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    Gallbladder test normal, but pain still
    JoMarieS posted:
    I have been dealing with pain in my upper left abdomen for over 2 weeks now. I first started having the pain accompanied with nausea on 7/14/10 and it was bad enough I had to leave work. I saw one doctor thru urgent care who diagnosed it as a gas pocket, gave me a prescription for the nausea (compazine) and told me if it got worse to go to the ER. The pain would come and go over the next few days. The next Monday morning it woke me around 2:30 am and I ended up awake with the pain for over an hour. I took the nausea medication and managed to get to work the next day. It repeated on Tuesday morning around 3:00 am and was bad enough it drove me to tears. The pain felt like someone had put their fist inside me and was squeezing organs just below my chest on the left side and down my left side belly. I went to work the next day but left during lunch when I realized I couldn't eat because of the pain. (interestingly enough, I have mild anemia which I control by eating regularly. this has not acted up with my greatly reduced eating during this whole thing)
    I saw a GI Specialist on 7/21 and she suspected my gallbladder. I had bloodwork done, all levels were normal except my AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT), which werre 394 and 291 when they were supposed to be around 40. Doc ordered an ultrasound on 7/22 (results were normal), upper endoscopy on 7/23 (normal except mild gastritis), and hida scan on 7/29 (normal). She also instructed me to have a bland diet and no alcohol. I've been adhering to this pretty strictly, haven't even had coffee. I even researched diets for people with gallbladder disease to give me an idea of what I could probably eat.
    It seems like my appetite is coming back, but the pain is still sitting there like a brick on my left side, upper abdomen. I haven't had the middle of the night pain except for those two times, which I feel like may be because I've stuck to the diet so well. I'm worried that with all the tests coming back normal, this is going to remain a mystery. I can't afford to miss anymore work because of the pain, so I'm putting this out there hoping anyone else has had a similar experience and has some advice?
    John200 responded:
    I'm having gall bladder pain, also. It started below my right rib cage, but now it's in my upper right chest and behind my right shouder blade. I have had blood test, cat scan, and they think they saw a gall stone. I have a fasting utrasound next week. My doctor said when he had his gall bladder removed it was full of gall stones, and this was after all test and untrasounds showed the gall bladder was normal.

    If you have gall stones causing the pain, it could be they are caused by cholesterol. You should have your doctor check your cholesterol levels. I hope this helps.

    JoMarieS replied to John200's response:
    Thanks John, I'll mention cholesterol to the doctor and see what she says. Hope your pain gets solved soon too! It sounds just like mine, except mine hasn't gone to my shoulder blade.
    An_201280 responded:
    I also have pain (tenderness to the touch) on my left inner rib. I have had nausea..can barely eat without it making me feel like I'm bloating beyond belief. All of my tests ( ultrasound, upper scope, hidascan) have come back normal for gall bladder. I am so miserable and don't know what else to do. Went to the ER but they said it was stomach flu...this pain has been there since Jan. and the bloating and problem with eating just became intolerable about 2 weeks ago. HELp! I feel so desperate that nobody can help me.
    InezDuran replied to An_201280's response:
    Hey you can also have H. Pylori. I had the same symptoms you have and they found H. Pylori in my blood. Ask them to test you for that. If it comes back negative then I suggest you get an upper endocospy. It's not that bad, I had it done and i'm only 22. Don't give up!!
    CrownPointBob responded:
    My wife had a crushing pain with left arm pain and nausea while making breakfast and before eating. She was rushed to the ER. After a day of 2 more "attacks" within 12 hours and treated with morphine and nitroglycerine, the cardiac doc said it wasn't her heart and all blood work was ok. She had her gall bladder removed 2 years ago. The docs sent her home with instructions to get upper and lower GI testing out patient. No one knows what happened. It's been 3 days and no problems...but no solution either.
    GTannerZ responded:
    hi your story is pretty similar to what i ended up going through. I was experiencing upper right quad pain in my abdomen and the original thought was my gallbladder, my gallbladder came out fine and yes i was having this horrible stabbing pain that would follow me all day long. I was given 3 more ultrasounds becuase they just couldnt figure anything out. I finally was given a CT scan in which they found an inflammed portion of my small bowel and they then suspected Crohn's disease. After a Colonoscopy confirmed the diagnosis, i had Crohn's. After getting my original ultrasound and getting the results that nothing was wrong with it seemed great at the moment but the pain persisted until one day the pain got so bad that i went to the E.R. where they ordered 3 more ultrasounds over the next 4 days. and the CT Scan. The pain started in the upper right, and has moved to lower right, and now home from hospital and all, my pain is actaully moving to the left lower/mid area. The gut doesn't know where to hurt is how the doctor told me about it and he said that the intestines will get confused and hurt in different areas, its common. Anyways looking over your results and symptoms, they were very similar to mine, had the liver function test and they were concerned on some of the numbers but ultrasound came back normal. I became anemic even though i wasn't loosing blood through my stools. I had an upper endoscopy also and it came back clear also. i also was given a diet to go by (before they diagnosed me with Crohn's) and i wanted to believe i was feeling better but i was getting much worse and it did not help. advice: Continue to see your doctor, ask for a CT scan and if that shows something significant ask for a colonoscopy. In the mean time as for painkillers to control your symptoms but only as needed. Also as for a prescription for anti nausea medication. Eventually you'll find whats up:) good luck
    kayshaw responded:
    In the mid-80s I spent over a year trying to find out what was causing chronic pain and low grade fever. They finally entered around my belly button with a local and pressed on organs. The pain was recreated when they hit my gallbladder, althuogh tests available at that time did not show anything.

