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    GERD without heartburn
    bc1941 posted:
    A nooby to the group here. I'm scheduled for an endoscopy and I'm investigating what seems likely to be the diagnosis in advance. (At least I hope it is the diagnosis, as opposed to throat cancer or something at that level). Everything I read suggests that what feels to me like a minor throat obstruction is GERD, but I don't have, and have never had heartburn or acid reflux to any significant degree. Let's say it "rarely" occurs even though my diet has always been high in hot sauces whenever I had a chance. Nor do I seem to fit any of the often-cited GERD precursors, i.e. obesity, etc., except for what I eat and drink. I do take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C every day and have done so for years. Does anybody else on the board have GERD without the heartburn and without the stomach backup symptoms common to acid reflux disease?
    charberry responded:
    I never knew what heartburn was when I first got diagnosed with GERD. It's very possible you could have what is called "silent GERD." My problems are mostly upper resp things such as lungs, throat, and sinus. Anyone, any age, any size can get GERD. I wouldn't worry about throat cancer or anything that serious, although I know it's hard not to. It's great you're getting an endoscopy to rule out some things but you might have to look forward to some other tests. Char
    bc1941 responded:
    Thank you charberry. Following your "silent gerd" tip, I found a lot of info on LPR, which begins to sound like another match to the symptoms I have. Also sounds like there might be some confusion out there as to what causes these something-in-my-throat sensation. I really appreciate your input. bc
    starforce4 responded:
    I have what the doctors believe to be gerd without heartburn. Like you I am not the typical case, I'm 25, I'm at a good weight, and eat moderately healthy. My symptoms were a sore throat, post nasal drip, the urge to clear my throat and just recently a sour taste in my mouth. I have had two endoscopies done and a ph test. hopefully the medicine works for you.
    Aqua14 responded:
    Me, too. I was diagnosed with GERD after a sinus CT in January, and it seems to be the LPR type, since I only have sinus and throat symptoms. That something-in-the-throat feeling is, I believe, called "globus sensation" and can be caused by GERD or allergies. I've experienced it with allergies but not with GERD. One thing you may want to be careful of is the Vitamin C. Folks with GERD are counseled to stop eating acidic foods (like tomato and citrus), and Vitamin C is citric acid. It might possibly be contributing to your GERD. Hope these few thoughts help. . . . Judy
    Jewels720 responded:
    Wow, you just described me, the only difference is that I DID have an endoscopy and do have GERD. Actually, I just left (literally) my doctor's office after being given what I think is an unrealistic diet (still trying to soak it in) :sad: , so I'm trying to figure all this out myself. I hardly ever have heartburn, but if there were ever an Olympic event for burping, I would take home the gold! When I say hardly ever have heartburn, I mean it happens maybe 6 to 8 times a YEAR. I also probably get, what I like to call a "vurp", a burp where whatever you ate or drank almost comes up, 3 times a year. Unfortunately, during my endoscopy, esophageal erosion was found, and described as one stage before pre-cancer. So I'm a little freaked, I don't FEEL horrible but is the esophageal erosion going to get worse? I also had an unsuspecting long-term factor that I didn't know about until my endoscopy. I had H Pylori and had it for years without a clue, well, let me rephrase that, I had a lot clues but it was chalked up to IBS by a different gastroenterologist years ago. Turns out I don't have IBS at all. Anyway, I don't know if H. Pylori over an extended period of time could actually be the root cause of GERD? I find it weird that I don't have any major symptoms of GERD. I don't even have symptoms while trying to sleep, even if I eat an hour before going to bed. Unless "dry" burping is considered a symptom, and it certainly doesn't bother me (there isn't any ounce of pain or discomfort). So I know I didn't help you in any way, but I'm searching for answers too. At least you're not alone! :confused:
    Kate45629 responded:
    Hope you've found some answers and are doing better. These boards have been so educational. I too have no heartburn symptoms which is why I was surprised after the test confirmed I had acid reflux. I have more problems with my sinuses draining, then coughing and WHAM! I have to vomit, but it's not like a gag reflex feeling; when I cough my stomach and abdomen feel like they filled up with a ton of gas and it's either burp or throw up. This is occurring at least 3x a week now and the Prilosec helps a little, but not completely. The weirdest thing though is once I have a bowel movement, the symptoms lessen, but the gas remains and I burp constantly. I've been miserable the past few months and cannot figure out why the symptoms aren't going away. I have a doc appt in 3 weeks and will ask about the H. Pylori test. Last time I went (and was diagnosed) he also said my liver enzymes were very elevated and when I go back they're going to do an ultrasound of my liver and gall bladder. So many symptoms, so little time! If anyone has any other suggestions for me, please write. Thank you.
    hockeymom44x2 responded:
    New to this site and saw your message and you sound just like me. I have just been diagnosed with GERD and will see a GI next week. I have never had significant heartburn but the stuff in my throat is DRIVING ME NUTS!!! My biggest challenge now is figuring out what triggers the throat thing. Now that I know what it is, it's kinda grose. I, too, am now paranoid of getting that Barretts syndrome or esophogus cancer. I do take Vitamin C every day - based on your story, I'm going to stop. Good luck!
    chanbalum responded:
    33 year old male, GERD without heartburn for 2.5 years. I think mine is weird and may be food allergy related. Most of my diet is on the "do not eat if you have GERD" list. I just had a scope a few days ago. They dilated my esophagus to relieve a narrowing and inflammation plus diagnosed a hiatal hernia. I have 24 hour sour stomach but not usual heartburn. Here's the weird part. During any meal the first bite can turn into an attack. The pressure inside my chest rises, the bowling ball moves up feeling like my chest will explode, my eyes tear up and the only option is vomiting. With vomiting is immediate release, but it's pretty embarassing at the work cafeteria. I also have had sinus draining recently that could be attributed to GERD. I think the dilation of the esophagus is really going to help, Easter dinner went down no problem, even the wine. I'm hopeful that acid reducers and inhibitors will help as well. I'm pretty sad that I seem to be destined for low fat vegetarianism. Thanks for the post.
    dblondies responded:
    Hi everyone, This is my first time here. I also have GERD, silent acid reflux. I have had 2 surgeries to open my airway from scar tissue build up. I have had a stomach bypass, because they say my stomach is making too much pepsin. This was suppose to stop this problem, but my airway once again has scar tissue buildup and I will be having my airway lazered again on May 7th. I am totally frustrated. I don't know about the rest of you, but this disease really takes a toll on me. I cannot walk up stairs without gasping for air, and I have to sit down to rest when doing anything, even walking a block. Anyone having these problems?
    jim1408 responded:
    I just got the results of my endoscopy. I have cells tht look like barretts esphogus they are called "metaplasia". Doc said to take meds liike prilosec and come back in 6 months. He said an occasional cigar was not harmful. Anyone have any thoughts

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