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    GERD causing heart palpitations?
    zen332 posted:
    I have mentioned this in previous posts and had attributed my heart palpitations to the use of PPIs. What I have discovered after much research online is that there appears to be a connection between the autonomic nervous system (Vagus nerve) and GERD. I had never experienced heart palpitations prior to my GERD. They come on suddenly, sometimes wake me during sleep and have lasted for several days on several occasions.

    When I asked my cardiologist about this, he claimed he had never heard of this and recommended that I begin a regimen of "anti depressant therapy". His conclusion was reached after I tested normal on my holter monitor, EKG and ECHO. I am very discouraged about some physicians not thinking out of the box or even being "open" to this concept.

    Has anyone else encountered these symptoms or physician mindset?
    rio1953 replied to queenofbarf's response:
    It is a few days now that I am experiencing palpitation, they come and go and feels like my heart is trayng to race but than goes back to normal. I have high blood pressure that has been under control, for many years now with medication. the only other time I had this problem was three years ago it started all of the sudden and after a few months of doctors and tests went away. I have now been diagnosed with acid reflux and I'm on omeprazone, It has been a 1 1/2 month and have just started having this problem. Could this be the acid reflux or the medication? I don't want to go to doctors just to have them tell me that it is all in my head , but I guess, if this continue, I will have to.
    chattytalkgirl replied to bluewendybee's response:
    hello i see this post has been a while but i want to know if u still have problems and if u would like to talk as i feel the same as u and i even have alot more problems too if so i would love to chat!!!!
    liz_in_need replied to chattytalkgirl's response:
    Hi, I also see that it has been a while since anyone hasposted anything about these conditions. I, too, suffer from GERD and after taking PPI's for quite awhile I also developed chest pains. After several trips to the ER and "ologists", my Nurse practioner put me on a med for IBS and low and behold no more chest pains. Now I'm not saying this is for everyone but you never know what will work for you. unfortunately the med I was taking for the last 2 years has now been NIXED by the FDA for long term use and my insurance will not pay for it. So I an trying a new a will let you know if it works.
    jmh8662 replied to gerdzilla's response:
    I want to thank every one of you for making me feel like I was not alone! I have been suffering from "flutters" for a while now. I was told I was having a panic attach, my cardio doctor told me it was Gastro, Gastro Dr. told me it was Cardiac. On Sunday I went to the E.R. and had one of the flutters while I was on the monitor and it didnt show up!!! The Dr.'s make me feel like its all in my head, and like everyone else, has decided I need to be put on antidepressants. My GERD is worse right before my period, and sometimes is so severe I cant catch my breath. Currently I am on Nexium, but I believe when we go to my Dr. we are going to change that. I just want to thank everyone again for making me realize Im not crazy and the symptoms are real and Im definitely not alone.
    Godisawesome76 responded:
    Oh wow! I too have this very same problem! I have been to the ER twice for heart palpitations and shaking uncontrolably, they did an EKG and chest xrays and lab work and told me it was anxiety/ panic attacks and sent me on my way. I went to my family doc and she tried me on several different anti depressants which just made me mad cause i'm not depressed and I couldn't handle the side affects of those meds so she finally put me on xanax xr which has helped. I kept telling them that my symptoms would come on after i ate, usually after a heavy meal or something spicy and after I eat, I can't walk alot or my heart starts skipping beats or when I bend over it will happen then too and that send me into a panic attack cause it scares the mess out of me when that happens! I have done the heart monitor test twice and my heart is healthy they say but like many of you, i still have my doubts that they are missing something! so they suggested i see a GI doc. He did the Bravo test and I just got the results today, he said I refluxed 129 times in a 24 hr period. So, he is putting me on Reglan which I havent even picked up for the pharmacy yet, I just read the side affects of this med and it scares me to death, I have a really hard time making myself take new meds. I am already on aciphex which helps somewhat. Has anyone ever taken Reglan and if so what was your experience with it? I feel so much better knowing that i'm not alone with this! I would always tell me doc that i thought it had something to do with digestion but she thought i was crazy! I'm just praying the this new med he just put me on will work and take all my symptoms away...i've gotten to where i can't even hardly climb a flight of stairs without my heart racing and skippin beats and it all feels like it's coming from my stomach, like there is a tightness there and it's pushing up causing pressure on my chest.
    Gwen1951 responded:
    Hello out there my name is gwen and I would like to ask a question, I have gone to my doctor about a cough that I have sense year it started off as if I have some in kind of infections but it was not now I still cough all the time and also a feeling like something is stuck in my throat all the time the ENT doctor said it is acid reflux but I don't think so. Some morning when I get up I start to cough so bad and at work too. If someone can tell me what I do.
    Jesusthug replied to hannah02's response:
    I'm glad I read this! I am a 29 year old Male who has been having these kind of problems for a couple years now! It all started with acid reflux.Now my problem is I have stomach spasm's that seem to be at the same exact time of my ("Skipped beats") along with pressure in my chest that is only re-leaved by burping. These irregular heartbeats seem to also make me have headaches as well. This can last as long as an hour sometimes and mostly happens withing an hour of eating. Very uncomfortable and debilitating! There is definitely a link with these irregular heart beats and my stomach problems! I also suffer from severe anxiety which only seems to make these issues worse. I am currently taking over the counter prevacid which helps about 80%. This condition sux bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Elanr replied to Jesusthug's response:
