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    splenic flexure syndrome
    stacy9237 posted:
    I was just dx with this syndrome. My Dr said there was nothing they can do for me. I am in so much pain under my left rib cage. It hurts to move and breathe. Does anyone out there have any advice on what I need to do to ease the pain.
    chubbywillie replied to lwilson0107's response:
    I have these exact same symptoms also. I have been having them off and on for about 4 years. This last bout has been the most pain so far. I like the heating pad and massage treatments, I will have to try them. What I have done in the past is drink Keifer or take acidophilus pills. These really seem to help. I always thought is was bad bacteria in your system causing the pain and you need to replace it with good bacteria, especially if you were recently on an antibiotic.
    mandolin14 responded:
    I've had these type of pains for over 20 years. I used to get pains every day in high school and never knew why. I finally realized the pain was caused by trapped gas in my abdomen. I wasn't holding it in, it just wasn't making its way out on its own and would build up over the course of the day and eventually cause terrible pain.

    I don't remember how I figured out how to get rid of the pain, but I did, and it works just about every time. It's not pretty, but it works. For me, I get down on all fours and and lay my head down on the ground so that my rear end is up in the air, like a cat in heat. Sometimes this immediately alleviates the pain and I can feel the gas making its way to the "exit." Sometimes I have to sit back up and squeeze my abdomen with my hands, kind of like making a girdle with my hands, and massage stuff around to get it moving, and then lay back in the previous position. It can take a minute or fifteen minutes, but it almost always works, even when the pain hurts so much that I literally feel it up in my chest, neck, face.

    All those years in pain and for me it was such a simple solution.

