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    Sciatic pain from constipation?
    MagPrincess posted:
    Does anyone have constipation that causes sciatic nerve pain? I get this and was just wondering if anyone else does. I can get it right after making a BM or sometimes i will feel everything move and then it hits. Just curious.
    CalGal37 responded:
    Mag, are you sitting on the toilet for long periods of time? If so, depending on your toilet seat, you could be impacting the sciatic nerve at the back of the leg and it may be responding with pain.

    Or, on the off-chance that it's your piriformis muscle causing you problems, you might want to look up some exercises for stretching the piriformis which can have a big impact on the sciatic nerve if it's too tight. If you do some stretching of that muscle it may make that nerve a bit more comfortable.
    TrudyGERD responded:
    I used to get a pain that I called sciatic nerve pain (no, a doctor didn't call it that but my mother has dealt with it for years and it was identical). I had the feeling of a bolt of electricity constantly running down my leg from my lower back along with intermittent numbness depending on how bad the pain was. Boy was I shocked when it went away as my health improved due to my diet changes. Turned out it was actually a neuropathy associated with my GI issues. I don't know if it was a direct symptom from the intollerances or a neuropathy caused by the vitamin deficiencies or a combination of both. I do know that it's one of the many symptoms that temporarily returns when I get hit with gluten so I doubt it's entirely the B12 deficiency.
    MagPrincess responded:

    I do not sit for long period of time on the toliet. I do alot of stretching for yoga. I have also noticed that when i cross my legs , i can cross my right leg over my left fully without any discomfort but when i try this with my left leg over my right it hurts and it won't stay by itself. this does get better after alot of floor exersizes with yoga but it does not last.

    This morning i passed gass and immediately afterward my sciatic nerve started to hurt. Along with the pain along my pelvic bones on both sides.


    At last blood test check all my vitamin levels were fine and my celiac test was still comming up negative. This was in may. I also don't get any numbness just sciatic pain.

    I plan on bringing this up at my doctors appt on 8-31 as well.
    rebeccaps replied to MagPrincess's response:
    I, also, have same symptoms. My sciatic pain flares when I become even mildly constipated. I have been diagnose wtih sciatica. After two different pelvic xrays, a rheumatologist told me the issue was strictly soft tissue and not associated with discs or hip joint. I associated my sciatic pain with straining and not sitting. I do notice as the constipation is over discomfort eases.

    But on researching Piriformis muscle syndrome with its associates problems, this would explain some of my problems and other symptoms.
    survivour responded:
    MagPrincess, I just got told today by my doctor due to the symptons I am getting since last night that I have 'sciatica constipation'. I'd never heard of it before and so she prescribed me medication to help with my backpain and stuff to get my bowels moving. Will see how I progress tomorrow. So to answer your question: yes I do, maybe we are twins haha. Hope you get better soon. If there is anyone out there that could help with this condition or if there are other alternatives to help, please let MagPrincess and I know. Thanks..oh and have a very Merry 2012 Christmas everybody xo
    murphydog45 responded:
    I get the same thing especially when I take Codine the dr gave me for sciatica it's a vicious circle so not taking codeine again it doesn't get rid of pain I have a high fibre diet but if I lapse through being away and not eating properly I find soaking flax seed overnight and the put it on my porridge and taking 2 probiotics at night seems to cure it good luck
    re1ndeer replied to survivour's response:
    Agree with your Doctor....I find that a small diet change(Veggie Smoothies, ,Milk of Magnesia, and fluids) within 36 hours all Sciatica symptoms left.......Sure helps Golf game....I am 63 years old and first did the Chiropractor visits, Physio, and X-Rays...this mini Purge I described worked for me......downside, was the X rays told me I have Osteo and will require a new hip shortly......
    mikean responded:
    Been the same for many years. Neurosurgeon wanted to operate 40 years ago. Daily stretching usually keeps the pain away, but when I have no pain sometimes I forget. When the stretching doesn't work, I realize that I'm constipated. My go to (believe it or not) is a McDonalds quarter Pounder with extra onions. Normally it takes about 30 minutes to work. Shortly, amazingly so, the pain begins to leave.
    jeanuwine replied to mikean's response:
    Figured out earlier this year that my "sciatic nerve pain" coincided with my stuck gut. Started taking psyllium weekly. Seemed to work . Unfortunately I forgot over the holidays and. suffered excruciating pain in my lower back and down my leg making sleep nearly impossible. Easing now with trips to bathroom. Also have IBS and severe arthritis in lower back. Thought I was imagining the correlation until I looked it up and found these comments from you guys. While I am sorry for your suffering, it is good to know that I am not alone. I am severely allergic to NSAIDs. Anybody have a decent alternative?

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