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    Help - Incomplete bowel movements
    ThomasJ1964 posted:
    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping someone could help me with an IBS-related problem that I've been having for years.

    I've suffered with IBS ever since I was in grade school ( I'm 44 now ). My symptoms included pain, diarrhea and the unexpected immediate urgency to run to the bathroom. Years ago my folks took me to a doctor that diagnosed me as having IBS after a battery of tests. When I was in my early 20s.. I was actually symptom free for years. Then around 1990.. some of the symptoms returned and have not gone away.

    Now, only occasionally do I have the terrible pains I used to have. But I still have the unexpected urges, the cramping and the "feeling" that I have to have a bowel movement almost constantly.

    The worst thing now is the feeling that after a bowel movement, I feel that I'm not finished. So one of the things I've been doing for years is inserting my finger to get what's left out. I know this sounds awful.. and totally gross.. but I can't seem to break this habit. No matter how much fiber I take, or water I drink.. my bowel movements never feel "complete". And they're not because there always DOES seem to be more left.. sometimes MUCH more. And I can only get it removed by using my finger. And I'm _not_ constipated either, my stools are always very soft and even loose sometimes. But it's like the rest won't come out without me trying to remove it.

    Then there are times when I feel there's something there.. I have the cramping and urgency.. but when I insert my finger, there's nothing there.

    I've been wondering that if by using my finger I'm not just irritating things even more.. making the feeling of having to go to the bathroom even worse. As I said.. I'm trying very hard to break this habit or find ways to alter my diet so that the feeling of having incomplete bowel movements goes away. I just want to be able to go to the bathroom _normally_.

    Has anyone here ever had this problem? If so.. were you ever able to overcome it?

    Any replies will be so greatly appreciated!
    december55 replied to Yougottabecrazy's response:
    I don't feel completely empty after every elimination - I don't think many people do - especially how long our food has to travel - especially in comparison to the length of ones finger - and like a q tip going in the ear to clean it out - sometimes thinks work out the opposite - I become dehydrated easily - Doctors told me to drink anything but keep those fluids coming in - - if you are bloated mylanta for gas chewable mint - I ache sometimes after going to the bathroom - Doctor said guts out of sync - MOTILITY - so I take it easy on them -
    An_249534 responded:
    I have had the same problem for almost 3 years now, I still remember the first day and that was my 18th birthday. It has completely ruined my life! I feel like I should be 80. My partner doesn't understand any of it and thinks it will just go away. And I think everyone would agree if they could make it go away over night they would do whatever in a heart beat! So does anyone have a solution that's worked for them? I have to have a night job and study online because it's physically impossible for me to leave the house before 12! I take imodium every day just so I can get through the day. And the many doctors I've seen are clueless as to what it is. I can't even pinpoint certain foods because it randomly just gets worse?
    nfidel replied to cj4three's response:
    Here's my story I posted in another thread. Our problems sound similar.

    This is long, but I hope it can help someone as it did me.

    I've had a similar problem for 5 years. I had a bad reaction to an
    antibiotic, causing what I describe as flaming diarrhea. Soon afterwards it was common for me to have many bowel movements per day, itching and burning, a little blood sometimes
    and the need to return to the bathroom many times after a bowel movement, to clean myself.

    After putting up with this for about 4 years, I researched the symptoms and they seemed to be the classic symptoms of hemorrhoids. Went to the doctor and he confirmed this but only told me to use Tucks. That didn't help. After another year of hell and after more research convincing me that I needed surgery to remove the hemorrhoids, I returned to him. He concurred and set me up with a surgeon.

    The surgeon asked many questions about my symptoms, especially about the consistency of my stools. He then told me that my problem wasn't hemorrhoids. The problem was that my stools were the wrong consistency. He said that when this happens, the stool breaks apart in the colon/rectum leaving part of it behind, which will then make it's way out later, causing the discharge I was having. The feces constantly being there at my anus was causing the itching and burning.

    Instead of surgery, he prescribed Metamucil. I was very skeptical, as I'd already tried high fiber diets to fix the problem with no results. But the results are just short of miraculous. I would say 95% of my problem has been alleviated.
    I don't know why this works but a high fiber diet didn't, but it does, for me. I was told the Metamucil will cause the stools to
    bind together better, unlike what he described mine before as having the consistency of mashed potatoes, allowing things to drop out as a unit.

    I hope this helps someone and not revealed TMI.
    dicher replied to nfidel's response:
    Could you tell me how much you take, how often and what time of day?
    dicher replied to dicher's response:
    Could or do you have hemorrhoids in addition to the consistancy issue too . What I mean is ... I know i have some but everything else you said I really identify with and think this is my problem too but I have a few hemorrhoids but think they aren't bad enough to be the real problem.
    nfidel replied to dicher's response:
    The directions say to add a rounded tablespoon to at least 8 ounces of water and drink, up to three times a day.
    I usually use a heaping tablespoon plus a little more in 12 ounces of water after breakfast. That one dose is all I take in a day. I work nights. My doctor said one can adjust
    the dosage to their own needs. For me, the benefits were seen within 24 hours. I would suggest taking the minimum dosage the first couple days and increase if
    needed. The amount I use seems to work for me.

