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    irritable bowel syndrome
    maddiewho posted:
    does anyone have symptoms so bad they are afraid to leave the house, or affecting their job?
    Need_Help_IBS responded:
    My IBS includes migraines, excess gas and urgencies. Not good because I work as a business consultant. On a good day, I have all of the restrooms mapped out, and an excuse that my stomach is growling because I haven't eaten lunch. Sometimes I just stand up, put a hand to my mouth and walk out of meeting rooms. Somehow telling people that I vomited my lunch sounds more professional than I had to poop. Usually, I schedule meetings to avoid conflict with my toilet schedule. Once a month I get a migraine that shuts me down for the rest of the day. I rarely drink alcohol because hangovers last 2 days. I eat regular meals because skipping meals messes with my toilet schedule and causes constipation. I also avoid my trigger foods, i.e. some cheeses, peanut butter, excess of nuts. Also, sleeping on my left side, even laying on my left side for a few minutes increases IBS pain. I have managed to avoid the IBS abdominal pain by keeping a daily toilet schedule. If I have to force my self to skip the toilet, such as a 3 hour meeting first thing in the morning, then I will suffer abdominal pain for the next day or two. Because I go regularly, urgencies are usually more liquid. Once I skipped the toilet and when on a 2 hour drive, big mistake. Fifty miles from a city and 5 miles from a gas station, I held it as long as I could, but crapped my pants. As grace would have it, I had gym cloths to change into. I pulled down the most deserted gravel road I could find to get out, wipe and change. Then I found the nearest Walmart for new cloths and a gas station to wash. I carry toilet paper now. I also stop at every gas station to inspect their toilets in case I need them one day. I wish I could devote more attention to my job. I may get fired one day for drinking too much coffee and making too many trips to the rest room. But severe constipation can cause all sorts of permanent damage, not to mention the increased chance of an accident. I hope my story helps someone understand their situation better and provides some helpful ideas. Good luck.
    kauaisally responded:
    thankyou for your informative post. I will try some of your solutions! I have not been diagnosed, but have the same symptoms as many on this forum. I have tried a probiotic, but cant tell any dif. I have thought that I may want to try an anti-anxiety pill, but do not want to begin to rely on that solution. My symptoms are not as severe as diarrhea, but I get nauseated, feel thirsty, urge to urinate, and soft stools with gas and am anxious.. horrible stuff. Its beginning to affect my social life and travel. Ive become afraid of flying as it seems to attack when Im traveling. I eat well, avoid foods that may trigger, but get lax when all is well.
    godsmack25 responded:
    I know exactly how you feel. I always thought I was the only one in the world with this problem. I have been living with this for 12 years. I hate having to run my life around this. I can't do anything at the spur of the moment, I have to plan for it. When I get in the car by myself I am usually okay because I know if I have an episode I am by myself. But I am terrified if I have to drive someone else. All I think about is having an episode and being embarrassed. You are right what a way to live.
    godsmack25 responded:
    Yes I know how you feel. I hate to leave the house. I am so scared that I am going to have an accident in the car because I can't get to a restroom in time. Right now I am not working but when I was working it did affect my job. I worked in retail and the store only had 1 restroom when I saw someone go in there my gut started hurting and I had the need to go. I was lucky I did not have an episode at work. But my symtoms seemed to get worse over the years. I don't know what I would do if I had a job and they only had 1 restroom. When I go anyplace I always have to know where all the restrooms are. If I know there are no restrooms I will not eat that day or the day before. I have even taken laxatives to clean out my system so I don't have anything left in me. Then I don't have to worry about having a episode.
    bett123 responded:
    hello i have just been diognosed with IBS and im 19, i also have a phobea of being ill so every time i have a attack which is normally diarreah i start to get all panicky. but i want to know somethin is a symptom where your poo is really runny but really really thck please someone tell me
    joyvllrrl responded:
    I won't travel more than 10 - 15 min. from my house. I haven't had a vacation since 1999. I used to work for some wonderful people (13 years) who were very understanding of my condition. They laid me off at the end of January. I haven't been able to find another job and I'm almost afraid to. I know I'm going to catch some flack for my next comment.