    Im too a 29 year old male with anxiety too also Ptsd (Army) and also palps from Gerd. I was told by the Va medical center which has some of the best docters in the US. that Stress/Anxiety Can cause gerd and many other gastro problems. thats why when ppl gets upset they drink alkaseltzers or tums. When you have Gad ( gen. anxiety disorder) its almost written in stone you will have gerd etc...
    so how it was explained to me that --Stress/anxiety causes gerd - then - gerd messes with a nerve that can cause Palps and even in my case Afib (Panic attack induced though) "THEN" More Stress then more Anxiety then more Gastro problems then more Palps.....etc. So you see the cycle? The stomach can heal from certain things but it can take months. You have to Fix your anxiety / your diet and heal you stomach all at same time for a lil while. it is hard but it is doable. o btw all this still "Cant" kill you from what i was told. your heart wont stop .. the vagle just messes with rythm but other things actully controls the beat. More you ponder on them them worse they will be. Good luck.
    Miss_B1123 replied to bluewendybee's response:
    Hello! I too am new to this forum and like many others I AM SO GLAD I CAME ACROSS IT! I had an episode of the heart palpations last year and it freaked me out so bad I called the ambulance to my home at 2:00 AM and after taking my vitals they saw that everything was fine I was told that it could have just been something I ate. A week later the same episode occured I called the ambulance again at about 2 or 3:00 AM the same 2 guys came from before came. My vitals were taken and just like the first time every thing was fine. At this point, I was being looked at as if I was just a few sandwiches short of a picnic! I didn't care what they thought because I knew what I felt. I had them take me to ER where I was told it was just anxiety and heart palpations and was sent home. ( I went to ER because at the time I had no family doctor) I finally went to my doctor and described to him the belching, the slight indigestion and the burning sensation after eating spicy foods or orange juice I was diagnosed with GERD and I started taking Omeprazole 20 mgs. I was fine for a few months so I stopped taking them. In fact the whole summer I was fine but here in the last week I've noticed the symptoms are back along with gas but it seems the Omeprazole isn't strong enough. Tonight I called a pharmacist and he said that it sounds more like gas and not GERD because I am not feeling pain with the indigetsion. I don't know about that I still think it's GERD it can't just be gas.
    Miss_B1123 replied to Godisawesome76's response:
    OMG yes yes yes! I feel the same way when I climb stairs and I never felt this way until I was diagnosed with GERD and heart palpations.It really freaks me out. Oooh i just hate the feeling because when your heart is racing like that it makes you just think the worst. I am sooo glad and releived to know that I am not the only one with these weird, annoying, and scary symptoms.
    christycphipps responded:
    Oh my gosh, I totally have to agree because I have gerd very bad and i keep heart palpations all the time. I have went to the Dr several times and they find nothing, but my heart constantly beeps and races so fast. The have done several Ekg's on me and nothing shows up. just feel like im going to have a heart attack alot.
    benefit1230 replied to hannah02's response:
    I have had very similar symptoms to you and I know your frustration!! I thought for sure I had a heart problem (even though I am a runner and never feel ANY heart concerning pain running) because the typical gastro & cardio docs don't believe any of it is related to gastro or cardio (my cardio tests have lead my doc to assure me it is not my heart). Another symptom I have is arm tightness and slight pain and if I hold my hand up it starts to tingle a bit--I wonder if there is a swelling or spasm referred-type pain that is causing it. Are you male or female? I'm female and definitely periomenopausal so I also wonder if there are some links there. Have you been checked for celiac disease? Take care and write back if you can.
    1oldvet replied to Oxymoron1974's response:
    I had the same problems for over 3 years. The doctors kept checking me for heart problems but found nothing major. finally one of them suggested that maybe my vagus nerve was the ans. they put me on high doses of ppi for 6 months and my symptoms went away. i still get them sometimes, but not nearly as strongly as before. use the ppis at a high dose, lose weight, change your diet. eat small meals and you'll be fine.
    tigeresslane replied to hannah02's response:
    Everything you have described is what I have been through since I was 13 years old and no damn Dr. has figured it out except the ones down in Denver, Co. I am now back up here in Missoula, Mt and they are kind of listening to me and at least are giving me Kapidex, Dexilant generic brand double the dose for my Gerd. However, I have been bleeding rectally for 3 weeks and have a severe pain in my right upper abdomen that won't stop. I do have 2 small internal hemmroids. It could be that but that does not explain the upper pain. I am calling them tomorrow and know that I have something going on with my large intestines. They are calling it Colorectal Colitis. I know that there is something else wrong. I have had heart palpations and irregular heart beat since I was born. I know what that feels like it is not fun. What else are they gonna diagnose it with now?. I did not know that Gerd could be associated with the feeling of palpations though? Your story touched me greatly hannah02!!!
    kjme11374 replied to tigeresslane's response:
    Well, this could explain a lot of things. I have GERD and have been taking meds for about 4-5 months. I also take BP-lowering meds. I have what FEELS LIKE constant palpitations and I will take my BP immediately (to get an acccurate heart rate, and it is completely normal. In fact my HR seems to stay under the normal 72.

    I am going to ask my cardiologist and gastroenterologist about a possible GERD-palpitation connection.

    At the point where I cant differentiate between GERD symptoms and possible heart issues...and that alone is stressful. Even ON BP meds, i get a case of "white coat syndrom" when I go to the doc. I went for endoscopy a couple of weeks ago and my bp went to 160/XX.....In fact even ON meds, it seems to fluctuate a bit too much (more discussion with doc). So sick of being sick, taking meds.

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