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    what causes twisted bowels & how
    FINALLY55 posted:
    Anyone know what are some of the causes of a twisted bowel or ways to prevent it?
    shawneric12 responded:
    Have eyou gone to a doctor about this? I am really not sure what you mean twisted bowel, you have a feeling of your bowel being twisted? As in cramping?
    FINALLY55 responded:
    My brother is in hospital with this and I am wanting to find out info on it as this is the 2nd time this has happened to him. All I know is DR said it was twisted. However they took out about 3 in of his intestines I think because it was blocked. Thye said what they took out of him was almost as big as a football. They have never seen anything that big and he was very lucky.
    Renny1985 responded:
    You may want to do a google search. From what I understand, twisted bowel means exactly that. The bowel has quite literally twisted over on itself and therefore can cause blockages. When there is a blockage no blood or oxygen can pass through and the section of bowel cut off may die. That is most likely why they removed a portion of your brother's intestines. As for causes, I am not sure. From what I have read it seems nobody really knows. Does your brother have any other underlying illnesses that may have contributed to it? I dont think anyone is sure why this happens though there is some speculation that diet and gut motility may contribute. I hope your brother is doing a bit better. Good luck, Renny
    CalGal37 responded:
    People can be born with a twisted bowel but not show any symptoms for years before finding out it's there. In others, there is a congenital mal-rotation that happens during embryology. Still others don't have the correct connective tissue placement that 'pins'/holds the bowel in place so that when the bowel 'undulates' during normal digestive process, it can literally twist itself into knots. There no one answer to the question. Fixing it will depend on the initial cause.
    FINALLY55 responded:
    Thanks all I will goggle it. Yes he is doing better. I have a cousin who would get twisted bowels and is now on a bag so I guess maybe it's hereditary??? I thought my cousins was from polio and not having a rectum when he was born but I guess not. Will have to do more searching. Thanks again.

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