    Marijuana is an effective treatment for IBS. I've been using it for years. There are canniboid receptors in the large and small intestines. MARIJUANA STOPS THE SPASMS & AND ELIMINATES OR LESSENS THE PAIN! There have been many studies on this. You don't have to smoke it. You can get a vaporizor which heats up the MJ releasing the good stuff. No damage to the lungs! It also works for GERD (there is a study that supports this). I have almost no reflux when using MJ for my IBS. I've been off my meds for GERD for about two years. If I don't use MJ the GERD comes back. If you live in a medicinal marijuana state I highly recommend you talk to your doctor. If you don't live in one move to one. Your quality of life will greatly improve with the use of MJ.

    God has given us a gift. Genesis 1:12 - I have given you all the seed bearing plants and herbs to use.

    Please visit the following website for more info on medicinal marijuana and GI disorders. And please do so with an open mind. You are all in my prayers.
    leoja responded:
    I just spent 6 hours in the emergency room last night with terrible pain. Now I'm nervous to leave my house because the pain might come back. About a year ago and then 2 months ago, I had the same pain. At first they thought it was a cyst on my ovary and the next time diverticulitis. Last night was the first time I was examined and had cat scan and ultrasound done during the 'episode'. So now we know for sure it was IBS. They gave me medicine that I place under my tongue adn it is suppose to help the spasm, which is where the crazy pain comes from. Have you been diagnosed with IBS? What are some things you do that seem to help? I'm brand new at this and would appreciate any advice.
    msmopar70 responded:
    I haven't been diagnosed yet but I seem to have a lot of these symptoms. I have terrible diarreah, stomach pains, tired and have a very stressful job. It comes and goes but the last few months I've been missing a lot of work because of it. Oh, also dizziness and headaches. I've been complaining to my doctor for 2 years and she ignores me. I live on immodim that helps sometimes but mostly not. A lot of days I can't leave the house because I'll be running back to the bathroom. It's been a banner year. I found out I'm diabetic, have high blood pressure... on and on. It is so tiring.
    DiLeeB responded:
    I have just found out I have yeast in my stool. Do you know what the medication is called that your Mom was treated with? Or does anyone else know? I haven't been diagnosed with anything. All tests (except yeast) have come back normal. I have diarrhea or loose stools daily, horrible sick feeling every a.m. with abdominal cramps and nausea. I've lost 16 lb.s and was small to begin with. I don't know what to eat anymore. I take Elavil which has helped a bit and am still upping my dose. I don't have the same urgency as typical IBS sufferers and I generally feel worse when and after my bowels move.I was thinking of trying prednisone (steroid) but there are lots of side effects. Has anyone used steroids with good effect? I can't work or commit to anything I am so sick almost daily now for 5 months and sick once a month for the past 2 years.
    DiLeeB responded:
    Marijuanna works for me too but i don't like to be stoned during the day and try and function. I'm considering oral THC that your doctor can prescribe for you. It's legal in Canada by prescription.
    cmfzosa responded:
    Thanks for the infos! How much amount do you use? I've tried it at night with friends we shared, felt not enough. Probably I don't have pain yet. I should try it when I have the pain.
    irishro60 responded:
    Dear maddiewho, I hear you! The symptoms never seem to get better. I have found that the more stressful situation you are in the worse it gets. I have been off work this time for 6 days straight because I'm too afraid to leave our house that I might have a flare up. I've had this for 9 years. My doctor now has me seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist to help with medication and hopefully to change my behavioral patterns I've developed due to this illness. The worse part of medication, nothing seems to work. Anti-depressants always cause a flare up, dizziness and other bad side effects.

    I don't know how bad you are but I can't even go to watch my daughter's soccer game. I pace back and forth in front of the port-a-let in the parking lot, guarding it in case I need to use it. Even when my son would bowl (indoors with a real restroom) I can't sit still "just in case"..

