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    a stomach ache
    Charles Wilcox, MD posted:
    there are many different causes of a "stomach ache" and many of the symptoms may not even come from the stomach at all

    if infrequent, just try over the counter type remedies
    only if more frequent and associated with other symptoms should one be alarmed

    and remember if something you do or eat is causing it, then try avoiding it and see what happens
    latina3162 responded:
    Good Day Dr Charles Wilcox:

    I am writing to you in hope you can answer some question I have a stomach ache for 2 weeks nows. In the beginning of my 2weeks i had dirrehrea for 2 days and the pain went away , then it came back 2 days later with vomiting and dirrehea went away 4 days later but then it came back with vomiting and pain .I have no idea what is oing on my doctor said that is was a virus but i continue with the vomiting and stomach pain
    saiyansith responded:
    usually once every three years I get a bad stomach ache. my guess is a stomach virus. however, this past monday i left work at 11am with body aches and diarrhea. I had very severe stomach pains, worse than i've ever had, from 11:30 until about 2:30am in the morning after eating soup. The next phase is new for me, I had severe chest pains after about 5:30am this morning. The pain moved from left, center and right chest. All I ate between 2 in the morning and 3pm today was applesauce, soup, bananas, some crackers and I drank ginger ale, water and propel. I don't understand the chest pains. Weird. The pains were equal to stomach pains I had. And on top of all this the wife came home yesterday at 2pm with the same symptoms and suffered chest pains just as I have. Any ideas?
    C Mel Wilcox, MD replied to latina3162's response:
    yes sometimes one gets a waxing and waning course
    C Mel Wilcox, MD replied to saiyansith's response:
    likely a viral illness with gi manifestations
    An_201046 responded:
    Hello Dr. Wilcox, I hope you can help me, cuz my doctors have me going in circles. For about almost 32 months now my stomach as swollen to look like Im almost 3 months pregnant. I Right at the top, in the middle of my upper abdomin, its extremely tender; I cant even lay my one yr old on my stomach n pat her butt to sleep anymore, it hurts so bad. I constantly fill sick to my stomach, almost as if its in my gut; especially after I eat. When its at its worst I feel weak and faint. The worst of it all is the pressure, I always feel SO bloated, the pressure is unbareable. So, I hope you can help, or atleast give me an idea of what u think it could be.Im only 20 yrs old, I wouldnt think I should be having these type of problems so severly?
    Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to An_201046's response:
    Hi Anon_64623,

    Dr Wilcox is away from this board and will not be able to answer any community members' questions at this time.

    I want to suggest that you get copies of any and all tests and results that you've had as you undergo a diagnostic workup so that you and your doctors can go over your reports when you are talking to them or seeking second opinions about your case.

    Good luck!

    - Annie
    CALIKID responded:
    Sir, This started about three days ago. MY appetite for food has intensely decreased. I eat a quarter of my food and cant eat anymore. i am extremely tired after such. No Pain, nor nausea just cant seem to take in anywhere near the same amount of food i usually can. I do not feel sick. Any suggestions
    . im 23 and eat a lot. haha
    sanjayjaiin responded:
    Hello Dr wilcox
    My 6 yr old son has mild to severe stomach pains very often.We tried a lot of medicines but of no help.Now we did the food allergy test and as he had diary intolerence in that test so we were asked to stop diary products.Its been a week we stopped diary as it was an allergy still his stomach pains.Its the centre around the navel which hurts and there are tears in his eyes indicating acute pain.He dosent have diarrhea nor constipation as he passes motions every morning as he wakes up and may be once more during the day.BUT I HAVE NOTICED ONE PROBLEM,HE DOSENT PASS GAS,EVEN HE SAYS HE NEVER PASSES GAS,so that must be hurting him.But as im not a doctor i cant come to conculsions,can you please save my small kid from all this agony and pain.
    Annie_WebMD_Staff replied to sanjayjaiin's response:
    Hi sanjayjaiin,

    At the current time the health professionals on the Digestive Disorders community board are unavailable to answer community members questions.

    Please look through this board as there are other questions from parents with children who have food allergies and intolerances and those discussion threads may be helpful to you.

    - Annie
    Snewofam replied to An_201046's response:
    I had very similar symptoms but didn't think much about it...then I ended up in the hospital facing emergency surgery. Have they looked at you for diverticulitis??
    Stacey1118 replied to C Mel Wilcox, MD's response:
    In response to latina3162, I have had similar symptoms, no vomiting fortunately. But I am living in a different country and is there anything I can take to calm my stomach down? What foods are best to avoids? Meats, cheeses? Everything I eat makes my stomach ache and causes dirrhrea. Any advice would be a big help!
    Rachee86 replied to An_201046's response:
    An_107795, your symptoms fit me to a T! i am 24 and have had the same problems for about two weeks. Doctors dont seem to know what it is and it is not getting any better!! What did you find out about you problem?? PLEASE HELP!!!
    An_201047 responded:
    I am writing you because I have gotten use to have "stomach issues" every since the middle of 7th grade til now where I'm 24. My recent issue is that, about a week ago I had a bad case of acid reflux, the next day a bad stomach ache, then the following day after I came home from work I had mucus in my stool, it was a medium amount. Then the weekend came and it went ok then this past Monday I had to use the bathroom contently before I left the house and it was green. I had a stomach ache the whole day so I bought the Pepto chweables and it didnt help much. Now I still have that greenish stool and it burns now. Also I have the certain urge to throw up as if something is just sitting in my esophagus and the urge to GO. But the thing is I would throw up I just have nausea. So if there is anyway you could give me some tips I would dearly appreciate it.
    Thank You
    Painder replied to An_201046's response:
    Another neglected cause of the stomach bloating, distension, gas with bowel function disturbances , nausea and queasiness is referred problems from the back.

    Try putting a warm and massage the stomach muscles . If it is better even temporarily then it is likely to be a problem from the back.

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