    Do I have hemorrhoids? The doc said everyone has them at some time, but I had none that he could see during the examination. I also had a colonoscopy that nothing showed up on. He told me he only does surgery to remove hemorrhoids if they are bleeding badly or if they protrude from the anus. Evidently some people have them so bad they need to push them back up into the body.

    Also, he said the symptoms I described, in my original post, were the result partly of being a male and maybe age. I was told that males have a longer uh...exit area or rectum, whatever the area from between the inside and outside is called. This gives more area for the feces to be pulled apart , resulting in it exiting more or less over a period of hours instead of in one sitting, pun intended. When I use the john now, I sit down and it all just drops out, like a normal person. It's really cut into my reading time though.

    I really hope this can help some people. It's really an embarrassing problem that put me through hell for about five years. If anyone has more questions feel free to ask. I'd also be curious to know if anyone else benefits from this.
    dicher replied to nfidel's response:
    Thank you so much. I used this in the past but it was awhile ago. I seem to remember things did improver when I tired it but I didn't stick with it . This time I will be more diligent . I do have hemorrhoids (doctors don't care) that flare up time to time but I think this might help to, at least, get rid of everything in a faster cleaner movement..
    popsy responded:
    Hi ThomasJ

    I know it is now over 4 of years since you posted your bowel disorders information, on this website. Has the problem changed and if so what was the trigger? I am interested to follow your progress.
    positivepiper29 responded:
    Go see a chiropractor. You will be shocked and amazed.
    An_251253 replied to positivepiper29's response:
    Could you elaborate . What happened and how long did it take ... Do you think most chiropractors will know about this ?
    Durbin replied to nfidel's response:
    Is the Metamucil the kind that thickens? That makes me gag, though I know it's suppose to be the best. It also gives me gas-which I have all the time anyway.(life gives me gas)I've tried Benefiber &Miralax and they are easier to take, but also give me gas and don't really work for me. I guess I should try Metamucil again- maybe less since I am 4'11 & 100lbs.(of poopage)
    Durbin responded:
    I just wanna say thank you. I feel like crying-I relate so much. I've had this problem for almost 30 yrs. It started -or at least I noticed it- once I got sober. I attributed it initially to the lack of baby laxative used to cut cocaine in my diet.But it has persisted through many diet& lifestyle changes attempted to fix it.The worst was giving up coffee-Jesus let me have something! Anyway it has ruled &ruined my life. I just try to accept that I have a chronic illness. My husband thinks it's because I don't eat enough "can't come out if it doesn't go in". Believe me- I've had my phase of eating disorders, & I ate plenty. I've been to John Hopkins. I've had a rectal prolapse repair-nothing has worked. And the whole OCD/anal fixation theory does not escape me. But, it didn't become a fixation until I developed the problem. It is such a digusting shameful problem-with needing to manually disempact all the time. I never go anywhere without latex gloves. If I ever talk about it, I know people think I'm mental-like fibromyalgia suffers.I am seriously considering an elective colostomy. Living like this sucks the big one. Thanks for being here.
    nfidel replied to Durbin's response:
    Is the Metamucil the kind that thickens?

    Yes, but not if one drinks it immediately. I've actually come
    to like the taste. Using colder water seems to help also. I initially
    had plenty of gas too, but that has eased up.
    Viamber responded:

    Hi Thomas,

    Sorry for all of the trouble you are experiencing. I have a similar problem except that I experience extreme constipation once I get on the toilet!! I initially "feel the urge" while I'm standing up and once I'm sitting down....nothing. After about 5 minutes, I "feel" some movement and then it stops right at the anus and just sits there. Maybe 5-15 minutes something will plop out. And then, like you, there is a feeling of incompleteness and I can also feel that there is more stool there. I will wipe and some will come off on the tissue. I use the baby wipes (Costco are the best for adult...nice and big) to clean myself. But what I do to prevent an embarrassing moment in public is wear a couple of big paper towels inside my panties. Nine times out of 10 when I go to pee an hour or two later, there is fecal detritus on the paper towel. So that *proves* there was still something up there. It is very messy and very gross, but I do prevent messing up my panties by using the paper towels beforehand. I don't know it this would be called fecal incontinence or not. (I do not feel anything "coming out" between the time I've wiped myself from the first bowel movement and when I next urinate). Have you experienced this as well?

    Like you, I'd like to be able to go to the bathroom "normally" and have everything come out at one time, but I guess the next best thing is trying to be prepared. Oh and regarding using your fingers: wear gloves for goodness sake. That way it's more sanitary (the smell is hard to wash off) and you might avoid fissures. Good luck!
    Viamber replied to peanutaround's response:
    peanutaround try this: wearing 2 paper towels folded length-wise and placed in your panties. That way when you're in public and you "have an accident" (passing gas or laffing or whatever) you will be somewhat protected. Good luck

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