    According to my psychologist I have become the "master of avoiding disaster and embarassment". Wherever I go I have paper towels, change of clothing, wipes, medicine, a blanket to cover the car seat and any other item I feel may help me in case of a time of need. I also have learned where every restroom in every store in this little town is. I definitely sympathize with you. Have you found relief in any product or prescription? Quite frankly I am tired of not getting any relief and nobody seems to understand completely except the few of us that have this problem.

    As for work, do you have FMLA where you work? I use it as often as I have to. It does help to know there isn't too much they can do to me with appropriate medical documentation. It also helps to alleviate the stress level that is directly related to our illness. I also have heard of people getting medical disability for this case. I don't know how they did it but it might be worth looking into.

    Are you newly diagnosed? I remember when this first happened. It was like BAM - hit by a truck. Fine one day and the next I couldn't leave the bathroom. I thought it was a joke when the doctor's office told me to come in as soon as I can! How the heck was I going to do that? I couldn't even pick up my kids at school 3 miles away! They originally put me on lomotil and that worked for a while. But little by little I'm back to where I began. Now only with social dilemnas.

    Good luck, please write back. I would like to know that I'm not the only one in the world with this problem.
    maceemom responded:
    Hi!! This is my first post so please bear with me. I have had issues with IBS for 16 years. It started around in high school for me. I have been dealing with it for a long time. I am a stay at home mom now but for years I work and yes it affected my job quite a bit. However, since I was very honest about my problem my employers were very understanding. I am afraid to go out to dinner with friends and go shopping for the day.And in fact, i have had cancel doctors appts for myself and for my daughter because i have ibs attack. I will find myself not eating during the day if my husband and I have a date night. There are alot of foods that trigger my IBS. And stress is a huge trigger for me. I also suffer panic disorder. Some of my food triggers are as follows: drinks containing sugars and caffine, chocolate, cake frostings, pizza, peanuts, ice creams and other dairy items, beans. There are more but I not going to list of them we would be here Well a year ago I started seeing a chriopractor and it was amazing. I would still for bouts of Ibs with diahrra. But the severe cramping was gone. But about three weeks ago the cramping came back. It is waking me up and after I have a few bm the cramping and bloating is gone. The only thing that I have been doing lately is I started eating meats again. Does anybody else find it hard to digest meats? The only the medicine I take is promethzine. It helps with the nausa that i ecperience with the cramping for IBS. Does anybody have recommendation for natural solutions???\
    Need_Help_IBS responded:
    My experience with promethzine includes mild constipation which leads to cramps, bloating and migraine. Narcotic pain killers which help with abdominal pain, cause more constipation and prolongs the IBS symptoms for several days. All in all, promethzine is better than pain killers. See, I somewhat control my headaches and pain with regular bowel movements. I eat safe foods each morning and drink lots of fluids, and I never skip the morning poop when the urge comes. Maceemom's accounts of cramping tend to agree with my constipation theory. I have had IBS for about 12 years, following a single episode of anal mastibation. I believe I deloped a partial obstruction which prevents normal rectal contractions and evacuation, similar to a prolapse. There may be some ligaments torn which would support the bowel. Regardless, I'm still searching for a doctor who agrees that I have a physical injury, not a dietary or psychosomatic issue. I have all but given up hope of corrective surgery. I would like to go back to school and get a master's degree, but I cannot sit through daily classes. I would like to work harder at my job, but I cannot schedule meetings because I'm afraid of an unforeseen IBS attack. I cut conversations short because my stomach growls like a steam pipe. I may get fired one day from the office for poor performance, then I'll find a job outdoors away from people. Excuse the venting.
    deadwhak responded:
    maceemom..sounds like u are telling my life story!!! last couple of years ive been limited to what i can do because of my IBS..ppl dont really understand how bad, frustrating,(however u can describe it) it is!!! i do have fmla for it so i dont get fired from my job but they still give me a hard time cuz of how many days i miss! this is something i dont wish upon my worse enemy having to live with this....

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