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    can acid reflux cause this?
    shelly0977 posted:
    my mom is 54 years old. lately, she's been having having issues with her stomach feeling full and bloated, along with pain. Though she's had this issue in the past, and we suspect stress might contribute heavily to it, it still worries me.

    a little over a year ago, she had these sort of attacks where she would cough and was severely short of breath. though tests and bloodwork came back normal, an upper GI showed she has what the doctor called a hiatal hernia. we never really found out what caused the attacks, because no one could ever give us a clear answer. eventually, thank God, the attacks subsided. since then, however, she has had lingering symptoms, including cough, hacking, and sharp intakes of breath, as though she is breathless.

    these lingering symptoms happen throughout various times of the day, but they almost always present themselves when she is eating.

    so, along with those, she now has this stomach pain, and for the last couple of weeks, she's had very loose stools, like diarrhea. she doesn't go more frequently, but her stools aren't at a normal hardness.

    recently, she went to see her doctor, and he told her she likely has acid reflux. but could acid reflux cause all these symptoms?

    i'm very confused and anxious, and i'd be incredibly grateful for any advice. thanks.
    CalGal37 responded:
    Acid reflux can cause coughing and feeling like she can't catch her breath. Small particles of acid can be swept into the lungs if the reflux is 'high' enough and it's not fun.

    Feeling full and bloated can also result from acid reflux.

    She needs to be tested for H. pylori if the doc suspects acid reflux. It's the bacterium that's implicated in acid problems. If she has it, it needs to be treated. In addition, she'll need to go on a course of acid suppression meds and change her diet to a GERD-friendly one. You can find a representative example at under the diet category.
    alvarado10 responded:
    Yes acid reflux can cause these symptoms, stress will make it worse. At her age, she should have a colonscopy as well to rule out other causes.

    I hope all goes well
    Julia07UK replied to alvarado10's response:
    Whilst she does carry some symptoms of Acid reflux, the concerning thing is the stools, I would get a referral to a specialist asap.
    shelly0977 replied to Julia07UK's response:
    Thank you so much for your replies, I'm really grateful for your advice and well wishes.

    It looks like the loose stools might have cleared up, I can't be entirely sure though. I was just worried that she might have issues with her digestive tract, on top of the respiratory symptoms.

    The cough, hacking, and shortness of breath worry me, but if acid reflux can cause this, it could be what's been causing all this. In 2009, she had chest xrays and a CT scan of her chest, and they both came back clear. an EKG came out normal too. the only thing they found on her CT scan was a spot on her thyroid, but bloodwork showed her thyroid levels were normal.

    perhaps acid reflux is really the culprit here. thank you again for your responses, I feel more informed and less alone after reading them :)
    JibberJabberWhatsTheMatter replied to shelly0977's response:
    My father has similar issues, which is a different post.

    He used to have H.pylori and he controls it by eating plenty of Broccolli. Please ask you mom to eat Broccolli.

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