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    Rapid Bowel Movements After Eating
    jctevere posted:
    After every time I eat a meal within 20 minutes I have the immediately go to the bathroom. I also become very bloated and "gassy" almost nauseous, but never threw up, only go to the bathroom and it goes away until I eat again. At first I thought I was lactose-intolerant (because my sister 22, just developed a severe case out of no where) but it isn't just dairy that causes this, it is with any food. My brother of 25 also suffers from very similar symptoms.

    Sometimes it is normal bowel movement, other times it is diarrhea and normally I am finished with the movement in about 30 seconds in either case and done. But occasionally I get severe lower abdominal pain (below my belly button, not on either side as appendix or spleen would suggest) around my waist band area that doesn't go away after the initial bowel movement and I am constipated. It keeps me having 3-5 trips back to the bathroom until I have explosive diarrhea and I am alleviated.

    I have pretty much learned to deal with it as I have had this the past 3 years or so (19 now). For the first 2 years it has caused weight-loss, but just recently, my hunger never gets satisfied because of this and I am starting to gain weight (about 5'5" and 150 lbs). I never have any blood in my stool and I am a bit embarrassed to go to the doctor with my problem. Have not yet had a blood test either.

    I don't know if this is of any importance, but when I wake up my tongue is yellow and the back of my throat hurts. I always have nasal drips, stuffy nose, mucus. Tonsil stones (little horrbile smelling yellow squishy clusters that form in my tonsils and fall out when they get too big) have also been occurring and began around the same time.

    Please let me know of any of the possible things it could be?
    jctevere responded:
    I forgot to add that I also usually get dehydrated and have a metallic taste in my mouth. Also, when I have episodes where I become constipated and revisit the bathroom 4-5 times after I have recurring and violent diarrhea my rectum or anus burns, either from the excessive wiping, or from the diarrhea? It helps if I massage my stomach and put my legs together and slightly lean forward. I am a 19year old male... Thanks for any help you can give me!
    earthtonegirl responded:
    Argh, I typed this whole thing and it just disappeared. grrrr... Okay, Take Two:

    You definitely need to see a doctor - a gastro specialist. It sounds like you've got something going on that needs treatment, and heck, sounds like you getting diagnosed could help the rest of your familiy as well. I'm not saying this to scare you - not at all - in fact, getting a diagnosis means you know how to treat this thing. There are a lot of digestive disorders that have very similar symptoms - they can be hard to tell apart, esp over the internet - but they do require specific treatments. (for CD, the treatment is simply diet)

    The one thing that really calls to me (but I'm biased) is Celiac Disease. That's an intolerance to wheat, barley, rye and (some) oats, which causes damage to the small intestine. That damage causes you to not absorb certain nutrients (depending where the damage occurs) and often leads to nutrient deficiencies and lactose intolerance. It can hit you "out of hte blue" at any age, but it's life-long and can wreaking havoc for years before you notice obvious symptoms. 1. You said you were losing weight - that's a classic symptom. 2. Now, you're hungry all the time and gaining weight - that could mean your body is missing out on some nutrient and keeps demanding more food in an effort to get it. 3. CD is genetic, and your sibs have similar symptoms. Also, Italians are one of the harder-hit nationalities, along with Irish and other northern Europeans, although it's not limited to European descendants. (looks like your last name is Italian?) 4. CD can cause acid reflux, and acid washing into your sinuses can cause excess mucus, the bad taste in your mouth, etc. (CD is certainly not the only cause of that, however).

    Again, I couldn't possibly diagnose you by internet, even if I were a doctor. I'm just saying the shoe seems to fit, and it's somethign you should ask your doctor about. There is a blood test that's more or less reliable (It can miss a few people though). Be sure to ask your doc to run the "full Celiac panel" rather than just the single test (IgA). The single test is not very reliable at all - lots of false negatives.

    Do you have any other conditions or does anything run in your family - even if they may seem completely unrelated to your gut? Are you on any meds?
    YoungMess responded:
    I don't remember what it's called, but it has something to do with rapid emptying. I would look into that.
    LilMissMerrySunshine replied to earthtonegirl's response:
    By the way, just to add to that, you are going to have to force yourself to get past feeling embarrassed talking to your doctor. As someone who has seen 4 GI docs over 5 years, I can tell you there is NOTHING these guys haven't seen or heard. You are not going to embarass them! Trust me. I have often wondered what would lead someone into that field, because it's pretty freaking gross, but it doesn't bother them at all!

    And keep in mind as well - the longer you wait, the worse it will probably get, and the more information you will be sharing.

    I wonder if you and the sibs, since your symptoms are all similar, shouldn't get back-to-back appointments and all go together. Or if one or both of them have seen someone, perhaps go to the same GI doc they went to. It would probably be very helpful for a doctor (although a little mean, too, but I wouldn't let that stop me) to see all of you at once. Similar symptoms, almost obviously heridetary, etc. Just my opinion though.

    I always recommend writing a list of symptoms and having a pen and paper with you when seeing a doctor. In your case, if you have trouble getting past that "TMI" feeling, take a copy for the doctor. Then the doctor can look at it and ask you relevant questions. If (s)he initiates the questions, you will likely feel much more comfortable.

    I have one doc who "cheats" and reads my notes upside down, so instead of making him a copy, I now angle them so he can't see them. It's a game we have. However, I sometimes get too much pleasure torturing doctors. It amuses me!

