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    Help - Incomplete bowel movements
    ThomasJ1964 posted:
    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping someone could help me with an IBS-related problem that I've been having for years.

    I've suffered with IBS ever since I was in grade school ( I'm 44 now ). My symptoms included pain, diarrhea and the unexpected immediate urgency to run to the bathroom. Years ago my folks took me to a doctor that diagnosed me as having IBS after a battery of tests. When I was in my early 20s.. I was actually symptom free for years. Then around 1990.. some of the symptoms returned and have not gone away.

    Now, only occasionally do I have the terrible pains I used to have. But I still have the unexpected urges, the cramping and the "feeling" that I have to have a bowel movement almost constantly.

    The worst thing now is the feeling that after a bowel movement, I feel that I'm not finished. So one of the things I've been doing for years is inserting my finger to get what's left out. I know this sounds awful.. and totally gross.. but I can't seem to break this habit. No matter how much fiber I take, or water I drink.. my bowel movements never feel "complete". And they're not because there always DOES seem to be more left.. sometimes MUCH more. And I can only get it removed by using my finger. And I'm _not_ constipated either, my stools are always very soft and even loose sometimes. But it's like the rest won't come out without me trying to remove it.

    Then there are times when I feel there's something there.. I have the cramping and urgency.. but when I insert my finger, there's nothing there.

    I've been wondering that if by using my finger I'm not just irritating things even more.. making the feeling of having to go to the bathroom even worse. As I said.. I'm trying very hard to break this habit or find ways to alter my diet so that the feeling of having incomplete bowel movements goes away. I just want to be able to go to the bathroom _normally_.

    Has anyone here ever had this problem? If so.. were you ever able to overcome it?

    Any replies will be so greatly appreciated!
    Viamber replied to healbody's response:
    Hello healbody,
    Don't know if you're still on this board since it's been 3 years, but I have a question about prunes. I have a "snack pak" of 4 prunes as the serving size and it says the fiber is 1 gram!! How can that be? How many prunes make them "packed with fiber?"

    Viamber replied to Cumulous's response:
    Another thing to try is leaning over to one side (if you have a wall or handicap bar to support you) and lifting up one buttock cheek slightly. I also drink room temp-to-very warm water and that will help those recalitrant stools! Sometimes I wonder if it's the slant of the toilet seat that impedes the motility.
    Viamber replied to Cumulous's response:
    Those high ADA toilets may be worse, but they're lifesavers for people like me with joint challenges (can't squat down low). But you've made me wonder whether that's why I have a hard time evacuating ????
    Viamber replied to ritavhutchins's response:
    Rita, what does EFT stand for ? And what do you do exactly with the warm water jug? Unclear on that. Are you talking about bidets that are beside the toilets? Thanks
    Viamber replied to cj4three's response:
    Hi cj4,
    I'm typically on the toilet for up to 38 minutes every other day. When I "know" I have to go, I take about 2 cups of warm water with me to drink while I'm on the toilet. This seems to help get things moving. I do crossword puzzles and lean my body to the right side. I have to be patient and just be late for work or wherever I'm supposed to go.

    Good luck to you.
    groovychick responded:
    Hello Everyone,
    just wondering if anyone has managed to get a diagnosis for their incomplete evacuation? I've had this problem for about 5 years now - BM are daily, start fine, and are formed, but just lose momentum part way through... keen to know if anyone has found any satisfactory answers
    Many thanks
    nfidel replied to groovychick's response:
    Yes. See my response on page 5 of this topic.
    HpsCleanse responded:
    Sounds like you need a complete overhaul Thomas...Have you considered fasting/cleansing as preventative medicine...check out some information at Online step by step help in a 7-day detox could do wonders for you...please contact us with any questions you may have.

    Be Well
    onlymemaria responded:
    Hey Thomas,

    I think we have the same problem. When I was 16 I remember I'm doing the same thing like you do. I know it is gross but this is an illness that we have not chosen.

    I was operated with apecdetomy because I'm so poor in drinking water.

    I cannot move my bowels normally as others. I thought I'm the only one having this problem. I had hemorrhoids because of this too. I can only move my bowels if I have to help it with my fingers. My doctor told me that my BOWEL FUNCTION is not working. I had been doing this since I was 16 and am now 48.

    I did observe that when I ate something with fibers it somehow helps but totally as I have said, that has been my life since then.

    I would have bleeding, really fresh red blood by using my fingers. The hemorrhoids are irritated. I don't have insurance so until now I have this problem.

    I am still poor in drinking water and that has been my goal and since then not accomplish it yet.

    Research on fibers. The avocado helps since it has oil on it. But also eat something with fibers like bokchoy vegetables.

    String beans is also helpful. There is a fiber powder my doctor prescribed me but I lost it and can't share it to you. There is that powder fiber that you put into your drinks.

    Anyway I pray this helps.


