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    Help - Incomplete bowel movements
    ThomasJ1964 posted:
    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping someone could help me with an IBS-related problem that I've been having for years.

    I've suffered with IBS ever since I was in grade school ( I'm 44 now ). My symptoms included pain, diarrhea and the unexpected immediate urgency to run to the bathroom. Years ago my folks took me to a doctor that diagnosed me as having IBS after a battery of tests. When I was in my early 20s.. I was actually symptom free for years. Then around 1990.. some of the symptoms returned and have not gone away.

    Now, only occasionally do I have the terrible pains I used to have. But I still have the unexpected urges, the cramping and the "feeling" that I have to have a bowel movement almost constantly.

    The worst thing now is the feeling that after a bowel movement, I feel that I'm not finished. So one of the things I've been doing for years is inserting my finger to get what's left out. I know this sounds awful.. and totally gross.. but I can't seem to break this habit. No matter how much fiber I take, or water I drink.. my bowel movements never feel "complete". And they're not because there always DOES seem to be more left.. sometimes MUCH more. And I can only get it removed by using my finger. And I'm _not_ constipated either, my stools are always very soft and even loose sometimes. But it's like the rest won't come out without me trying to remove it.

    Then there are times when I feel there's something there.. I have the cramping and urgency.. but when I insert my finger, there's nothing there.

    I've been wondering that if by using my finger I'm not just irritating things even more.. making the feeling of having to go to the bathroom even worse. As I said.. I'm trying very hard to break this habit or find ways to alter my diet so that the feeling of having incomplete bowel movements goes away. I just want to be able to go to the bathroom _normally_.

    Has anyone here ever had this problem? If so.. were you ever able to overcome it?

    Any replies will be so greatly appreciated!
    MirkaD responded:
    I had that problem too. I have to avoid caffeine, chocolate, carbonated drinks, onions, tomatoes, fried foods, foods high in fats. I have to exercise 30 minutes every day, drink LOTS of water. Elevate my pillow 6 inches at night and not eat or drink milk 2 hours before bed time. Hope this helps! Good luck and God bless!
    WeEn897 responded:
    HEY everybody hopefully you are still checking this topic or i mite just post a new one, i was wondering if any of you experience the constant feeling of incomplete evacuation rather than just after you poop, one night after pooping 7 days ago i had the feeling of incomplete evacuation and it has never left since, there is constant pressure in my rectum like i need to go or im not finished, does ne body experience this with ibs, i know it cannot be ibd cuz my colonoscopy did not show any thing today
    myrddincrow responded:
    Thanks for this info, I'm a vegitarian so that shouldn't be to hard and I'm already lactose intolerant and drink only soy milk when I do drink milk. Caffeine might be hard to give up but I'll try.

    thanks again.
    kenotch responded:
    Hey everyone. Just got done reading through this post. I'm experiencing this right now as a matter of fact. So annoying! I try not to strain. Instead, I just make sure I'm as clean as possible and wait until it naturally wants to come out later.

    For me, it happens in cycles. I have had IBS my whole life. Used to be IBS-D, but now I have IBS-A (alternating between constipation and diarrhea) after having my gallbladder removed. Here is my cycle: > Constipation (rocks/pebbles) > Normal stool > Soft stool (sticky, hard to wipe) > Diarrhea

    That cycle can last hours or days, depending on what I've eaten. For instance, I recently did have some chocolate, so I'm paying for it now.

    Thomas, I can totally relate to using the finger. Don't feel bad or ashamed. Do what you need to do, as long as it's safe, and don't worry about social stigmas. The first time I tried it (years ago) I nearly gagged and threw up, but it HAD to be done. I rarely do that any more; only when my stools are really hard. I always use some sort of lubrication.

    For a while in my late teens/early twenties, I would use a bulb syringe to give myself enemas, which really seemed to help. While it never seemed to bother me, my GI said NEVER to use tap water ever for an enema, because of chemicals and mineral deposits. Always used warm distilled water. Gotta start that up again.

    All the best to everyone in their quest for the perfect BM. You know my great-grandmother, from the "old" country (eastern Europe), would always ask us if we made a good BM. She knew!
    racketman replied to kenotch's response:
    I have been reading this post with great interest as i too suffer from this incomplete bowel movement, What surprises me is the inevitable questions that arises which no one has so far mentioned. If we compare ourselfs to all those normal people out there who have normal bowel movements and assuming that these normal people are joyfully passing the time with empty bowels.....what is happening to our bowels if we have incomplete evacuation.? Where is all this 'stuff' being stored and how long can this storage continue.....before the dam bursts. Do people with incomplete bowel movement look larger than the 'normal' ones. Can someone please explain
    jacksv replied to myrddincrow's response:
    I have had IBS all my life. As I get older, 68, the leaking, which started a few years ago depends on what I have eaten. Bran is the worst. I eat anything, like bran cereal, with a lot of bran and I pay for it with many trips to the BR. These days I feel empty after a BM, but at times will fill up again and have a lot of trouble holding on before I can relieve myself. I know the end of it is near when the last movement is mostly water after which I can go until the next day with no problem.
    As it stands now I have a sourness on the left side of my upper abdomen which I can only feel when I pinch my flesh. Otherwise I have a vague minor pain in my stomach which occurs latter in the day.
    In closing I have found that Imodium and all symptom Maalox works well to get me thru the day.

