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    ITs only hard if you don't try!
    camryn14 posted:
    I 've been doing pretty well so far, i decided to become a veggie-tarian. I stop eating sweets including anything sugar free ! Im excited and so far I feel its working. Any ideas for recipes or grocery shopping on a budget! Please send me some weekly foods you guys buy to stay healthy
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    abnersmom responded:
    Hi Camryn,

    I buy fresh broccoli every week and steam it in the microwave - I like it plain. I also buy baby spinach and romaine for salads. Sometimes buy the broccoli, carrot and cauliflower mix. Just discovered this rainbow slaw and am loving it - I'm not a vegetarian so my meals usually include a lean protein. I understand from vegetarian friends of mine that if you are getting most of your protein from beans you must add some kind of starch (they mostly eat rice) to be able to absorb the protein. I don't know if that's right, but they're pretty savvy folk so I bet it is.
    Debbie SW 265 CW 150 maintaining - You are imperfect, permanentlyand inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful. - Amy Bloom
    jis4judy responded:
    Hi Camryn
    I was just shopping today on my list is asparagus green beans broccholi I also bought some mushrooms red onion tomatoes red potatoes I shop 2 times a week because I like fresh vegies I also bought oranges empire apples strawberries

    I think you are smart to stay away from the sugar free stuff they usually add more junk to make it taste better and sometimes the calories are higher ...

    is it only you that your buying for or do you have others involved ?

    if it is only you you should be able to get buy and eat well on 70 dollars a week if you avoid meat and fish maybe cost you less.
    I don;t really have any recipes that are vegetarian
    I do make a dessert every day with 1/3 C greek plain non fat yogurt ad 1/2 T honey a half cup of sliced strawberries 1/8 C great grains crunchy pecan cereal it is yummy and less than 200 cals really low in cals if you leave out the cereal..
    Hugs Judy:)
    SW 247 CW 149ish maintaining

    Remember the Gold is not in the prize it's in the Journey
    life may not be the Party we expected but while we are here we may as well dance

    totallywiggedout responded:
    Hi Camryn,
    be specific sweetheart, are you gonna be Oevo (egg) tolerant, meaning that you can eat eggs... or maybe Lactose (milk) tolerant meaning that you can have milk, yogurt, cheeses,etc. , vegetarian??
    This is a big diet change. It may work for you, but I do suggest that before you jump in with both feet that you get a nutritionist involved to help you with what foods you should eat to keep a healthy balance of nutrients. Otherwise like with the rice consumption that Debbie suggested, you won't be eating the right things to get the right digestion going. It may backfire and make you truly sick, if you don't eat correctly. You need to be really informed to make a big diet decision like that.
    Just be careful, it's not as easy as just eating your leafy greens, it's a way more complex dietary lifestyle than that.
    If you are going to allow milk products ,then the portabella pizzas on our recipe discussion would be good.
    Any stir fry with tofu added to lots of veggies would work and would be quick to fix. Bed Bath and Beyond has some really nice little stir fry pans, big enough for one, for about 12.00 which isn't too bad if you are gonna do alot of stir frys, it would pay for itself in no time.
    Personally ,that's the way I'd go, stir frys, because there are so many different veggies to use and different flavoings and spices to go with.
    I'm a big one for the power of proteins though. so vegetarianism would never work for me.
    Kim SW 252 CW 181.6 GW 135

    If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.---author anonymous

    If you are going through Hell,keep going.-- Winston Churchill

    blondie454u responded:
    I posted in the other post
    Amber CW 135 maintaining, SW 250. Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of a mental illness.

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