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    I'm here because of Totally Wigged Out
    ausgram posted:
    23 hours ago
    This is what she typed:

    TotallyWiggedOut replied to AusGram 's response: Ok, Aus, what's up with this??
    7 months ago, you started out tracking on Have you been religious about the logging? and did you up your daily exercise as recommended?
    You have gained a plus10 so now you need to lose approx 50. It's not a rule but maybe it was for you, please come to the 50-100 weightloss comm site. ----------------Since she wanted me to come here, I'm here. I loved how she got all over me. But I don't think it will help. I'm hopeless. To answer her questions, if she sees this post, No, I haven't been religiously logging in and posting on I love that site, but I just can't seem to make myself get on it every day. And yes, I did up my daily exercise. From 10 mins to 20 mins to 30. I do 30 mins now, but not every day. Thats another thing I can't get myself to do every day. Errrr!And yes, Totally Wigged Out, it was a rule to lose 40, now 50, I'm really over more then that, but thought if I could get that much off I would feel better. *sigh* I'll get on now. PS - if anyone reads this, Hi
    mefirstforever responded:
    Welcome Aus,

    Yes I love it, Kim has a way with words and can kick us in the but if needed. But it is all in good humor.

    So here goes log log log your food, and specially if you have not weight your food yet it could be a good idea. You would be surprise at the calories we add by not checking quantities.

    So a warm welcome to you hope to read more about your journey
    Helene GW 140 CW 201 SW 224
    Every day is a gift do your best, be kind especially to yourself and smile.
    jis4judy responded:
    Hi Ausgram
    welcome aboard yes I know how that feels to be gaining when you think you should be loseing.. staying away from "trigger" foods and proccessed foods help a lot in eating healthier. and the healthier you eat with proper portions the better you will feel and wonderful that you increased exercise don;t worry too much do it gradually like you are doing just keep at it because the exercise is key to maintaining ... realy looking inward at our eating habits helps a lot to understand why we gain weight if we don't know why it is hard to fix.
    I am a self confessed foodie I like all foods salty sweet the whole range and if I could use fitday and get it under control I am sure you can with our support . the thing is you have to decide do I want that food item or do I want to be healthy and thinner , every time we make that decision we chose to be healthy or not think about it .
    Hugs Judy:)
    SW 247 CW 149ish maintaining

    Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
    life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

    blondie454u responded:
    Kim has some great advice and she isn't shy! She tells it like it is! Welcome aboard.
    Amber CW 135 maintaining, SW 250. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of a mental illness.
    maybembt responded:
    Welcome AusGram. You will really like this community. They have lots of tips and encouragement to share. Stay here and you should get a better handle on your lifestyle mistakes and you should see the pounds melt away.
    Marybeth 228-198-150

    I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.
    NOW CHOOSE LIFE (Deut 30:19)
    totallywiggedout responded:
    ohhhhhhh groannnnnnn.... LOL man, I feel like a total GRINCH !!! XP Yep, I poked you in the butt, because in your post, you sounded like you were getting disgusted with your journey and I would just hate to lose you before you even give yourself a chance to see what you can do... honeyyyyy YOU CAN FLY!
    But, truly, somebody save the populace from lil ole me today, PLEASE!! It wasn't just Aus here, I preached better health and healthy eating to a woman at the grocery store too... I have NO idea what's gotten into me these last couple of days but I'm going out of my way to get people HEALTHY!!! lol
    Aus, as for your "rule" I meant that the 50-100 comm doesn't have a Rule that you have to Have to lose that much to be here. We love to have anyone who wants to get and stay healthy however much they want to lose. It doesn't matter to us if it's 3lbs or 300 because we will tell you the same thing...
    Don't try to do everything all at once, you will feel overwhelmed and quit,
    Log, drink water, exercise, choose better/healthier foods, think of yourself as worth the effort, then.... do it again the next day, because it's not a diet, it's your life. and , you can't fail or quit at "life".
    When I started, I knew that if I had to watch my food intake and revamp my recipes PLUS exercise more, I'd quit... There was no question in my mind that I wanted and needed to reconstruct my eating habits first, in order to succeed.
    As I started eating better, I started to feel better. About 3 weeks into my journey, I finally decided to start walking. I started doing the town walking path, it's a mile. That first couple of weeks, I just walked it. No pressure, just every day in the morning, I walked.
    Then I started noticing that it wasn't as hard as it was at first, so I started timing the mile. I have arthritis, a rebuilt hip that needs replacing, back probs, lol, I'm a wreck. I timed in at first at approx 40 min. (making my walk actually a stroll, lol).
    Then I took a stopwatch with me. Every week I decreased the time by a min or so. It still takes me 24 min to do that mile, but now, I stop at the 3 different gazebos overlooking the marsh and do 20 standing pushups off the handrail at each one, on top of that mile. So now , in 24 min , I'm doing the mile plus 60 "wall pushups".
    I log food and fitness here, because, well, I'm here A LOT, lol. This is home to me, so it's just more convenient.
    I'll be the first to tell you that it's not easy and sometimes it's not fun to journey, but it is what you make of it.
    It can be a real blast too. Like when your underwear finally get so big and baggy that you break down and go buy some, then have to skip 4 or 5 sizes down because, yes, it's been THAT LONG since you bought anything that really fit.
    Or the size 5 jeans some of the girls just got into... That's after a success of over 100 lb loss, mind you. I'm not there yet, but I'm going to get there. Not the size 5, I can't even imagine that, cause my hips sort of funky shaped, but , I am gonna get to the 100 mark that's my goal for this year.
    Goals are nice to have, but don't forget that you can't win the war without winning some small battles. Mini goals are necessary tools to keep us focused. And don't forget to reward yourself for reaching even the mini goals... new nail polish, or a manacure, a 30 min massage, whatever ... just for you, just for YOUR success.
    I'm glad you are here. We can help get that new 10 off and then we will start really having fun
    Kim SW 252 CW 183.2 GW 135

