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    anal leakage
    An_201245 posted:
    am 24 years old male and have been living a nightmare. people always tell me i smell like poop. i will clean (very well) then go to bed wake up and i have a wet anus or i will shower in the morning and by the afternoon i have a wet anus. some times when i fart muckus will come out. and my bowel movements are often loose and lots of small pieced instead of one big one,and also not all comeing out at once and seeps out as day goes on or as i sleep please help me know whats wrong i go to doctor twice they just say eat more lettuce . im desperate will try anything.PLEASE HELP ME
    calgal37 responded:
    Anon, see the doc and get checked for hemorrhoids. In some, their presence can result in not allowing the anal sphincter to close completely which can result in leakage. In addition, make sure the doc checks for fat malabsorption, which can also result in leakage.
    greatgoalie17 replied to calgal37's response:
    I have had the same problem. I will be minding my own business when wham, I start to smell like that un-flattering fecal matter smell and low and behold there is no fecal matter in my pants. Just a nice big wet spot, and i go to wipe, and its a liquid that looks kinda orangish and smells bad. I have been experiencing this for over 2 months now, and was told that A) the human body works in different ways, its just a virus, C) had a colonoscopy done and had nothing found at all and D) ignored by the same doctor that did the colonoscopy. I have emailed him 3 times and no response. This is a Dr. at the Cleveland clinic and I am a bit appalled that he has not contacted me for over 2 weeks And I dont have constant diarrhea, or pain in my stomach, no blood unless i wipe too much lol, stool does not look like tar, I dont poop my pants, I just have, the best way to describe: an anal leakage that is annoying and uncalled for. Im 22, and it is very hard to go out places with friends and socialize and try to break into the work world with this stench following around me and my nether regions. I don't eat fish, I have a fairly good diet, not over indulging in fatty bad food or sweets, I take mens multi vitamins, i work out, i tested negative for crohns colitis (which I have personally not ruled out) and im starting to think it might be fat malabsorption. Im frustrated with the lack of help and/or support that Im getting. This is getting very bothersome and is putting a damper on my life.
    arbob2 responded:
    I responded to a similar question recently on this site. I too had anal leakage. It was so frustrating because I too am very clean about myself and I just couldn't get a handle on this problem. So, after much thought about this, I tried this, and it works. After I go to the john, urineate or poop, and after I wipe myself, I use a wet flushable wipe, all the time, then I take 2 or 3 squares of toilet tissues, fold it down to about1-1/2 or 2" square, and, here is a graphic description, after wiping, and while standing up, I put it "snuggly" up against my anus. It stops the leakage and any odor the leakage can cause. I do this everytime I go to the john. It works, trust me. I mentioned this to my GI doc and he says this is an old remedy and yes, it does work. No problem with it. But I think it's very important to use the flushable wipes EVERYTIME you go. I'm sure it will work for you. This has completely solved my problem. Try it. Let us know how it works for you, ok?
    arbob2 replied to arbob2's response:
    Also, I forgot to mention this in my response yesterday, I wear pads all the time. Just thin panty liners. Again, I wear them 24/7. This is an absolute necessity with Crohns and/or Ulcerative Colitis, and/or IBS/IBD. Please keep us posted on how you're doing, ok? We do care.
    arbob2 responded:
    I'm curious as to whether you have tried my "solution" to your anal leakage problem. It definitely works for me and hopefully you've tried it and it has worked for you too.

    We have to tolerate so many things with any kind of digestive disorder and this site is great for giving and receiving advice. I really do appreciate this site so much.

    Hope you're doing better.
    An_201246 replied to greatgoalie17's response:
    DO any of you go back to clean up and there is actual fecal matter on the TP? I am having the same problem you are having but on occasion their will be having the same problem...
    magsjeanea responded:
    Do they still make potato chips fried in that Olean oil or something like that. On the Lays chip bag would say that it could possibly cause anal leakage. I know it sounds strange but that is the truth. Maybe other things are made with that stuff causing y'all to have this problem. Just a suggestion. Also I know that when my Crohn's was in flare I had that problem a little bit but it didn't last long. I always used a Tuck's pad cause it would mask the smell and would wear a pad also.
    Take good care,
    Love Goes There, Mag's Jeaneau
    rkp75703 responded:
    It could be allergy related. I noticed that I have this problem when I have any caffiene during the day. If i cut the caffeine, no problem!
    harry84 replied to arbob2's response:
    hi this is harry i have a problem of wet anus and bloating in stomach .please tell me some remedy to cure this problem
    harry84 responded:
    hi i have a problem of wet anus .and bloating in stomach. please tell me some remedy to cure this problem
    sizzle5 replied to harry84's response:
    One thing that can help a little bit is to buy antibacterial underwear like "Merino Wool".
    I bought some and its noticeably better than cotton.
    Also for me getting surgery to remove hemorrhoids helped alot. For about 1 year or so i didnt even think about it, although recently i notice hemorrhoids coming back and the problem coming back so i may need to get surgery or find a way to keep them from coming back.
    VirgoRising replied to sizzle5's response:
    Thanks sizzle5, I'd never heard of underwear like that.

    I'm in the same boat w/ you all. Been dealing with this for 5 years, and it mostly happens if I have caffeine... but not always. I'm also an undiagnosed Celiac.

    Then a few months ago I heard someone mention the phrase "chronic constipation" and it rang a bell. I didn't even know that was "A THING"! But I do have hemorrhoids, they do come from straining too hard when I poop (apparently). So that DOES sound like the hemorrhoids could be creating a "seal" issue with my "pooter".

    But... the way around the constipation at least, is FIBER (Metamucil). I understand that it cleans out your gut because it creates mass in your intestine, and that mass gives the intestinal muscles something more to SQUEEZE against without straining (and also causing hemorrhoids, in the end).

    It takes a couple days for the Fiber to help. And a bit longer to get the dosage just right. But it does help. 1 or 2 glasses a day works for me. There is also a drug for constipation called Amitiza... it actually ads MORE water to your bowel, moving things along easier. (But it doesn't have a generic version until 2014, so it can be pricey.)

    So glad to have found this message board!
    Hang in there people... it will get better!!!

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