sensory need.

    Hope that helps get over the "bump in the road"!
    desoto318 replied to Sumbuny's response:
    Thanks Buny. I also grind my teeth at night . Chew lots of gum also. Still hungry once in a while, but after almost 3 weeks getting a better handle on it. Have lost 8 lbs. which makes me very happy. Appreciate the support. Thanks again.
    desoto318 replied to Ganman55's response:
    Thanks so much for your ideas.

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