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    The American "Way"
    brunosbud posted:
    Question: In America, when you need to lose weight, what's the first thing to come to mind?
    Answer: Diet and Exercise.

    The problem with this solution is it adds more "steps". Adding more steps to a daily schedule that's already "chock-full" of steps is neither pleasant nor fun. Like, we have all this spare time on our hands to spend at the gym or cook in the kitchen? Like we have all this extra money to burn on supplements, diet pills, exercise equipment, running shoes, gym memberships, etc? We're brainwashed into thinking, weight loss is "easy". Weight loss is attainable. Weight loss is affordable. The American Weight Loss Process is designed to fail! It's designed to take your money, again...and again...and again. And, the money-making beauty of this sham is we blame ourselves for being lazy and lacking "motivation".

    So, if this process is dysfunctional, what's a functional way to go about weight loss.

    The key is to subtract steps, not add (, stupid!). The key is to reduce stress, not increase it (, stupid!). The key is to relax, more, not less. The key is to appreciate what you do have and worry less about what you don't have. The key is to focus finding tiny, infinitesimal ways to squeeze more free time in our day. The key is to say, "No", instead of, "Yes"

    Americans don't value "free time". That's why no one has any (, stupid). And, without free time, changing your lifestyle for the better is next to impossible. American moms are "blimps" because working, raising kids and keeping everyone safe, fed and moving "according to plan" is an obscenely vicious grind. Hey, here's a shocker: Having more kids doesn't always make our lives better! Note: Remember Maria Kang, Facebook Fit Mom, "What's your excuse?" How she moved because she was getting death threats?

    Egyptians, Serbians, Japanese have different bodies (from Americans) because they have different lifestyles. They have different lifestyles because they have different priorities. They have different priorities because their exposed to different propaganda. Regardless of the validity of this premise, people from these countries have more "free time". Or, a slightly better interpretation: They make healthy diet and daily exercise an essential priority, not a luxury.

    Americans can become "foreigners" in their own country in a heartbeat. It's a state of mind (, stupid!). You just have to stop treating yourself like dog doo and make your health (and your children's health) top priority. This is the simplest and most direct way of serving America and honoring this incredible country.

    Instead of worrying about which "candidate" will make our lives better, elect, instead, the person in the mirror. It isn't hard. You just have to change your lifestyle. Good luck!
    lissmeanstrouble responded:
    I like your ideas, though Im not sure how to follow them
    brunosbud replied to lissmeanstrouble's response:
    Literally everything that comes in contact with your body effects your health. So, tell me...Do you know what "make-up" does to your body? How about sunscreen? Tampons? Toothpaste? Hair coloring? Pantyhose? Bathroom Cleanser? Lysol? Detergent?

    How do you know what effects these products have on your body, long term? So, you "trust" they're safe, is that it?

    Did you know that the makers of Tylenol came out with a warning this year limiting dosage due to potential kidney and liver damage?

    This product was developed by McNeil Labs. Do you know when?


    ...So, how do you know, every time you dosed yourself with Tylenol whenever you had a headache or your period, how do you know it wasn't accumulating in tiny incremental amounts in your body creating an autoimmune condition preventing you from absorbing key nutrients in food that were essential for proper fat removal by the liver and kidneys? How would you know? How could you know?...

    It may take a lifetime of clinical data to find this out! So, what if they determine 10 years from now that Midol or Tylenol just isn't safe for human consumption because of the long term effects it has on vital organ function, so, what are they going to say..."Hey...Sorry."

    What are you gonna do? Sue?

    When your doctor tells you, you need to think about your health; you need to be more "healthy". You need to take better care of yourself. Do you want to know what he really means?

    He's saying, "THINK!!!!" Don't just trust! Be careful, be thoughtful, be ever vigilant about your safety!

    Your weight reflects your body's ability to remove toxic metabolic wastes including excessive stores of fat. Get healthy and your body will, automatically, begin to remove bodyfat. Get muscles and your body will automatically lower blood sugar which get converted to fat by the liver. Performing exercise and getting fit contributes mightily towards good health.

    I can't tell you what to do because I don't know what comes in contact with your body on a daily basis. All I can say is, if you are overweight, you are not healthy, enough.

    Have you noticed I haven't mentioned one word about "DIET"?

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