    Good luck!
    Garyneedshelp responded:
    my daughter has these same sympdoms. What did you find out
    calgal37 replied to Garyneedshelp's response:
    Garyneedshelp, can you expand a bit on what's going on with your daughter? Does she have rashes, 'brain fog', fatigue or other symptoms? What has she been tested for? What meds have been tried? What has she tried on her own? What GI issues run in the family?
    jctevere replied to Garyneedshelp's response:
    It turns out that I am easily affected by the type of foods that I eat. I am definitely acid reflex. And I often wait a while before eating. Additionally, I have began to take fiber pills and it has helped out tremendously.

    Bottom line is: stay away from fast foods and fatty foods if you can, start fiber supplements or incorporate foods high in fiber, and drink plenty of water. Also, instead of eating a big meal or two a day. I will now eat throughout the day. So if I am having lunch I will only eat one hot dog instead of two and then get somethig to eat between lunch and dinner. Something small. Ensure shakes have helped out bridge the gap too.
    neeluxmth26 replied to jctevere's response:
    I have the exact same symptoms you do! What do we have?!? It's so annoying living like this.
    austintxgrl responded:
    I have the same exact symptoms, I have already gone to see a G I doc, he ran all the tests possible and took stool samples aand sent them to a lab, all results came back normal, I have not been back bbecause I cannot afford to, however, I am pretty sure that it is celiac disease, since the tests did not come back abnormal....I am now following a gluten free diet, guess we will see how it goes
    dg19713 replied to austintxgrl's response:
    I have had these problems for years to include Larngopharyngeal reflux but all the Doctors keep telling me is it's IBS. I have had every test that you can name with the exception of celiac which will be checked soon. However, I have been told for years to learn how to control my emotions because emotions can also trigger IBS as well as various foods like: fatty foods, sauces, chocolate, milk to include soy milk, veggies/fruits that are high in acid, gassy veggies like beans, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, peppers.. and of course spicy foods. Through out the years I have also found that at times when I don't eat it will trigger both my IBS and LPR. So, alot of it is about being disciplined and it can be difficult.
    backgroundactor responded:
    I am a 72 year old male. For the past few months,friends say I look like I am losing weight,but I am not. I weigh 165lbs. The problem - after eating, the food goes right through me.In one end and out the other,so to speak. Have you got any suggestions? I know you are much younger, but need some advice. Thanks.
    An_247251 responded:
    You may want to check your home for mold issues. I have been doing alot of research on Black Mold poisoning and you have all the symtoms, well not all but alot. Look it up on google you will find all the information you need to know
    jctevere responded:

    It turns out that it is just a really severe (and new) Lactose Intolerance. I have never been prior and apparently you can become intolerant over time. Here are some other symptons which I also experienced:

    - Occasional "wet" mucous farting
    - acid reflux,
    - alternating fits of constipation & diaharea
    - a compromised digestive system thus laying the groundwork for a body which is extremely susceptible to developing nose, throat, sinus, ear, bronchial, bladder and other infections as well.
    - Other symptoms you may be suffering from are mucous in the stools, bloating and cramping, digestive troubles such as constipation, belching and burping, gassiness and ribbony and stringy shaped bowel movements or rabbit pellet shaped movements are all symptoms of lactose intolerance.

    Ditch the milk and dairy products for a few days and pump up your intake of leafy and green vegies, broccolli, even carrotts and fresh fruit also, oranges are rich in calcium.

    Get your 10 - 15 mins daily of safe sun exposure (vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and is known as the sunshine vitamin).

    The calcium found in vegies and fruits has a greater impact on bone health than calcium from dairy products anyways... A study published in The Americal Journal of clinical nutrition (2002) found that a high intake of vegies and fruits has a positive impact on bone health, but dairy did not. Dairy products contain animal proteins, which speed the elimination of calcium from the body and make it more acidic. This can cause calcium to leach from the bones and cause problems with magnesium (essential for healthy nerve and muscle functioning and for heart health ~ known as the antistress mineral) absorption, leading to osteoporosis. In addition, we absorb only 30 percent of the calcium found in milk, compared to 40 to 70 percent of the calcium found in vegies and fruits.

    Cow's milk contains proteins that are difficult for humans to digest; when these undigested proteins enter the lower digestive system, they putrefy and cause digestive problems. Dairy products encourage the production of excess mucus in the body, burdening the respiratory, digestive and immune systems. Not surprisingly, when you ditch the milk and dairy people more often than not experience markedly fewer colds and sinus & respiratory infections.

    I know it's a big ask to ditch the milk and dairy, it was very hard for me to do so. Lactaid pills helped, but the problems only really ceased when I not only shifted from milk and dairy products, but also processed products in general. I have discovered that even foods you would never expect to affect you, actually contain milk or dairy ingredients and crop up your lactose issues.

    I hope that this could be of help to you all!
    jcmay replied to jctevere's response:

    Good to hear that you got a diagnosis. It would appear that your condition is beyond lactose intolerance and that you might in fact be allergic to the casein protein in dairy. I recently developped that problem its toook me 6 months before we figured it out and I had all the aganizing sysmptoms you described. You develop a true sense humility in talking about your symptoms.

    I have to avoid all dairy now, and as you mention dairy is in everything. Read the labels to avoid unintended exposure. Its in most bread, chocolate and other products. Look for a "vegan" designation on things. Not that you need to avoid meat. But be careful of processed products.

    I have since met with a nutritionist to ensure I get the proper nutrients now that my eating choice have been significantly impacted. She told me the same thing about the issues with dairy. She said she would have guided me away from dairy even if I didn't have the problem, as per the reasons you cited in your last post. You are correct that there are more efficient ways to get the viatmins and nutrients that we think we get from dairy, mnay more ways.

    Best of luck.

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