    healbody responded:
    This could be an amoeba/parasite. You can try eating raw pumpkin seeds, at least a spoon full per day, preferably on an empty stomach. I heard coconut water kills them too. It's better to drink it on an empty stomach. Raw apple cider might help too. You can google how much to take. There's these pills called "bioxy cleanse", you can by them on amazon. I heard they clean out the intestines very well. Prunes may also help, they are good for the colon, and are packed with fiber. What I really recommend is having a session with a "QXCI" bio-feedback machine. This can help pinpoint your problem, and show you how to heal it. Hope this helps!
    myrddincrow replied to jacksv's response:
    Is it ok to take Imodium so much? I mean my solution with the enemas works but im sick and tired of having to go so much.
    challyb replied to racketman's response:
    I started having this unfinished business about 1 1/'2 months ago. but my biggest problem is that I'm passing gas all day and night no matter what and it is driving me crazy. Now It feels like my bowel movements aren't complete, I have always only gone to the bathrm maybe twice a month and it was never a problem and yes sometimes when I go they are so large it is crazy. I can't stick my finger in my butt I tried once and it was horrible never again. I don't think it is something that should happen all the time. I will be having a CT on Monday to find out what my problem really is.
    fairportgirl replied to fluttergirl2fly's response:
    I had no idea this might be pelvic floor dysfunction. I appreciate the information. I am so glad to have found this site. I have had
    IBS for years and it is seriously impacting the quality of
    my life. It is on my mind all the time and as some of you have said thes symptoms are so embarrassing it is even hard to talk
    to the doctor about it. I finally did yesterday and he agreed
    to try to help me find the cause and possibly a treatment that might help. Tomorrow I am having an abdominal ultra sound.
    The colonoscopy I had last year did not show any abnormalities
    and probably this won't either. But I am relieved to know I am not alone. I feel like i am squeezing it out of a pastry tube and
    sometimes it comes out very long and the size of a pencil. has
    anyone experienced that. I also go in installments. 10 times
    a day I pass a small stool. vaery annoying. Thanks to all of you for
    your input.
    AD925 replied to myrddincrow's response:

    I am having IBS for about three years now. Prior to that I had no problem whatsoever and I was regular in my daily bowl movement although I used to strain to evacuate as soon as possible. Now I have both external and internal hemorrhoids but they are not severe form. I did a colonoscopy that detected the internal hemorrhoids. First specialist I visited recommended that I go through the PPH procedure to fix the internal hemorrhoid which he though is the cause for my IBS. He sent me to a PPH surgeon. But after examining me that surgeon told me that my hemorrhoids are not severe enough to have PPH and instead referred me to physical therapy such as kegel type exercises. Those exercises helped a little bit but not very much. When I went back to PPH surgeon she recommended that I use tap water enema if I don't feel clean. This seemed to help a lot although it is inconvenient having to apply the enema (I use disposable Fleet plastic bottle until it punctures). But so far this is the best solution I found for regular use without having to use daily laxative. I also take daily fiber supplement, magnesium and B12 tables. I notice stress has a big impact on hemorrhoids flare up and IBS.
    Cumulous replied to ThomasJ1964's response:
    If it makes you feel any better, I've had to manually reinsert my hemorrhoids for several years now -- and some of the medical sites suggest this as a stop gap measure until it is time for surgery. As for incompleteness, the other technique is either learning to squat over the toilet (hard) or to use a couple of bricks or blocks of wood to bring your feet and legs up higher to simulate a squat. This is the natural position for a bowel movement and activates muscles which might evacuate that last bit of feces that you've had to remove manually all these years. Good luck and let me know how it goes!
    Cumulous replied to 19850's response:
    Well, your husband's advice sounds just terrible. Everything I've read says that his technique is what can cause hemorrhoids and make them worse. You can try putting a couple of bricks or blocks of wood under your feet when at the toilet which simulates more of a squatting position which is much more natural for a bowel movement -- it activates muscles which many of us don't use when seated on standard toilets; and those high ADA toilets are even worse! Sounds like you may need hemorrhoid surgery at some point, too. Good luck.

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