    This is painful and terrible and scary too.

    I pray there is a remedy on my kind of illness.

    My first time ever to read and share on the web ever.

    This is good because it helps us not to panic and be stressed.

    Thank you for creating this for everybody. I do appreciate it.
    horizon822 replied to groovychick's response:
    Hi Groovychick

    I have the exact same problem.

    BM Daily, starts fine and it usually formed but just lose momentum part way through.... Have to continually wipe throughout the day. Its terrible and its really annoying.

    Has anyone had a diagnosis and curbed the symptoms?
    welcomefriend replied to horizon822's response:
    A hard and stiff abdomen often causes stress, strain and digestive disorders like ibs, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, chronic constipation or diarrhea etc.
    Hence ideally our belly should be small, soft, tender, yet, at the same time strong, supple and flexible to support our body. This may sound absurd. But I assure you that it is very much possible. Anyone, with a little bit of practice and patience, can make it happen himself.
    If we observe the breathing pattern of infants and young children. we will find that usually their breathing is relaxed and effortless. Their chest do not move much, rather their chest and belly gently move up and down simultaneously during breathing. Whereas we usually breathe moving only our chest and shoulder while our belly remains more or less static or stiff.
    No, I am not talking about so-called "abdominal breathing" in which, the chest is forcibly kept still and only the abdomen moves. I am telling about "normal" breathing involving simultaneous effortless movements of chest and abdomen.
    So our target will be to very slowly involve our belly to move while breathing and to gradually reduce stress on our chest and shoulders. The most important thing is proceed slow but steady. Never apply any force or pressure during this process. Be patient and wait for results to come automatically.
    At beginning, by put your palm of your hand on your belly and observe whether your belly is soft and tender, or stiff and hard; whether it is moving up and down in breathing or remains static and fixed. Do not try to keep your chest still. Allow it to move on its own. Then try to relax your whole body, particularly your abdomen, chest and shoulders. Do not use force to push up or down your belly. Do not unnecessarily try to take deep inhale or deep exhale. Rather just watch your breathing. Keep focus on your belly. Feel your belly. Just observe your breathing pattern and relax. Keep in mind the target- that ultimately the stress on your chest and shoulders will be reduced and your chest and belly will smoothly and automatically move up and down together in breathing. Such movements will be not big or heavy, rather small, quiet and easy.
    Also observe closely the breathing patterns of people around you. After some time, you yourself will be able to find out who is breathing normally and healthily, and who is not.
    Gradually and slowly, after months of practice, your belly will start to move automatically together with your chest while you inhale and exhale. You will enjoy it. Your body and mind will get multiple benefits. It is worth trying for at least a couple of months.
    Let us hope for the best. Good wishes.
    groovychick replied to horizon822's response:
    Hi Horizon822,
    I visited with a colorectal surgeon a few months ago and he seems to think that it may be either a rectocele, which is a kind of stretched sack, or an intussusception, whereby part of the bowel either collapses or telescopes inward causing a blockage. I'm thinking its likely the latter as I find that my BMs tend to become very narrow toward the end, and I usually end up having to go back a second time to pass a thin BM (as if its being squeezed through a constricted opening). In any event, I have to wait to have the appropriate diagnostic tests as I'm currently pregnant.
    If you're thinking this sounds like you, it wont show up on a colonoscopy, so you'll need to go see a colorectal surgeon who looks more at the mechanics of the bowel. Good luck - It was nice to finally see someone who at least had some hypotheses regarding the cause of the problem. I went through a good 4-5 years of being dismissed as suffering from IBS, which seems to be the diagnosis that GPs try to pin on anything to do with the bowel. I guess that, when the only tool you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.
    cmessi replied to ghisaw's response:
    thank you for your input! I am about to visit my doctor because I believe I have IBS and if they tell me to just take more fiber, I will have other options for what I could be diagnosed with. Can't stand those types of doctors that assume nothing's wrong with you and tell you if you do one thing it will make it all better. That's not the way it works...I'll see how this doctor is
    cmessi replied to 19850's response:
    you could try keegul exercises with your rectum? I also find it relaxing to have a book to read or a crossword puzzle helps me stay on the toilet long enough without straining the entire time
    cmessi responded:
    I believe the finger practice you're doing is giving the same effect as suppositories would...I 've noticed that when I use suppositories ( in emergency situations) it is difficult for me to go the next few times because they work by stimulating your rectum, and without that stimulation which your rectum gets used to, it is not able to push without it (or at least that's my theory). I try reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle to help me out and distract me from needing to push as fast as I can (which is the worst you can do for IBS).
    I would suggest trying without the finger in the mornings, which is usually the easiest time for most people to go effortlessly....and then gradually practice going without attempting the finger first...if you have to, then do so. I know the unfinished feeling may be bothersome sometimes, but if you ignore it after a while it should disappear.

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