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    Help - Incomplete bowel movements
    ThomasJ1964 posted:
    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping someone could help me with an IBS-related problem that I've been having for years.

    I've suffered with IBS ever since I was in grade school ( I'm 44 now ). My symptoms included pain, diarrhea and the unexpected immediate urgency to run to the bathroom. Years ago my folks took me to a doctor that diagnosed me as having IBS after a battery of tests. When I was in my early 20s.. I was actually symptom free for years. Then around 1990.. some of the symptoms returned and have not gone away.

    Now, only occasionally do I have the terrible pains I used to have. But I still have the unexpected urges, the cramping and the "feeling" that I have to have a bowel movement almost constantly.

    The worst thing now is the feeling that after a bowel movement, I feel that I'm not finished. So one of the things I've been doing for years is inserting my finger to get what's left out. I know this sounds awful.. and totally gross.. but I can't seem to break this habit. No matter how much fiber I take, or water I drink.. my bowel movements never feel "complete". And they're not because there always DOES seem to be more left.. sometimes MUCH more. And I can only get it removed by using my finger. And I'm _not_ constipated either, my stools are always very soft and even loose sometimes. But it's like the rest won't come out without me trying to remove it.

    Then there are times when I feel there's something there.. I have the cramping and urgency.. but when I insert my finger, there's nothing there.

    I've been wondering that if by using my finger I'm not just irritating things even more.. making the feeling of having to go to the bathroom even worse. As I said.. I'm trying very hard to break this habit or find ways to alter my diet so that the feeling of having incomplete bowel movements goes away. I just want to be able to go to the bathroom _normally_.

    Has anyone here ever had this problem? If so.. were you ever able to overcome it?

    Any replies will be so greatly appreciated!
    florenza responded:
    having same problem. bowels dont completely empty sometimes but not always and it is driving me crazy. dont know if it is something i eat.or what
    ShukJan responded:
    Hi, Have you tried zelnorm? My sister had the same problem for few months non of the doc could help her finally she saw a gasteroentrologist which put her on zelnorm for a month.that was amazing , her symptoms disapeared after a month and it has been few years which she is doing fine without any med.
    jcb47 responded:
    Thomas- I just started researching this topic myself. Have had IBS for several years, diarrhea, constipation, and most recently feeling like I still need to go after I've just gone. I totally understand how this becomes all you can think about- wanting to just go normally and not feel the urge constantly. Cumulous mentioned squatting to go. Just today I came across the topic of squatting to go rather than sitting. The article I read contrasted our western culture and its digestive troubles with that of other less developed countries where squatting to go is the norm and far fewer "issues" occur. I have been adding fiber, drinking more water, and taking probiotics for several months now and this regimen is helping with me being more regular and having more normal stools, however, not with the feeling of always needing to go or not being completely empty. So, I tried the squatting technique today and I really do feel that I was able to empty completely. Look up "squatting vs sitting to have a bowel movement" and see what you think. Hope this helps you and continues to help me!
    StephNeedsHelp responded:
    I was surprised to see that there was someone out there who had a situation very much like mine. I have been having very bad constipation for more than a year. Sometimes its easy to pass sometimes it's not and I end up getting cramps and feel terrible. I don't remember when I started doing the finger thing but I realize that I do seem to turn to it every time. I guess it can be an addiction. I'm working on taking in more and more water so hopefully that will help me pass them. I don't have a foot step does anyone know of a good substitute? Stack of phone books or something?
    mazmusic responded:
    Hi Thomas,
    I never thought anybody else actually did this as I too had to ease out faeces every time I went to the loo, and very similar to yourself if I did not do this I always felt there was something still there. I had done this for over 20 years and everything was fine but 4 years ago I accidentally scratched my anus and although this healed quickly I then developed a peri anal skin tag, which although small was bothersome so I had it surgically removed in 2009.
    I then developed an even larger anal skin tag near the site of the previous one, plus a chronic anal fissure.. and although I had the second skintag removed almost 3 months ago the fissure will not heal and now I have serious problems trying to pass a bowel movement as my anus feels tight and constricted, probably due to the fissure, and I'm experiencing discomfort constantly. I was given rectogesic cream which gave moderate relief to diiscomfort but I had to discontinue use as I suffer migraine it was making this condition worse.
    I wish I had never started giving myself enemas in the first place now. I never thought I would end up like this.
    ringo65 replied to peanutaround's response:
    just came on here for the first time and I can relate to what you posted about a intestinal transplant ... where can I sign up for that . I have been dealing with IBS-D for what seems like my entire life. And sometimes it surely gets old. I am only 46 but sometimes I feel so much older and this has taken a toll on my body. I recently asked my doctor why cant they come up with some medication that works on my gut and not have to mess with my brain in the process. I have tried several of the medications that supposedly help and they just messed my mind up and I just got more depressed. So now I deal with the symptoms with Cherry flavored Pepto and immodium a.d. ... But life goes on and I just pray for a cure for this in my lifetime.
    31773 responded:
    I have no problem going or perhaps I should say no problem starting. It's the finishing that's the problem. I know there is more because I can never get a clean wipe on the toilet paper. It seems that maybe I don't have the muscles to complete the last push to get it all out.
    I need to find out why this is happening and also take out some stock in toilet paper.
    I also don't go every day and sometimes only once every 3 days but when I do go, no problem going (not constipated), just the finishing.
    db1996 replied to 31773's response:
    I just recently started having this exact same problem. I don't feel constipated. I just feel like I'm not done and I don't feel clean. I purchased my first enema today but I don't look forward to using this thing daily. I need answers, too, cause this is not sexy!
    31773 replied to db1996's response:
    I don't have insurance nor a steady job so really can't afford a doctors visit but thought I'd get on the phone or even go visit a pharmasist with the question and perhaps has some answers that won't require a prescription.
    kittenkissyou responded:
    Sorry to say that I don't have a solution to your problem, but I just wanted to say that this is the first time I've found someone who describes the exact same problem I have.
    squat2pot responded:
    You need to learn about squatting to go to the bathroom. You have a natural kink in your rectum to help keep you continent. And when you squat or get your knees up above your waist while going this will improve your ability to expel your stool. Only through squatting does this natural angle straighten out for better elimination. You can learn more about this at squatty potty hope this helps you all. You know that we all squatted for centuries and that is just how our body's are made. It is a simple natural solution to such a big problem.
    dicher replied to mazmusic's response:
    It has been 2 months since you posted here and I am wondering if your situation has improved. I relate to some of the things you mentioned. I am trying to undertand something...was it due to the removal of your skin tag that a fissure developed ? I find it very difficult to clean myself due to skin tags/hemroids and I\m now trying to formulate words to express my exasperation to my dr. soon.
    basa6245 responded:
    Hi all,
    I have the same problem for a year and did research all over but can not find any solution(and caught this website but there is no solution too). Last week I called my mom and told her about this. She was so mad and said why don't I tell her ealier.
    After she tells me what to do, at the very first try I went to restroom and seem to be everything came out. I don't feel "incomplete bowel" no more. Now, after a week there is no more hurting my stomach, and every morning I went to restroom and everything come out normally.
    Here are her solutions:(please remember that my mom is not a dr. It's just an experience from my grandmother. If you try this and not working please don't yelling at her or something).

