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    Illogical Logic
    mog1026 posted:
    Rachael got me thinking this morning about the way I handled food temptations that came my way. If it was something I really liked (read chocolate something) I would put it aside with every intention of enjoying small portions occasionally. But after I had that first serving, I would bemoan my lack of control and tell myself that I had better eat it all quickly now to get it out of the house. Huh? Where's the logic in that? My brain was hijacked by my appetite and fear of loss of control. I think my brain is in charge again now, but I have to keep it that way or I'll be dodging chocolate bullets the rest of my days!
    Kathy SW 235.1 CW 212.6 GW 165
    jis4judy responded:
    Hi Kathy a small square of really dark chocolate can be helpful to soothe the chocolate cravings and it is so dark I started with 70 % and after a while it started to taste sweet so I bought 85% and that's where I am now but during my weight removal phase I avoided it like the plague.. so I tend to toss out things that are too tempting best way to get it out of the house or feed it to someone else:)
    Hugs Judy:)
    SW 247 CW 150ish maintaining

    Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
    life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

    rohvannyn responded:
    I've totally done that. If you really need a snack around, buying in bulk then putting in little single serving baggies then stashing those in the freezer or a high cupboard. When you want something like that (high quality chocolate or whatever) take ONE down. Psychology will make you more satisfied to have "finished the bag" but it's a small, limited bag.

    'Your focus determines your reality.' -QGJ

    'Try not. Only do.' --Y
    blondie454u responded:
    Yes I do the dark chocolate thing as well.
    Amber CW 135 maintaining, SW 250. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of a mental illness.
    jean4u responded:
    Kathy, interesting topic.I think for most of us it is trial and error and forgive. Chips are my downfall and my DH keeps them everywhere. Sometimes, when I get tired I cave in. I think the thing to focus on, is do we really want to undo all the hard work of the week in one night. I mean geting a handle on "week end" eating was slow for me to grasp. I would have a Monday weigh-in and see the yo-yo weight gain replace the week's loss! Consistencey wins this race! That goes hand in hand with portion control. What you say bout your brain being in control.....our brains get challenged by old habits and eating styles i.e. comfort, emotional, stress and boredom all lead me to the chip bag.

    abnersmom replied to jean4u's response:
    Me too, Barb, on the chips. I'm lucky in that I don't have them in the house to be tempted. I really admire your ability to avoid them when you know they are in your house calling to you!!

    I find that I don't think much about my trigger foods now except when they are visible to me. I do have the occasional piece of chocolate myself - don't particularly crave sweets, but chocolate is the only thing that helps sometimes!
    Debbie SW 265 CW 150 maintaining - Don't exchange what you want MOST for what you want at the moment.
    mog1026 replied to jean4u's response:
    So true Barb about the Monday weigh-in. I weigh myself every day because I HAVE to, but it's the Monday morning weight that I "count" as real. (more illogical logic). It has helped me on the weekend because if I have to face the music on Monday I really try to eat well on Saturday and Sunday. Of course you know Monday night is the night I can relax the calorie restriction!
    Kathy SW 235.1 CW 212.4. GW 165
    mog1026 replied to abnersmom's response:
    I feel the same way about dark chocolate. When the need strikes I have a piece of Hershey Bliss or Dove Promise dark chocolate for 35 calories. Dark chocolate isn't a trigger for me the way milk chocolate is. I was so glad to discover that.
    Kathy SW 235.1 CW 212.4. GW 165
    jean4u replied to abnersmom's response:
    Debbie, I think just eating healthier and filling up on veggies or the air popped popcorn does help. I did buy 2 pairs of capris at the thrift store yesterday for $3. One was an Eddie Bauer. They look like new. Size small. Do you recall your story about the jeans (Ithink jeans) you had on and didn't like and your gal pal said it was because they were too big. LOL I thought of you when I saw the size small....won't fit. I tried on anyway and they did fit!

    What were we "talking" about....oh getting smaller clothing does help to keep my face out of the chip bags.

    jean4u replied to mog1026's response:
    Kathy, just keep doing the 80% on track and 20% pretty good and this will lead to success. Takes time but if we don't start this year we will be the same or worse off next year.

    I don't trust myself with chocolate candy. I have the Fiber One brownies and under 100 calorie chocolate pudding with bananas on it...stuff like that.


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