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    stomach gas in the morning
    An_201548 posted:
    when I wake up in the morning my stomach is bloated and full of gas. This starts hours before I wake up. The gas I pass is loud and long. But I can instantly feel the relief. This is embarrassing and hurts if I hold it in. I am married and hate traveling with other people. What is this from? Sleeping with my mouth open? Is there something I can eat or take before bed to prevent this?
    calgal37 responded:
    You may want to consider finding out if you have any food intolerance issues. In many cases, certain foods have the tendency to produce more gas than others - and that doesn't mean the typical 'bean' dishes. A side effect of food intolerance issues is you pass food though the colon without full breakdown or absorption. The bacteria in that area are then able to have a 'feast' and produce gas as a by-product.

    You may also want to consider having a stool test done to rule out issues with less than optimal colonic bacteria. Many things such as illness, antibiotics and other meds can cause the number and type of bacteria to 'skew' toward sub-optimal numbers or types. Changes in the type and number of bacteria can help via use of probiotics in some cases.
    TipBit responded:
    Look long and hard at what you are eating. Consider going low carb and Gluten free for a few weeks and see it this helps. Also consider digestive enzymes to aid digestion. Do a raw food diet for a few days and then increase protein. Basically, detox and rest your GI tract then reintroduce foods and see what is aggravating you. Sometimes you need to be your own detective to figure it out. Don't just take meds to mask the symptoms! Your body is talking to you! Good luck!
    CDCPHA replied to TipBit's response:
    I know how you feel, I experience gas every day, not just in the morning. When I sit for a long time , get up to move, I have gas.. what's that about? I am trying to monitor my diet to see if it happens more with diary or carbs, etc. Really need some answers..
    jhess77 responded:
    This started happening to me almost 3 yrs ago. They have done every test under the sun for me. Have found NOTHING, except that I don't produce a large amount of beneficial bacteria. Other than that....nothing. This is truly debilitating. I or my husband end up in the guest room half the time because of the constant need to pass gas. Ugh!!
    tazimom responded:
    Have you tried the supplement acidophilus? A friend's doctor recommends that she always follow a round of antibiotics with a round of acidophilus in order to re-balance the good bacteria in her system. We have done this and find it very helpful!
    chris441bh90210 responded:
    Every body is different, You have to experiment for yours, eliminate as much as possible from your diet, don't eat out for a while, and see what works. This might mean water and rice and xx for a few days.

    Celiac disease - get tested, avoid gluten
    Lactose intolerant - avoid butter, only use milk that is lactose free
    Sugars - avoid artificial sugars
    Probiotics - VSL#3

    Good luck!
    sunbeam48 responded:
    I have lots of abdominal gas from my GERD, resulting in a.m. belching. Drinking plain water during the night makes me belch, and I was having trouble with my skim milk/cereal breakfast, causing chest pains. I now eat a soda crack or a few almonds 1/2 to 1 hour before going to bed, and I eat yogurt for breakfast. I tried Prilosec preseciption scrength, but it didn't help.
    boonkian responded:
    Maybe you have irritated bowel symptoms, you can talk to your doctor to rule it out, and try to avoid food that causes stomach gas .
    Shreddi responded:
    Me to, but the gas/bloating forces the acid up my esophagis burning. What is weird is beer cures it. I have read so much about gerd and it being low acid. Trying some of their suggestions. HCI, digestive enzymes, etc. Plenty out there on it. New findings are saying low acid causes food to ferment which pushes it back up towards throat. Maybe since alcohol produces more acid it could be true. I dont eat weat/gluten products or any other foods on the dont eat list either. Just started the HCI today and it might be working. Also no beer the last couple days so see what happens tomorrow. Good luck and luck up you tubes "how to correct Acid Reflux GERD indegestion naturally for good" its very good. take care.
    Lori94010 replied to Shreddi's response:
    Did you take Heptaine Hydorcholoride? If so, did it help you? I just started taking it today because I recently found out about how 90% of people with GERD are hypochloridic (low acid).
    chuckcurry101 replied to boonkian's response:
    Alot of the people seem to have a lot of issues i have but Dx.'s are gerd, irritable bowel syndrome, and i did not see it mentioned in any other posts here but paralytic illeus, it does not move down there so i end up throwing up eventually. The nausea is awful. With all the symptoms everyone else has here. the cramping bloating and gas cramps and having to run to the bathroom every half hour for fear it is not yet safe to even attempt to pass gas sucks. Also got diagnosed with barretts esouphagitis after upper endoscopy with biopsy in late 90's. Elected not to have surgery, which would be taking out part of my small bowel, turn it inside out then use it for a new esophagus. That was what the G I doc's first idea. I have been on omeprazole 20 mg. daily and 20mg. daily prn. I also use the simethicone OTC (over the counter) 1 to 2 tablets after meals and one 2mg. loperamide tablet. It works for me so far but we are all so different. Also if i notice i am getting dehydrated i do half strength gatoraide, you do not want to do full strength if you are dehydrated, got that from one of my doc friends, and no energy drinks/shots of any kind. I just cant trust doctors who are surgeons that propose thousands of dollars in surgery, when no medical ( lets try some pills first) off the bat. It is precancerous. Hey i am still alive though. Dont forget to keep the head of your bed up 6", do not eat, smoke, or drink alcohol, 4 hours before bed. Now my deceased moms advice...If ya ever get the trots, eat yogurt for breakfast, double grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and you should be ready to eat my pot roast by dinner time. Disclaimer: this is for informational purposes only, and not intended to be medical advice. Just what is working for me now.
    fazzaloveyou responded:
    take baking soda 1 teaspoon and mix it with i glass water. try this once in a week . not more than 2 week . don,t use person who have heart problem, kidney also. don,t use above 60 age .
    god bless you. pray for me .
    Shreddi replied to Lori94010's response:
    Hi, I take Betain Hydrochloride and I don't get it any more for some reason and haven't changed any habits. Was taking the stuff when I had it too. Weird in a way. I think your right and its the low acid not digesting so instead im fermenting. Thanks very much for the reply. Im so sorry I didn't reply earlier.

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