    The internest suggested surgery, the surgeon did not agree, so they bet a steak dinner. The pain did not recur after my gallbladder was removed, and they finally explained it as chronically inflammed.

    Good luck!
    plynnmc responded:
    I have been dealing with your exact issues for 4 years. I had my gallbladder removed in October 2006 and haven't felt good since. I am constantly nauseous. Had CT scans, colonoscopy, hida scan (thought maybe duct was problem after gallbladder surgery) and stomach emptying tests. Everything came back normal. Docs are saying IBS, but don't have any of these symptoms except the occasional constipation.
    sportzrus replied to plynnmc's response:
    It is so nice to hear that I am not alone.. I also have had my gallbladder removed back in 93 and am having "issues" the doc are pushing for IBS but I don't even have the constipation. Haven't had the CT scan though.. so I will have to bring that up.. I find eating very bland foods help.. if you keep me posted I will keep you posted and maybe we can get threw this together
    ShieldSteve responded:

    Gallbladder signs or symptoms in males females are more or less equivalent; but also in case of females, most of these signs and symptoms tend to be usually overlooked as adult females of all ages generally feel that the stomache ache could be because of the monthly period complications. Actually, much more instances of gallbladder health problems are seen women of all ages as compared to men of all ages; as adult females suffer a lot more from hormones imbalances since they just take birth control pills and face several periods like adolescence, monthly period, pregnancies, lactation and a menopause.

    Signs or symptoms

    Because gall bladder can be found on the top right area of the stomach, top right region ache is probably the significant gallbladder troubles signs and symptoms. Gall bladder attack signs and symptoms contain great stomache discomfort. Gallbladder episodes could trigger lowered blood pressure level. Queasiness, nausea or vomiting, unwanted gas, increased belching, are among the popular the signs of gall bladder disorders in females. Signs and signs and symptoms of acid reflux disease including bitter liquid bobbing up in the mouth area may also be felt by numerous adult females. Women of all ages should really talk to their own personal doctor when they see any difference in the colour of stools and in case complications for instance unwanted gas and trapped wind never disappear even with home made remedies or drug treatments. Adult females are affected from gerd, appetite deficit, looseness of the bowels and high temperature, based upon the seriousness of the gall bladder irritation. The painfulness can spread up and right-side torso painfulness may be suffered. Women of all ages can make a complaint about back discomfort or shoulderblades ache, that on their amazement, is usually attributable to gallbladder irritation. Abdomen painfulness specially after going for a large supper usually means gall bladder disorder. The soreness is so intensive that the women may find it not easy to walk, stand up and even sit upright. Losing weight for any excuse and signs of jaundice have emerged if there is gall bladder tumors.

    More Information :
    atolliver replied to ShieldSteve's response:
    Thank you for your post. It was very helpful. I believe I am having an issue with my gallbladder. My neighbor had her gallbladder taken out & she is feeling great now. Her doctor had her take every test possible but they all came back with no problems. But she begged her doctor to take it out anyway because she just felt that strongly that her gallbladder was the issue. The doctor trusted her and sure enough, when she had her surgery, the doctor said her gallbladder was so bad it had even crusted up around the outside of her gallbladder. I want to take the hida scan for myself, but I'm afraid to take it! I hear it makes you really, really bad nausea. I already feel bad enough, I don't want to feel worse! And the odd part is that the tests seem to come back with no problems but yet you may still get your gallbladder taken out anyway. And now I'm reading from a couple people above on this subject and two people said they are feeling worse now the gallbladder is taken out! I don't know what to do. For now, whenever I start to feel bad due to my gallbladder, I drink a digestion tea I purchased from a health food store and it works wonders! I did read however that once you begin to have symptoms of a bad gallbladder, you basically have to get it out. Don't know if it's true. But after you get your gallbladder, what changes occur? What can or can't you eat? All I want to do is feel better.
    MicNic1111 responded:
    We are having a simular situation with our daughter. Her symptoms all point to the gall bladder but all tests have come bback normal. Did you have the test where dye is sent through your system and you are given a med that stimulates your gall bladder to do its job? The dye shows if the gall bladder is functioning properly. Currently our gastrointerologist is thinking our daughter may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but she has taken the meds he prescribed and her symtoms persist.
    atolliver replied to MicNic1111's response:
    I have not taken the hida scan, which is the test you're talking about with the red dye. Did the test take 2 hours & they take pictures of your digestive tract? I actually have that scheduled for this coming Monday! I'm a little apprehensive about the test. I've heard it can make you feel awful. Was that the case with your daughter? How did she react to the test? From what my neighbor told me, all her test came back normal but she insisted with her doctor that she felt it was her gallbladder, and they went a head and took it out anyway and she has never felt better. She told me you can't just go off the numbers because the test can give false negatives. However, on the flip side, as read up above, some people have gotten their gallbladders out and then still experienced pain. I will see what will come out of my test this Monday. I hope your daughter feels better. It's always tough when you don't feel well.
    atolliver replied to MicNic1111's response:
    I took the Hida Scan on Monday. The test where they test your Gallbladder. I had NOOO reaction to it! Thank God! My numbers also are within the normal range, however, I haven't spoken to my Doctor so I don't know what steps they'll take next. My friend who had her Gallbladder removed told me not to go off of just numbers. She said even though her numbers were in the normal range, she still had hers taken out because it still hurt so bad. And now she never felt better. I'll let you know what my doctor says after my follow-up appointment.

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