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    seeking help to lose lbs..
    maejean posted:
    hi I am new here.. i'm disperate and need help. I am 5'1 and weigh almost 160 or maybe already. I stop weighing myself because it discourage me. I had 3 cesarean and I gained my weight since my first one and never return to normal weight. its hard for me to control my eating because im cooking constantly for family and I tend to eat with them. I just had my hysterectomy surgery 6 wks ago and gained another 10 lbs while recovering. i'm still not working as of now because it involves heavy lifting and I don't think I manage it as of yet. I need guidance please on how to start on loosing this lbs...I am to the point of seeing phsychiatrist because of stress and depress among other things in my situation..please help me...thanks for taking time to read this...
    dmlmfl07 responded:
    This is just my personal experience... I went from 191 lbs to 145 lbs in just 3 months. The only thing is that you have to be VERY strong, and stick to it EXACTLY. This is what you do: For three days you eat two eggs, (anyway you like) for breakfast, and (as much as you like) of grilled chicken salad with a light dressing for lunch and dinner. Then you will go to 4 vegetables-2 cooked and 2 raw, 2 proteins, and 3 fruits a day! These are not all you can eat they are measured- for example 9 cherries is a serving. 7oz is a serving of protein-you can only eat beef and tunafish 2x in a 7 day week and beef can only be 5oz. you are able to have 1 fat a day (butter, mayo, etc) and two servings of carbs (crackers, bread, brown rice, small potato) last two only 3x a week. You will need to take a multi-vitamin every day and drink 80 ozs of water. I personally walked 45 min a day, but it is NOT necessary
    loseit007 replied to dmlmfl07's response:
    Hi I am new to this site
    How did you do it. I am trying to lose 45 pounds.
    I congratulate you on such a wonderful accomplishment
    mareebth replied to dmlmfl07's response:
    hi dmlmfl07
    I am going to give this a try.
    I will post how it works out for me,
    thank you so much for posting it. It does not seem like it is very hard to follow, I would also like to lose about 40 - 50 lbs. ...I would like to start this tomorrow, and i will, it says you can have your eggs anyway you want them. I like them scrambled , I dont think you can add milk to them ????
    Once again I will let you know how it goes for me, kinda excited about trying it. as I have tried so many weightloss programs, and I need to get this weight off .
    Once again , thank you so much for posting it. ..
    wwwcheers2anewucom responded:
    check out my website
    we have all types of products that may fit your needs....

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