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    52 and ashamed
    heycher06 posted:
    I have been up and down in weight all my life. I kept the weight off for 10 yrs. I was laid off (company moved south), my father passed away,I am taking care of my mother, I am broke, my fiance' is telling me to leave and I have gained so much weight. I have to get my life together. Any suggestions? I need a diet that does not cost much. Thanks.
    totallywiggedout responded:
    Hi Heycher, Welcome!
    First off, , TO HELL WITH BEING ASHAMED! You are trying your best to be a good person. You've been through and are going through a rough period. Crap happens in life that is way outside of our control and the very LEAST you can do for yourself is NOT try and make yourself feel bad for things that you have NO CONTROL over.
    There, that was the tough love part, whew.... that wasn't so bad was it?
    Now, I advise all newcomers to start a food and fitness planner either here on webmd or Both are FREE tools and are pretty essential to getting a handle on how many calories you are consuming every day, to find out where you can and should make changes.
    SMALL STEPS. Every little healthier choice you make, be it cutting down on daily sweets or fatty ,salty snacks, makes a difference in the overall picture.
    If you have coffee or tea with sugar, try stevia. If you like cream, try using less or none. Right there, with 2 cups of coffee a day, you've saved approx 70 calories
    Try to drink the recommended 64 oz of water a day. It's best to find a 32 oz bottle, that way, you only have to drink 2!!! Sounds funny, but anything that fools your mind into thinking you have to do less to get MORE advantage, do it.
    More tricks to fool your brain.
    Use salad plates instead of big dinner plates.
    Eat what you want, but STAY within SINGLE SERVING sizes. Meat is a deck of cards, potatoes and rice and pasta, a tennis ball.... etc.
    Get some toddler bowls and cups, these are usually 1 cup size and perfect for fooling your brain with full cups and bowls
    READ labels, whatever you like, find a healthier, lower calorie, fat and sodium alternative.
    Cook from scratch. Using raw fresh veggies and raw meats. This is the ONLY way to know exactly what is in the food you eat.
    Instead of using bread for sandwiches, try rolling your sandwich stuff into Romaine leaves. Use bagged baby spinach instead of lettuce for salads and sandwiches because it's got more fiber and nutrients.
    Eat to feed your body, not your cravings.
    itsashayduh responded:
    It is not about a "diet". It is honestly about eating the correct sizes and foods.
    You can go to the store and by a candy bar for a buck, or you can go by a couple apples for the same price.
    Eating healthy does not have to be expensive.
    johnbull responded:
    You should not be ashamed of anything! What you require now is to quietly get yourself together. Plan your diet, but while doing that, remember that no particular food material is considered poisonous. Each food material performs some good functions in the body; that is why it is called food. What is required is to take each food material with moderation. In addition, make sure you perform some form of exercise everyday. I am sure all these combined would help you immensely in managing your weight and bringing you out of the overweight/obesity class.
    Good luck!
    me132 responded:
    I agree with what the others are saying. I have tried several diets, including WeightWatchers, but I am now using WebMD's food & Fitness planner, and I am loving it! It is free and quite user friendly. It works for me because I know that I must keep record of what I eat. Otherwise, it gets away from me )). Plus, it is based on counting calories, so you can use the nutrition labels. It was kind of cumbersome for me to convert all the info into points when I was doing WeightWatchers. To that, I add exercise. I am absolutely in love with Classical Stretch-The Esmonde technique. I catch my 23-minute workout every morning on our local PBS channel. Check your channels, you might have that, too! It starts at 5:30 AM. At first, I didn't think I could make it--I was NOT an early bird, trust me! But I love this workout so much that I know gwt up and do it and feel terrific the rest of the day. I hope my 2 cents will help you!
    brunosbud responded:
    Funny, I have a "diet" that no one can afford...

    ...cuz, I'm so grateful and blessed.

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