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    5 Easy Recommendations
    20lbs posted:
    I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks by making small changes in my diet and knowing I will have to continually make them a habit to keep it off. FORGIVE yourself for your weight. Your weight does not define you. In order to lose the weight you need to see results (obviously) and the changes need to be manageable for life. We are not perfect but I can tell you to lose weight and keep it off, you need to be consistent. Feed your body nutritious foods and drink more water; you will immediately feel better!! Be patient.

    1. WATER!!!! Drink a glass every hour. Your body needs fluids for all its bodily processes including fat metabolism. Most people are chronically dehydrated and bloated because their body stores all the water it has. Frequent urination for the first week is frustrating, but once your body is properly hydrated, you wont need to run to the bathroom so often. *Remember though it is dangerous to drink too much at one time. The key is to drink about 12 oz hour.
    2. Eat an apple a day. I know it sounds cliche but I have a whole new appreciation for the food. It is the easiest snack or when I am craving something sweet for an after dinner treat. (sometimes I slice it up, spinkle it with cinnamon and microwave it for a minute). Always have them stocked!! They stabilize your blood sugar and will give you plenty of good vitamins.
    3. Eliminate all calorie drinks AND diet sodas. Don't make this tough on yourself, just do it. You will be amazed how much better your body feels without the sugary drinks. The calories just are not worth it. Diet sodas have chemicals that trigger the brain to have sugar cravings.
    4. Drink only plain tea (find some fun flavors you like, green tea has plenty of antioxidants), water, black coffee (find a flavor you like) and almond milk (found at all grocery stores (ask for it). I am not lactose intolerant but milk is made for baby cows, hmmm, to make them grow. Do some research on your own. There is much more vitamins in almond milk then cow milk, including heart healthy fats. I do eat some dairy, including greek yogurt and feta cheese, just not too much.Don't freak out about calcium, there are plenty of sources of it in our diet besides cow milk including: greef leafy veggies, walnuts, almonds, salmon.
    5. Buy some 5-10 pound dumbbell weights. Walmart or target has some that are affordable. Put them in front of the TV or on your bathroom counter. I do reps randomly throughout the day. Slow punches, lifts above your head, squats and anything else. Just slow movements. 1 pound of muscle requires about 50 calories a day. Excessive exercise is not necessary. Your eating habits are far more important for weight loss.
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    ltlenginethatcud responded:
    It's really great to hear from someone who is actually taking practical steps to weight loss...Kudos to you!

    My question to you is are you also counting calories while cutting back? 10 pounds in 2 weeks is awesome, but what was your calorie/exercise routine like? Did you take vitamins or supplements too?

    trinijay responded:
    My problem was always finding time to excercise, but now thinking about it, when i'm watching TV, that's a perfect opportunity to DO SOMETHING instead of just sitting there. Thanks for getting me thinking!!!.

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    5 Easy Recommendations
    I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks by making small changes in my diet and knowing I will have to continually make them a habit to keep it ... More
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