    If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

    If you are going through Hell,keep going.-- Winston Churchill

    abnersmom responded:
    Welcome Aus! Yes, Kim is one of our best cheerleaders, but even better, she doesn't pull punches when she thinks we need a kick in the butt. Glad you have joined us. Congrats on the exercise part. Making myself exercise is the toughest part of this journey for me. I've learned so much here and continue to do so. This journey to better health is tough, but sharing it here has made all the difference to me. Check in often and share your victories and slips.
    Debbie SW 265 CW 150 maintaining - You are imperfect, permanentlyand inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful. - Amy Bloom
    ausgram replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Ok, I read everyones post. Thank you for the encouragment. I posted breakfast yesterday on Sheesh. I will try and do better today. So far, I've only had 2 cups of coffee and aan orange. Getting ready to do my 30 mins on my treadmill. Again, thank you everyone for the welcome and TotallyWiggedout, I enjoyed your post, it really helped, sorta. ha ha. I hope I think about it during the eating part of my day.
    totallywiggedout replied to ausgram's response:
    Posting your intake is a real eye opener isn't it?? lol Like, "OMG! I ate THAT MUCH??!" But it is a necessary tool in the beginning, even as far as I am, right now, I'm posting mine again, because I lost track of my journey, somewhere under the snows of winter..... So I'm tracking, following all the crumbs of those cookies and chips i'd been eating, back to my journey.
    I got into this habit a couple of months ago , of using those "wonderful" little York Peppermint Candy flavored coffee creamers.... only one per big car cup, but, I got so that I was drinking 3-4 sometimes more, cups per day..... at 30 calories a pop, mind you..... And I'd been neglecting to add those into my intake, in my brain calculations... That's like almost a whole sandwich of calories, it was adding up fast on my weekly "budget" of calories.
    It's these little things, the tastes while cooking, that little "dab" of oil while cooking, the coffee creamers, the single potato chip that we grab from our significant other.... it ALL adds up. If it goes into your body, it WILL make a caloric difference . That's why it's important to be honest and unfortunately, religious to logging until you get yourself under control, or like me, lose control for awhile.
    Kim SW 252 CW 183.2 GW 135

    If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

    If you are going through Hell,keep going.-- Winston Churchill

    mefirstforever replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    I really got serious about logging my food this week after the holidays.
    Well it does not take time to get in to bad habits.
    First day 2200 cal. it was time to take charge.
    Second day 1652 cal. walking to store and back
    Thursday 1463 cal. stretching 1 hour

    finally friday i got to 1221 calories hurray !! for me and today calories under control and I shoveled snow for and hour and half. Was red like a beet when I go in but felt great.

    Hopefully by the 1 February the scale will have moved a bit.
    Helene GW 140 CW 201 SW 224
    Every day is a gift do your best, be kind especially to yourself and smile.
    totallywiggedout replied to mefirstforever's response:
    OMG Helene, shoveling for 1.5 hours??!! How much snow did you guys get?? or did you just shovel from one pile, back to the other and back again for the exercise?? lol
    Like in my all time favorite book "The Phantom Tollbooth", digging a tunnel thru a mountain... with a pin, or moving a molehill one grain at a time.. with tweezers, lol. I can see u shoveling back and forth to exercise

    Kim SW 252 CW 182.5 GW 135

    If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

    If you are going through Hell,keep going.-- Winston Churchill

    ausgram replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Here I am. Ughs! I had an ice cream bar yesterday, brought the box home so I could put it on Fitday and guess what? The box is still sitting here staring at me unposted. Sometimes I think: I'm 70, why should I have to worry about what I eat and how fat I am, then I try and put something on to look nice, it don't happen. I look like a pig in a pigpen. Ok, no one needs to comment on this. I'm just trying to make myself care.
    jean4u replied to ausgram's response:
    Hi AusGram, Welcome here!

    What you say about being 70, I am 67 and we should care about our health. I am not saying we got to be perfect but eat healthy and move more(like walking), more than we do.

    Progress not perfection!

    jean4u replied to mefirstforever's response:
    Helene, You are sooo right about getting off schedule. I am slowly getting my holiday weight off. Not giving up. Just need to get more serious, but at least I did start.

    I want to see my scale go down 3 by Feb. 14.

    Reality is, I know it would go up and up if I did not take charge. Like you, we know it's not going to happen by itself.

    That snow shoveling is quite the workout, WTG!!!

    jean4u replied to totallywiggedout's response:
    Kim, that book reminds me of us gals taking the weight off.....oz. by oz. that's how we got it on us and by golly that's how it's going to go BYE-BYE, too.


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