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rohvannyn posted:
My motivation will go way up and way down as my mood changes. If there's one thing I'm bad at it's maintaining motivation. It's just too easy for the short term pleasure of a snack, or lazing around instead of exercising, to outweigh the loftier goals I otherwise might have.

Since I struggle so much with motivation, I figured I'd share something I thought of that helps me and might help others.

When it comes to losing weight and exercising more, I realized that having something I wanted more than food was really helpful. For me, just being thinner doesn't really cut it. I've been wanting to be thinner all my life, and I'm used to being dissatisfied with my body. But if I can pair that desire with something else, more tangible, it works better for me. Some people might use a trail they want to be able to walk, a vacation they want to take, etc.

For me, it's a new place to live. I need to scrimp and save everything I can for the deposit on a really sweet six plex I want to move in to, so that doesn't leave room for unhealthy snacks. I can harness the desire to get out of my crackerbox apartment along with my need to lose weight, and work on both at the same time.

Hope this helps someone!
totallywiggedout responded:
Roh? You're moving? Are you still with your sigoth? Anyhow. It's been ages and ages since I stopped in. All those troubles with this site and life in general just keeps getting in the way. I post on FB diet mafia quite a bit, because I also keep up with my Michigan family that way... but I have to "make a special trip" here. LOL
I think you're right about the wanting thinness thing. I've always wanted to be thinner, and yes, it does tend to be a back burner kind of thing after so long. The desire is there, but the motivation seems to be a luke warm serving of "meh".
Especially since I just have my full checkup and my bp and blood tests all came back "healthy" although my weight still screams, morbidly obese. (a term that I hate with a passion)... like calling my tummy overhang an "apron".... grrrrrr.
Ok. So. Maybe my motivation will be that. To go from "morbid" to plain old "obese" then from there.... perhaps, overweight.
Amber scrimped and saved and had some "work" done after maintaining for 5 years. Which is a wonderful gift to herself for all the hard work she put into it. I'm really happy for her.
As for me. I'm still babysitting my grandson 3 days a week and have just recently been told that we have another bundle on the way. OH JOY! lol If one doesn't kill you, another will only make you stronger.... at least that's what I keep telling myself.

keep your chin up and keep your eye on the prize

Just because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy.

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be. ---- Marianne Williamson

rohvannyn replied to totallywiggedout's response:
Hi Kim!

I may be moving. We're just getting tired of living in a tiny little one bedroom second floor walkup. Now, the stairs don't really bother me and I love my view of the mountains, but at the same time I'd like to get into a bigger place with more room for doing art and whatever other projects we might have.

I'm still with my gal, and things are going pretty well there. But it would be really nice to have a decent patio and live in a better neighborhood. The spot I have my eye on (I may not get in but I'd love to) actually is bigger but costs a little less every month. But since that deposit is such a bear, I want to start saving right now and see what I can squeeze of the budget. Not buying snacks does good things for my waistline as well as my savings goals.

So I think a bigger goal like this could be the ticket to getting back on track. Otherwise, the nebulous goal of feeling better later doesn't usually outweigh the desire for a feelings-salving, tasty bit of empty calories now.

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