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    How to Weigh Yourself
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Don't forget the Four S's of Weighing Yourself:

  • Same time of day, on the

  • Same day each week, wearing the

  • Same clothing, and using the

  • Same scale
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    rainbowpaints responded:
    Any suggestions for a fairly inexpensive, fairly good quality scale? Definitely on a tight budget but definitely need to make the investment, too.
    blondie454u replied to rainbowpaints's response:
    I do most of my shopping at wal-mart and I found one pretty cheap there, I think it was $20 but not too sure. They may have some that are cheaper. This one is a WW scale that my husband happen to find in the clerance isle. You could also look at ebay, sometimes thye have good deals on things.

    feduptwice replied to blondie454u's response:
    I got mine in Wal-mart too, paid about $25 and i really like it.
    It is also the WW one
    saitara930 replied to blondie454u's response:
    Hi Amber, my name is Tara and i'm brand new to the site..I somehow came across your page and was so inspired by your efforts to lose weight..I got engaged on valenetine's day and would be getting married this October which is sooo exciting...I don't consider myself overweight but would reallly really love your advice on how to lose 15-20 pounds...I've been a strict vegetarian for the past 15years...I'm 28 years old and have never in the past struggled with weight...however in recent months i've been gaining weight uncontrollably and have made efforts in trying to be healthier..I was even tried the FDA approved diet pill Alli but that too did nothing for me...I then realize that in order to lose weight and keep it off it i should do it the right way,...watching what i eat and exercise...Anyyyyyy advice that you can give me will be greatly greatly appreciated..I look forward to hearing back from you...
    pallzy replied to saitara930's response:
    That's one thing about Alli... it's essentially just a fat blocker. If you are already on a vegetarian diet, you probably aren't getting that much excess fat. It won't have any to block and therefore not really be doing much.
    5'11 SW 275/GW 160/CW 162
    blondie454u replied to saitara930's response:

    I would start by writing everything down that you eat to see if maybe you are getting too many calories because believe it or not you can still gain weight from healthy food if you go over your calories. If you have more questions or just need to vent feel free to do so. This is a great place to start.
    Amber CW 129, SW 250. Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.
    Raineyak replied to blondie454u's response:
    Hi all I am new to this and I was reading all of you post, I was well overweight and I started this awsome group here in alaska called burn fat alaska and I have now lost 20 lbs and have kept it off week after week I have not had any ups and downs and loving it, I have tried all the diet pills, ww, alli, if it came out on the market I tried it with not sucess till I tried this and I write everything down that I eat I walk everyday or night which I have a great advantage of walking late in the summer since the sun is still out, I watch everything that goes in my mouth If it is just one M&M I write it down and keep my calories at bay it is always fun to talk to others that are in the same boat you are in and share ideas. Hope every one has a great 4th be safe
    Low_Stress_Weight_Loss responded:
    One thing I would recommend is either to weigh in once a week, or if you weigh in every day be mentally prepared to see numbers rise for no reason. The human body fluctuates fluid levels all the time, and those arrive as up and downswings on the scale. We're always happy about the down ones but I've seen people quit their diets from upswings, and if you weigh daily you'll see that they're just part of life, not fat gained and lost.

    If you do weigh once a week, think about which day of the week is best to keep you motivated. I'm a slow loser (often 2 pounds a month) so I don't often see drops on the scale. I also struggle more on weekends than during the week, so I put my weigh ins on Mondays because knowing I have that weigh in I tend to make better choices all weekend.
    jis4judy replied to Low_Stress_Weight_Loss's response:
    Hi low stress
    when I started my plan many moons ago I weighed in once a month because I knew it was going to be a long time . and I knew about the flucuations and figured I could avoid them this way ..
    welcome aboard I read your blog it was very interesting looking within ourselves is a very good practice...
    Hugs Judy:)
    SW 247 CW 153ish maintaining Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
    Low_Stress_Weight_Loss replied to jis4judy's response:
    Thanks for the welcome, Judy! And thanks for checking out my blog - I'm trying to make it better and give more thought to my posts (in the past it was something like a journal).

    I went through a period where I weighed in once a month - it really did help get my mind off the scale, but it could be disappointing when I'd only lose 2 - 4 pounds. Then I looked back over my many months of daily or weekly weigh-ins and when I did the number crunching I almost always lost 2 to 4 pounds over a month's time, but had the drama of up and down if I weighed in more. Nowdays I'm doing once a week, that accountability is working for me.
    jean4vr replied to Low_Stress_Weight_Loss's response:
    Hi Low Stress,

    I weigh daily but like Louise says to get accurate reading, should be same time< which sometimes can't be done. I do the daily weigh because it helps me keep a watch on water gain and sodium intake. I don't expect to lose on a daily basis but want to see how foods effect me. And to keep my hydration up.

    So, what you said about losing 2-4 on a monthly basis, I think is really good. The whole point is I feel to eat healthy, hydrate, exercise. This is not about doing it quick, only to gain back.

    Good post.

    beachgg replied to rainbowpaints's response:
    Not sure what u call inexpensive--but I think mine was around $25. from Amazon
    its one that also does body fat & BMI
    I love it-- check out amazon
    good luck

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