    I've also found that it helps to not let too much time go between eating meals. If I go, say, four hours or more between meals, I usually end up eating a big meal and then have a lot of pain and more trouble getting rid of the pain. If I nibble even a little in between it makes a huge difference.
    Caryopteris responded:
    I am having a barium enema this week to hopefully find out more about what is causing my problem, but I find that if somebody with warm hands presses on my back in the area of discomfort, they start moving the trapped gas. It feels like they are just bouncing on the balloon of gas as they massage and press where I ask them to concentrate, but after 15 minutes of this, I start being able to pass the bubbles through. I get up and walk around and pretty soon they start to pass, maybe 20 or 30 bubbles (my polite term for gas). It doesn't take as much pressure as I would have thought, but it does seem to help if the hands are very warm. I also get relief from working out at the gym and then doing stretches, especially side stretches like a ballerina and back bends as well as twisting type stretches. I wonder if the barium enema will show a problem or not.
    chubbywillie replied to Caryopteris's response:
    Try to eliminate bad sugar out of your diet(candy, cookies,...) and buy a quart of yogurt and eat it for about a week. Eat it with high fiber granola so you keep things moving. You may have bad bacteria in your gut and bacteria love sugar.
    Jasduv responded:
    This sounds similar to what I've been experiencing. I have also had pain in my groin and some swelling on the inner part of my lower thigh (by my knee) all on my left side. Anyone else have these additional symptoms?
    letellier replied to Jasduv's response:
    I also have groin pain and pubic bone pain. Sometimes the pain runs down my outer thigh to the knee. The pain is much worse during that time of the month and my cramps have seemed to increased. I also get a noise when I push where the pain is that sounds like I am crushing an empty plastic water bottle......I saw an Orthopedic Dr. a week and a half ago and he said I am very twisted and my muscles in my rib, hip, sacrum area are very tight. I will see him again because I do feel a bit better.....Good luck everyone!!!!
    kfhenry responded:
    stacy9237 Do you have the pain in your left rib, and then prussure up in your chest, and the gas pains??? I even have had the flutter feeling like my heart was skipping beats. I have been to the ER 3 times because of this and they first said Gastoritis, but the 3rd time they said I needed to see a GI. I take Gas x every morning and night, I take Beano when I eat and taking nexium and then a probiotic as well. Today is a bad day, Just not feeling good at all. If anyone can tell me if this is how they are feeling, I would apprciate it. I have only had this for 2 months, it started after I had the flu, out of no where. Thanks.
    NativeChic1 responded:
    I was just diagnosed with this as well, anti gas meds do help, I am taking a probiotic now, been bout a week, one thing my doc suggested, weird as it is, milk of magnesia to kinda help things thin out and gently move a little when things get to the holy crap im in alot of pain point. I am so glad to know I am not alone with this issue, I liked the one talking about the manipulation techniques (my doc mentioned this as well). The reason this works is things back up in the transverse colon (which runs right across the " V " of the rib cage) and hits the crimp under the left rib cage as your body is trying to move things through thus creating the pain/spasm. If you manipulate this area just right sometimes you can get the crimp to open/relax just enough to let the gas or solids through. This is how my doc explained it atleast. He did suggest to stay away from foods that give me gas (each person is different) stay away from sodas and corbonated drinks stuff like that. I am really hoping everything he suggested works cause the pain is horrible when it gets to cramping on me.
    NativeChic1 replied to mandolin14's response:
    I thought i was the only one who did this LOL. it does help, atleast for me it does, my husband thought i was nuts till he seen the relief it provides, now when i am doing this he will message my tummy to help even more.
    rubbie41 replied to candysdesign's response:
    Yes but mainly on left! Almost like u have a broke rib or pulled muscle! U need to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy done
    JenRab replied to rubbie41's response:
    Amazing how many people have this same's driving me crazy, as well. Very surprised that this isn't being given more attention by the medical community. Here's another forum that you might find helpful...
    Caryopteris replied to letellier's response:
    I have had many of the symptoms you all describe, including the pain down the left leg. That pain is actually caused by incredible pressure on a nerve - the anterolateral cutaneous nerve. It is only a sensory nerve. I discovered the lightening bolts stopped when I took a prep for a colonoscopy. The endoscopist was not able to pass a scope through my splenic flexure at all. He did not suggest splenic flexure syndrome by name, but just said I was completely cleaned out by the prep, but my colon was too long and tortuous and the turn was too sharp there. If only he had said it was splenic flexure syndrome and that I could get physical therapy for it back when I had insurance! What a useless gastroenterologist. I had to figure this out after decades of suffering. I believe one of the important keys was the original answer on this site.

    Here is what I have found works:
    Amitiza - only for those with constipation and insurance. It is killing me to pay for this without insurance. It's about $400. However, if you do need relief, just take it once a week so it's cheaper. It should just open that pocket of evil gas up and it passes like a miracle. You don't want this to happen with people around! Wowza it is potent. You will cry with relief. If used every day it is helpful but it decreases in the effect.

    Magnesium citrate to help coordinate smooth muscles. Low magnesium could be causing these muscle spasms some of you describe. You should be checked for Celiac disease and vitamin and mineral deficiencies if you can afford it. If you don't have insurance, I really think you should improve your diet and possibly supplement with vitamins and minerals. D is very important, but make sure you don't overdo A or selenium or iron.


    High vegetable diet, such as dark greens. Apples. Somebody said use insoluable fiber, but I disagree - it should be soluable fiber like you find in apples and vegetables. Apples are very important for me. Insoluable fiber causes blockage for me.

    Glutamine powder. I take this for my Celiac disease, actually, but it is healthy for the digestive mucosa specifically, and is worth a try to detoxify. .

    Fish oil for the antiinflammatory effect.

    Avoid dairy.

    Sitting stationary for long periods is the worst thing we can do. Do stretches like yoga, bending forward in a toe touch, backward over a ball or in a backbend or that yoga position. Do side stretches like a ballerina. Do yard work, bending over. Pushing a cart up a hill at work seems to be helpful. So hard labor is good and being sedentary is bad, but you need to soften stool and move it out or you don't want to move.

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