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    Need some umph
    beautifulbuffalo posted:
    I sleep all night but wake up tired lately. I try to exercise early in the mnorning and I do but I have to fight to get out the door in the morning. Then I go and work out but not up to it. I use the treadmill for 45 min or the recumbent bike for 45 minutes. I sweat with both. I don't like the eliptical it hurts my leg.
    j9celeste responded:
    Good morning BB

    Do you eat any protein in the morning? For me, that's the only thing that will get and keep me going. Eggs are an easy protein, you can hard boil a dozen and eat them for breakfast. There are many lean meats that are also great for breakfast like salmon. I like my greek yogurt and granola for my protein. It's worth looking into.

    Congratulations on your determination!!

    The most exciting, challenging, significant relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone who loves the you that YOU love, that's fabulous 286-1/6/ 13-CW 256 GW 165
    mardee responded:
    Also, see if you can get into a sleep study, you would be surprised what you find out.
    My hubby had the same issue, he would drink coffee, protein shakes, we tried walking in the morning to get his blood pumping, and nothing was working.

    We took him to a sleep Dr and they monitored him sleeping. they had this weird machine what hooked up to him at night and kept track on different things.
    The first thing was that our bed was not that great for his back. So we got a new bed. But, he was still waking up tired. They then found out that he was not falling into an REM sleep. He started taking melatonin about 1 hour before bed.
    Now, he wakes up feeling great as long as he gets 6-7 hours of sleep.

    And also melatonin is all natural and OTC if you want to try it yourself

    I hope this helps
    CW 195 - SW 200 - GW 125

    Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
    - Japanese Proverb
    shelsangel replied to mardee's response:
    In recovery after my thyroid surgery I scared the nurses because I stopped breathing. I had to have a sleep study done and it told us all kinds of things. I stop breathing in my sleep which in turn causes me to wake up (if not under anistesa SP?) so I wasn't getting a sound sleep. It also told me that my legs twitch in my sleep. End result I use and CPAP mask hooked up to oxygen at night to sleep and now I sleep much better. Make sure that you are checking with your Health care doctor. My insurance pays for all of my supplies for my CPAP equipment.
    Everything happens for a reason. HUGGS

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