    1. Go to asian market and ask for sweet potato leaves. In Vietnamese called "rau lang"(as I know these potato leaves only sold in Vietnamese market)
    Here is the website shows it:
    Take the young parts and leaves only and cook them like soup
    Here is what i do:
    boil the water add some salt and little bit olive oil, put sweet potato leaves in and oyster mush room (oyster mush room for tasty only. If you don't like mushroom, leave the out) cook until tender. That's it, and have them like soup. Using them as your daily diet. The tast of it is so good like spinach.In Vietnam this kind of vegie is their every day diet like spinach in the USA.
    2. Cook Yam(or sweet potato the root) and eat daily.
    3. Pomelo (find the pink inside for best result).
    4.Eat alot Papaya.

    Though, I only tried the first one and my problem is solved so I don't try the last 3. Now, I don't feel the same problems you guys have, the one that has been killing me for a year(I usually take leave or leave early from work for this problem).

    Here is my mom explain:
    If you have the same symptom, the best way is to check with your Dr. If there is no problem found that means you have too much stress(I have stress for 4 years). This will cause "Disfunction Bowel Movement" then the best way to do reduce your stress as much as you can. Then follow these diet above.
    Once again, my mom is not a Dr, It's just an experience from her life and from my grandmother. Please post if there are some improvement on your bowel movement.
    Hope you guys get well soon.
    An_245592 replied to ShukJan's response:
    I have read all the posts and certainly will all better health. I believe zeinorm is no longer on the market. My husband has this same problem and has had it for 4-5 years now. Hard to plan anything and he is miserable 3-4 days each week. Colonoscopy showed diverticulosis which we already knew he had. I wish he would try the squatting but said he could not do that. Perhaps the enema theory will help. I think he needs a different doctor but he doesn't.
    balancedviewdotorg responded:
    Hi Thomas,

    I noticed your original post was 4 years ago. i hope things are going well for you and that you're feeling better.

    I thought to offer an idea you might find effective - a coffee enema - I m not sure if this advice has been given before as I haven't read all the posts....

    I don't have problems as severe as you but I do have 'issues' an uncomfortable, tense feeling sometimes with frequent visits to the toilet.....a thing I've found that really has helped recently are coffee enemas - there's quite a lot of info on the web about them and how to do them - just don't do them too hot!!

    I put my 'problem' down to various things - sitting too much, eating more food than I need, eating certain types of food - perhaps food with yeast...perhaps stress, not relaxing...

    I did the first coffee enema about 2 weeks ago and the relief was almost instant - it was the first time the uncomfortable, tense feeling in my bowels had ever subsided so quickly....I usually do a water enema first, re the advice from quite a few on the web - there are a few articles on the web about negative things to do with coffee enemas - but for me, how I feel afterwards is proof enough ...'s also given me a certain confidence that the problem is with...a toxic buildup in my bowels (I'm on thin ice here as I'm no doctor!) that needs cleaning up - and the enema clears this up and gives a detox - it's also helped me to be more careful about what and how often I eat as there clearly was a problem.....

    Hope this helps you - give it a try if you haven't it's cheap, i don't think it can do you any damage, and you may be surprised!

    Warm regards


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