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    Celiac Disease
    spf1111 posted:
    I have been having stomach troubles for 3 years. It all started with my gall bladder needing to be removed because they said it wasn't functioning. The procedure was done laproscopicly. Approximately 24 hours after the surgery, I started feeling pain. Two days later I went to emergency room, was told it was gas, given a shot of morphine and sent on my way. Two days later I was back at the emergency room needing exploratory surgery to see why my stomach had swelled to look like I was 9 months pregnant.
    Turns out I had an extra bile duct that was left open to pump bile (which is basicly poison) around my organs. My body has never been the same since. I have horrible cramping both before and after bowel movements. I have had cronic diarehea for 3 years now with mucus in my stools.
    I had a lower gi done 2 years ago, and was told IBS and again sent on my way. Now I am still with all the same symptoms only I have begun to vomit. Mostly in the morning. Always bile. My doctors are now testing me for celiac disease and no longer believe it has anything to do with my surgery. I watched my mother go through test after test for basicly the same thing and they finally removed part of her intestine. I am worried that no one will correctly diagnose me.
    earthtonegirl responded:
    Goodness. You've been through a lot. I wonder, as I'm sure you do, if the bile could've caused some physical damage. Of course, sometimes it's just coincidental - the stress of surgery could've triggered Celiac to go full-blown, for instance - but the timing seems too convenient, eh?

    One thing I'm wondering about is adhesions. I don't know too too much about them, and it seems like most doctors don't either. But from what I understand, it's when excess scar tissue forms around your organs, often attaching them to each other etc and impeding their functioning. Surgery is one risk factor. I wouldn't be surprised if the bile had caused some scar tissue to form, too. The adhesions would of course be outside your intestines, so they wouldn't see it on a lower GI. I'm not sure how they're diagnosed (perhaps with a lap procedure??) but I think the hardest part of it is convincing your doctor to look.

    Another thing that comes to mind is the normal GB surgery complications. For some reason, doctors LOVE to pretend that GB surgery will make you all better, but a small but significant portion of patients end up with just as much trouble as before. Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction is one common problem. You could have uncontrolled release of bile into the intestines, which could be controlled with bile-binding medications like Questran. Those typically occur when there are no complications. Since your surgery was more, um, complicated - I'm not sure what the full ramifications would be, but I'd have to assume you've got more chance of after-effects. I don't know if a bile-binding resin would help your situation, but it may be something to ask your doc about.

    So, your homework assignment: google adhesions, sphincter of oddi dysfunction, and bile-binding :D

    Did you change your diet after the GB surgery? Low fat, etc? Do you know what it was your mother was diagnosed with? At least they're starting to take this seriously, it seems... Keep us posted on here... getting a GI diagnosis tends to be a long process, and you tend to have to inform yourself & do a lot of pushing, but it can be done!!
    spf1111 replied to earthtonegirl's response:
    UpDate. The blood work done to test for celiac came back negative, had upper gi done on 5-14 and the doctor said he seen nothing unusual although they did take biopsy's. Prescribed me Prilosec OTC and told me to come back in two weeks. I am very disappointed that I was prescribed a heartburn medication. And that I wont be seen for an additional two weeks. Thanks for your information, I did not receive it before I went to doctor but will have it hand when I go next. Thanks again.

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