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    simultaneous stomach and sinus/nose pain
    maxim21 posted:

    I am looking for some help from you guys. I hope that everyone suffering too feels better soon. Remember that we all to keep it positive, always.

    I have been feeling bad for the past 5 years with an unsolved problem. Thankfully it is nothing life-threatening but it is making my life miserable most of the time.

    My symptoms are some kind of pressure at the top of nose (inside) that throws me off balance, dizzy, with a higher head temperature and several other symptoms. Generally, one of the nostril gets blocked too. The strange part is that I am having simultaneous pain in my stomach. As I get this sinus/nose pressure, I have a feeling of nausea, loss of appetite and poor digestion. All these symptoms appear in times of stress or fatigue and stay for a couple hours to a couple days, sometimes longer. At these times, I have very low energy, some mild fever and feel very negative. Lastly, at these times I have some sore throat (less now that I got my tonsils removed) and some cuts on my palate and an itchy tongue.

    I tried to address the two main problems separately. I had an endoscopy and phtest for the stomach. It was shown that I have acid reflux, which has been treated with anti-acid effectively (impedance test under medication showed no more acid reflux but still some non-acid reflux). Endoscopy didn't show anything alarming. On the nose/sinus front I m taking nasal spray (have allergy too) and saline rinses. I did ct-scans that showed nothing major but we still decided to straighten the nasal septum and widen the sinus passages a week ago (some ENTs thought it wasn't the problem, some did so I decided to correct these issues). I also saw a neurologist who tried me on neurontin and nortryptilyne, different dosages, both had no effect at all.

    I m running out of ideas now if the recent septum/sinus surgery proves to be ineffective. I m still trying to figure what is the weird cause of these problems (I know for a fact that they are triggered by stress, but not everyone who has stress feels that way..). After 5 years of experiencing this, I still cant tell if the stomach issues are triggering the nasal symptoms by bile or acid traveling up or if the nasal issues are causing post-nasal drip messing up my stomach or if a common nervous connection is triggering both at the same time or even if some substance is secreted in stress times and travels everywhere and affects my mouth, nose and stomach alike?.no clue.

    If anyone has any idea on this complex situation, I will be extremely grateful.

    Thank you and good luck to everyone.

    DIYSTER responded:
    Hi Maxim,
    I've heard (and know) of a connection between allergies/nasal drip and acid reflux/GERD. My husband has this issue and the Prevacid keeps the GERD in check.

    If you have persistent allergies (nasal symptoms), you might have a combination of allergies including food-related. For example, my allergies have been flaring ever since I began showing signs of Celiac (which has since been confirmed). So it seems that if I eat trigger foods, that jumps up the histamine levels which manifest all over. The nasal drip contributes to more stomach issues and then you have a vicious cycle.

    I believe these problems should be attacked on two fronts. First, find out what you are allergic to and address that - be as thorough as you can. Second, find out what other digestive issues you may have and tackle them. The latter is more difficult to diagnose but if you want a quick help idea, you can try papaya or papaya enzyme tablets with food which aid tremendously in digestion, reducing the need for stomach acid production and moving things quickly along.

    Good luck and come back to let us know how you are doing, ok?

    P.S. Stress makes everything worse but somehow I don't think it is your "primary" or "root" problem. It just emphasizes your symptoms.
    maxim21 replied to DIYSTER's response:
    Thanks for your helpful response Diyster. The connection between stomach issues and the increase of histamine levels is very interesting.I definetly have the impression of a vicious circle between the stomach and the nose/sinuses.
    As you recommend, I will try to investigate further the food allergies. I have other environmental allergies (pollen, dust etc...) that have been known and treated for a long time. I never really worried about food allergies simply because my problems do not seem to occur after i eat particular kinds of food. they occur rather after excessive fatigue or because of work related stress, very often, cyclically, at the beginning of the week. I will however conduct the respective tests for food allergies. In terms of dygestive enzymes, I tried papaya in the past and i m now taking domperidone which helps the food transit faster. This has help me a bit, but the problems are still there....It is really hard to tell whether the origin of my problems lies in the stomach digestion and reflux issues or in the nasal secretions. After 5 years with this problem, i still can t tell....

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